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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 658: Two Valkyries


Air currents clashed and turned into a raging gale.


Terrifying arcane energy fluctuations exploded from Black Jasmine.


A unique domain aura instantly spread out. Unique silver light rays shot out from Black Jasmine and covered several hundred meters around.

Not only Chris, even Ayrin and the others were shrouded in the domain.

“So heavy...... What is this domain?”

The fatigued Moss was pressed down onto the ground instantly.

Not only did his body feel heavy, even his senses were dulled.

“Double Gravity Dulling Domain.” Jean Camus calmly spoke.

Moss felt ashamed, because he was the only one to collapse under the pressure. Jean Camus, Meraly and Aryin did not seem to be affected one bit.

“This domain is so powerful and covers such a wide area...... The arcane particle exhaustion must be astonishing. And this is only for restriction purposes, not even to attack. Why is Black Jasmine using such a domain from the start?” Meraly asked.

Light Devouring Valkyrie Black Jasmine was once the acknowledged number one genius in the Kingdom...

This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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