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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 484: Things Go Wrong


The water in the pond turned into fist-sized water droplets and floated in the air. There was almost no presence of arcane power from them.

The ground below the pond suddenly opened up and revealed a hidden passage.

“Bloodline arcane power seal?”

“What did Clan Chinyu hide in there?”

Rinloran, Ferguillo and Meraly glanced at each other.

It was clearly a secret seal that could only be unsealed by a special combination of blood and arcane power.

“Follow me!”

Shanna ran down the passage without any hesitation.

Everyone followed behind.

In mere seconds, the passage closed up and the water droplets fell back into the pond. The pond returned to normal. No arcane energy fluctuations could be felt.

“This is......?”

Meraly’s eyes opened wide.

It was a secret chamber of just twenty to thirty square meters right underneath the pond. As they had gotten used to the huge and majestic halls, suddenly squeezing into a small chamber caused them to feel a little packed.

At the center of the secret chamber laid a dark green gem the size of a table. A pale green scepter was...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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