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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 533: Never Agree


The huge airship flew at full speed while spewing out white steam.

The Fearotz Stronghold was already within sight.

It was an extremely majestic stronghold.

The mountain the stronghold was built on faced the Thorns Swamp. Two walls of precipice extended to the sides.

It was a natural castle wall. The only opening was where the Fearotz Stronghold was located. However, there the stronghold had erected a huge metal wall even taller than the precipice!

The entire stronghold looked like a huge metal block embedded into the natural opening. Four worn down metal statues stood on the four corners of the stronghold.

Although their weapons were broken, the grandiose and ancient aura they possessed was sufficiently threatening.

The Thorns Swamp beyond the stronghold was different from what Ayrin’s group expected.

Most people imagined swamps to be an area of muddy ground with shallow water bodies and shoddy bushes growing on the surface.

The Thorns Swamp was muddy. However, countless thorny plants grew all over...

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