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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 522: Daring Idea


“Rinloran! Ferguillo! Jean Camus! How are you?” Ayrin began calling out.

“I won’t die......” Ferguillo replied.

What shocked the Chinyu arcane masters who were desperating healing Rinloran and Jean Camus was Ferguillo standing up by himself while his body was riddled with holes.

Ferguillo who struggled up despite getting so many wounds opened up on his body was just like Ayrin.

He watched Rinloran and Jean Camus who were in a deep coma and quietly spoke, “These two should also survive......”

“Are they heavily injured? Even these two guys are in a coma from injuries? These Evil Dragon Bishops are so powerful!”

Ayrin continued while chewing the meat and cutting more flesh out of the worm, “Uncle, who are you? Did you discuss with Jean Camus beforehand? If not for you, we definitely could not have beaten those guys.”

“In the past, people called me Foreign World Traveler Lenyu. I’m from the Sarens Clan.” The black-haired man answered.

“Sarens Clan?” the Chinyu arcane masters exclaimed in shock.

“What clan?” Ayrin scratched his head embarrassedly, “Is it strong? I have...

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