Chapter 101: Aftermath (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 101: Aftermath (1)

Uncle Eleven died.

The arrogant, nimble, and unparalleled expert who had single handedly wiped out nearly fifty experts of the Six Great Nobility Clan had died.

Zhu Xianyao covered her mouth, unable to comprehend what she was seeing.

When Ma Renze saw this scene, he began to howl as he resisted the pain, “Died? How come this bastard just died like that? After wounding me like this, dying like that was too light of a punishment! But thankfully, you two are still around!”

He furiously turned around and glared at Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao, his gaze filled with flames of anger and hatred.

He slowly walked step by step towards Su Chen. “You damn bastard! It’s all because of you that I ended up like this. You bastard, I want your life! Die!”

At this moment, the flames of rage within him had made it so that he no longer cared for any so-called “mission”. All he wanted to do was torture Su Chen to death so that he could ease the hatred in his heart.

He swore that he would inflict the greatest pain upon Su Chen, forcing Su Chen to regret doing something as stupid as scheming against him.

As for Zhu Xianyao, that young woman was quite comely. After he fully recovered, he would enjoy her to his heart’s content.

However, his grim expression didn’t bring Su Chen any fear. Su Chen casually said, “I am not surprised at all to hear you say that. After all, you are just that kind of person, but did you really think I would be so naive as to make you my final trump card?”


Ma Renze froze.

Su Chen spread out his hands. “Is that not the case? If I want to take advantage of your quarrel, the pretext is that both parties must mutually destroy each other or that I can profit no matter which side wins. The former relies too much on blind luck, and evenly-matched adversaries usually hesitate to battle each other. Only when there is a significant disparity in strength, like just then, will one party choose to go to battle. This implies that the first situation basically will never occur. The latter requires a certain amount of strength, meaning that after the quarrel between the two parties has occurred, it is time for the third party to make a move himself.”

“Make a move yourself? You?” Ma Renze coldly laughed.

“Of course I’m not referring to myself. All I’m saying is that if I want to be the person who reaps the benefits at the very end, I need to have the strength to clean up the aftermath. And the person who will clean up this aftermath...... will evidently not be you.” As Su Chen spoke, he walked off to the side.

As Su Chen moved, he revealed an old man standing tall and upright behind him.

Shi Kaihuang!

“Shi Kaihuang?” When Ma Renze saw Shi Kaihuang appear, he was completely stunned. “Why are you here?”

Shi Kaihuang stared at Ma Renze with his muddled eyes. “Is it really so strange that I’m here? I think that it would be stranger if I wasn’t here.”

He and Su Chen had created Kaihuang’s Heaven together. From the very beginning, this matter had involved more than just Su Chen alone.

The only reason he had let Su Chen take care of it on his own was because Shi Kaihuang wanted to test Su Chen. In addition, if Su Chen took the lead while Shi Kaihuang concealed himself until the last moment, the opponent’s guard would likely be lowered.

Although everyone knew that Shi Kaihuang existed and had made preparations for his appearance - for instance, Uncle Eleven had come specifically to deal with Shi Kaihuang - the fact that he hadn’t appeared for some time and was never inquired about meant that everyone had overlooked him.

All of the transactions had been taken care of through Su Chen, and all of their focus had been placed on him. It was difficult for them not to forget about Shi Kaihuang.

Under these circumstances, Uncle Eleven, who was originally intended to deal with Shi Kaihuang, was pitted against the Six Great Nobility Clans. Afterwards, Ma Renze, who should have been more vigilant, was pitted against Uncle Eleven.

It wasn’t that they were unaware of Shi Kaihuang’s existence; however, they had overlooked him because of his silence.

What they didn’t know was that Shi Kaihuang had always been silently waiting.

As Su Chen’s greatest crutch, his task was to appear at the most critical moment.

If Su Chen’s plan failed, Shi Kaihuang would appear at the critical movement to save Su Chen and leave.

If Su Chen’s plan succeeded, Shi Kaihuang would be the person who cleaned up the aftermath.

Ma Renze finally understood this point.

He gazed at Su Chen as he said in shock, “You...... want to kill me?”

The fact that Su Chen had set up such an encounter and drawn him into this battle implied that Su Chen had been prepared to kill him from the very beginning.

Su Chen nodded his head. “I hate your attitude and despise you as a person. You want the medicine? Fine, I can give it to you. But while I can give you the medicine, someone must die!”

“You can give us the medicine. Someone must die......” Ma Renze repeated Su Chen’s last few sentence.

He finally understood Su Chen’s way of thinking.

He wanted to use Ma Renze’s fate as a warning to the Immortal Temple - if they wanted to cooperate with Su Chen and obtain the medicine from Su Chen, they would need to return to their original method of doing things.

As they spoke, Shi Kaihuang began to move forwards.

Ma Renze ferociously stared at Su Chen. “Do you really think you’ve won? I’m not that easy to kill.”

As he spoke, he raised his palm to the sky. A large vortex of lightning appeared around his palm as he pressed it into the ground. This was how he had escaped from the Hidden Dragon Institute previously.

But even though he pressed the vortex into the ground, he didn’t go anywhere. The glow of the lightning faded slightly, but he was still in the same place.

“How is this possible?” Ma Renze was stunned.

Su Chen gently smiled. “Are you wondering why your Thunderlight Escape isn’t working anymore? It’s not really that strange when I used this.”

He pulled out a vial of medicine and shook it around.

“Petrifying Medicine?” Ma Renze yelled in shock.

Though Ma Renze’s Thunderlight Escape had the word “Thunder” in it, it was completely an earth-type shield skill. He only called it the “Thunderlight Escape” to simply deceive others. If people tried to counter it based on the fact that it supposedly borrowed the power of thunder, they would find their efforts to be completely useless.

But Su Chen knew the truth.

All he needed was a vial of Petrifying Medicine to cause the surrounding earth to become rock-solid in order to prevent Ma Renze from using the surrounding earth to escape.

Smoke Concealment and Thunderlight Escape were Ma Renze’s two greatest evasive techniques. The former was suited for dodging skills, while the latter was useful for escaping from battles entirely.

Now that the Thunderlight Escape had been nullified, he had no way of escaping. There was no way he would be able to outrun Shi Kaihuang in this wounded state.

Ma Renze finally felt fear. He yelled, “Let me go!”

His only reply was Shi Kaihuang’s earth-shattering palm descending upon him.

“No, Su Chen! If you kill me, you will trample on the Immortal Temple’s dignity. They will not accept it, absolutely not!” Ma Renze howled piercingly, furiously attempting to defend himself against Shi Kaihuang’s attack.

Su Chen slowly replied, “Don’t worry, I will give the Immortal Temple enough face...... The one killing you will not be me.”

As he spoke, another person appeared next to Su Chen.

White clothes fluttered in the wind.

Yue Longsha.

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