Chapter 103: Night Demon’s Loyalty

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 103: Night Demon’s Loyalty

While the master-disciple pair continued to banter with each other, Yue Longsha walked towards them.

She said to Su Chen, “Thank you for helping me avenge my father’s death. If you need any help in the future, remember to let me know.”

“We both helped each other is all,” Su Chen replied. “Right, what about the item that I asked you to take care of?”

Yue Longsha pointed towards the tree behind her.

Su Chen jumped into the foliage of the tree and pulled out an Origin Formation Disk.

It was an Imaging Disk.

On it, the entire course of the battle had been recorded.

After glancing through it to ensure that there were no omissions, the corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled upwards in a satisfied smile.

“What are you planning on doing next?” Yue Longsha asked.

Su Chen replied without hesitation, “I’ll take care of the Imaging Disk and divide the footage into a few portions. Then, I will send it to each of the clans and parties involved.”

An expression of praise appeared on Yue Longsha’s face. “Then, the Six Great Clans will discover that their clan members died at the hands of the Zhu Clan, the Zhu Clan will discover that their clan members died at the hands of the Immortal Temple, and the Immortal Temple will discover that Ma Renze died at my hands. Every clan and organization will have been victimized, and they will have a target for revenge. The most beautiful part of this all is that everything truly did happen as you said, but you are only giving them what they need to see. The only person that knows the truth is me, but I was willing to carry this burden to get revenge for my father.”

“Because it was for revenge, there’s not much that even the Immortal Temple can say about it. In addition, they will also be trying to deal with the Zhu Clan’s attacks at the same time. The three parties will undoubtedly be tugging at each other, so not much additional attention will be focused on us.”

“What a beautiful plan.” Yue Longsha wrapped her arms around herself as she gazed at Su Chen with praise.

“We just got lucky is all,” Su Chen replied as he put away the Imaging Disk. “I’ll take care of processing the disk and then send it out under your name. What do you think?”

Yue Longsha laughed. “No problem. I will give them a perfect explanation. Just say that I was chasing after Ma Renze when he unintentionally stumbled upon this battle. Ma Renze wanted to take advantage of the situation, unaware that he was being stalked, and he was unexpectedly injured, giving me an opportunity to finish him off. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds pretty good.” Su Chen and Yue Longsha glanced at each other before they suddenly burst into laughter.

They had finished cleaning up the battle site by now. Shi Kaihuang formed three ropes out of pure Origin Energy and bound Zhu Xianyao, Hong Ming, and Zheng Bashan.

“Instructor, do you have Ma Renze’s Origin Ring on you?” Su Chen asked.

Shi Kaihuang tossed him a ring. When Su Chen opened it to take a look, a delighted expression appeared on his face.

Eighty vials of Spirit-Sobering Medicine were neatly organized inside.

Su Chen stowed the medicine vials away and said, “You guys return to the Hidden Dragon Institute first. I have some more business I need to take care of.”

“Brat, ordering around your instructor?” Shi Kaihuang cursed, but he still took the three of them and returned to the Hidden Dragon Institute.

Before leaving, Yue Longsha said to Su Chen, “If you ever need help dealing with the Immortal Temple in the future, remember to come find me.”

Su Chen nodded. “I will.”

“Then...... bye.” Yue Longsha said that last word somewhat airily.

“Bye,” Su Chen replied.

After staring at him deeply, Yue Longsha turned around and left.

After Shi Kaihuang and Yue Longsha left, Su Chen began to walk in the opposite direction.

He once again arrived in that quiet alleyway, the same rendezvous spot as before.

He entered the courtyard.

No one was present in the courtyard. Su Chen found a recliner and calmly and quietly laid down on it.

After an unknown period of time, a pair of footsteps began to echo within the courtyard.

The footsteps were clear and had a unique cadence.

It was Night Demon.

When Night Demon saw Su Chen, her eyes flashed. “Oh? How come you got here so quickly? I hadn’t even sent you a message yet.”

Su Chen lazily replied, “I’m in a bit of a hurry, so I just came here to wait for you directly.”

“Hmph,” Night Demon unhappily pouted as she pulled out a large pouch from her Origin Ring and tossed it to Su Chen. “Here, the medicinal ingredients you wanted are all here. Now hand over the money!”

She extended her small, white hand.

Su Chen pulled out a few Origin Stones and placed them in Night Demon’s hand. Night Demon quickly counted them and said, “Why are there an extra two hundred here?”

“As a reward for your hard work.”

“So you do have a conscience.” Night Demon shot Su Chen a flirtatious glance.

“There’s more.” Su Chen handed Night Demon a chest.

Upon opening the chest, Night Demon saw an additional eighty vials of Spirit-Sobering Medicine.

“Spirit-Sobering Medicine?”

“I agreed to give you a second batch.”

Su Chen had never intended to make an additional batch in the first place.

Since Ma Renze wanted to force him to make them on the spot, causing him to sustain greater losses, then it was best to push these losses back onto the Immortal Temple.

They were still the same eighty vials, but they became the second batch that Su Chen sent to the Immortal Temple. Su Chen used this method to let the other party know that there were drawbacks to trying to pressure him.

However, Night Demon didn’t realize this.

She was still confused. “Didn’t you say Ma Renze would make the exchange with you?”

Su Chen said with a voice full of meaning, “I don’t think he and I will ever work together again.”

“Why?” Night Demon didn’t understand.

Su Chen laughed and patted her shoulders, “Don’t worry about why. In any case, you should take this batch of medicine back to your superiors. They should understand.”

“Oh,” Night Demon agreed.

As he looked at Night Demon’s adorably silly expression, a thought suddenly surfaced in Su Chen’s mind.

He said, “Night Demon.”


“Do we count as friends?”

“Of course,” Night Demon nodded her head very seriously.

“Then in the future would you attack me?” Su Chen asked.

“How could I?” Night Demon replied. “We are friends. Friends don’t fight other friends.”

“Then what if one day the Immortal Temple and I become enemies? What would you do?”

Night Demon’s eyes opened wide. “Why would you become enemies with the Immortal Temple?”

“......I’m just wondering what if.”

Night Demon gnawed on her lip.

She thought very seriously for a moment before she said, “Then there’s only one thing I could do.”

“What is that?”

“Naturally, I would risk my life to save my friend. I would tell you first that the Immortal Temple was trying to kill you and that you should leave, before turning myself into the Immortal Temple’s higher ups and accepting punishment,” Night Demon said, a passionate expression on her face. “I would be willing to give my life for brothers and friends, but at the same time I wouldn’t be betraying the organization. I would face everything fearlessly......”

Su Chen was speechless.

Night Demon watched him. “So, how about it? Am I a good enough friend?”

“Yes, you are. You really are loyal.” Su Chen gave her a thumbs-up.

Night Demon laughed in delight, “You don’t need to feel too moved. I’m not actually that impressive, but I needed to give you a decent answer because you asked. In any case, it’s just a hypothetical...... If we can avoid becoming hostile, then why not avoid it, right?”

“Yes, yes, of course.” All Su Chen did was nod.

As he looked at Night Demon’s self-assured expression, Su Chen suddenly felt that the future not only held countless dangers but also limitless entertainment and pleasure.

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