Chapter 96: Fooled again and again This chapter requires karma or a VIP subscription to access.

Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Chapter 96: Fooled again and again

Both Bora and Justin fell backwards.

Just as Ferguillo explained, Bora had launched a counterattack with the third concealed sword wedged between his feet. His own body couldn't maintain its balance after that, and after landing on the ground, he retreated six or seven steps backward in succession before he finally knelt down on one knee, steadying himself.

On the other side, to prevent the blade from penetrating too deep, Justin's instantly skimmed more than a dozen feet backwards. His grabbed the light blue longsword stuck inside his belly, yet he didn't dare to forcibly pull it out.

Because this sword was stuck inside at least half the length of a palm deep.

His eyes brimmed with shock, the expression on his face extremely conflicted and confused.

He couldn't continue the fight without pulling this sword out, and couldn't seal the flow of blood from the wound either. Yet he worried the flow of blood would be even worse the moment he pulled it out, then he'd lose his ability to fight even faster.

“You both did enough. Neither of you should have any regret left in this fight.”

“Boss...” A tremble went through his entire body. He turned...

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