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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham


Gudra and Auroses were petrified by this scene.

They instinctively felt that this combination would trigger a terrifying power. However, they could not imagine what exactly would happen.

The gem-like red embers inside the crystal clear ice crown seemed dormant. In the next moment, the Fire Embers that burned all that could be burned absorbed the arcane power from the ice crown around it and ignited it.

The transparent ice crown was suddenly filled with countless lines of light. The embers began burning more fiercely. The ice crown’s arcane structure was destroyed, the intense heat could not spread out and was trapped inside. The clash between extreme heat and cold eventually resulted in a terrifying explosion.


The ice crown completely vanished.

All particles, be it the Fire Embers or ice crown, or even the tinier arcane particles, triggered an even more terrifying force under the compression of the explosion.


Sounds of people drawing sharp breaths could be heard.

The Evil Spirit Servant within the ice crown was blown into smithereens without...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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