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Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 75: Innate charisma

An arcane medical team came into the field and lifted Moss on a stretcher.

The second fight between Divine Shield Academy and Holy Dawn Academy ended with Charlotte's victory, but, awed by Moss' final desperate attack, the Divine Shield students in the stands didn't cheer very loudly for a little while.

“Teacher Carter!” Ayrin suddenly said, watching Moss being lifted on the stretcher.

“What?” Carter turned around and looked at him.

“Can we let him stay in the field?”

Ayrin looked at Carter and said with a serious face, “What I mean is... If Moss isn't too heavily injured and can stay behind, then can we let him stay here with us? I think he'd very much like to watch with his own eyes our final victory in this match.”

Carter blinked, then immediately smiled.

A fire that he couldn't hold inside, a fire that hadn't appeared in a long time, ignited in his heart.


He nodded with a smile. “He has a serious injury in his foot at most, but it shouldn't matter too much. He should wake up in a little bit. Let's just have him stay here and watch this match to the end!”


This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

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