Chapter 119: Competition (5)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 119: Competition (5)


An Erupting Firehawk surged into the air, flying towards the opponent in front of him.

“I know this tactic,” Liu Yuan smiled.

His Absolute Sword danced through the air, sending crimson waves crashing everywhere as it stabbed into the Firehawk. The Firehawk actually exploded upon contact and was instantly wiped out by a single sword strike.

“Annihilation Sword can nullify any energy-type attack,” Liu Yuan arrogantly said as he pointed his sword at Su Chen. “I scouted you out already; you seem to be quite proficient with Ancient Arcana Techniques. Did you try to resurrect this type of Origin Skill, which has already been cast aside by the progression of time, in hope of discovering some kind of value in them? Just my Annihilation Sword alone is enough to stop any of your attacks in their tracks!”

This was the reason why Liu Yuan dared to look down on Su Chen so much.

His Annihilation Sword was the nemesis of Su Chen’s Ancient Arcana Techniques.

The crimson sword continued to pierce towards Su Chen after wiping out the Erupting Firehawk. The tip of the sword vibrated as it shot through the air, and a streak of sword Qi surged forth from it, sweeping forwards like a gale and enveloping Su Chen.

“Is that all you are relying on?” Su Chen tightened his fist.

In the same instant that the sword wind landed on Su Chen’s body, Su Chen let out a low growl.

It was as if a crash of muffled thunder had exploded right next to Liu Yuan’s ear. Su Chen’s aura suddenly changed as boundless vigor began to surge from his body, bringing with it an overbearing pressure.

He stared at Liu Yuan, his eyes shining like stars. His expression was filled with contempt.

Liu Yuan was startled for a brief moment before he pushed his surprise aside.

No matter what kind of strength you have, you will lose against Absolute Sword Liu Yuan!

The turbulence generated by the crimson sword suddenly increased, forming countless sword edges that whizzed towards Su Chen.

At the same time, Su Chen’s vigor had risen to its absolute peak, and a faint golden luster began to emanate from his body.

Su Chen stepped forwards and punched.

A violent explosion of Qi shot forth from his fist, the energy from the explosion accelerating the air around it and sending shockwaves of Qi through the air. They slammed into Liu Yuan’s sword, and Liu Yuan found that he could not follow through with his sword strike. It was as if he had attempted to stab a mountain, the imposing force and weight of the mountain completely nullifying his attack. His sword was drowning under the onslaught of the ensuing violent waves of energy.


Liu Yuan flew backwards, flipping around in midair a few times before the momentum from the punch wore off and he fell back to the stage.

He hadn’t been knocked off of the stage, but that was mostly because Su Chen hadn’t wanted to eliminate him just yet.

“How is this possible?” Liu Yuan stared at Su Chen in shock.

A faint golden hue enshrouded Su Chen’s body. This was the hue that appeared after the Adamantine Battle Body technique was activated, but it wasn’t just the Adamantine Battle Body alone.

A trace of white Qi was also circling around Su Chen’s body. Upon closer inspection, it was clearly the outward manifestation of an increase in Su Chen’s strength.

Stalwart Mountain!

Adamantine Battle Body combined with Stalwart Mountain transformed Su Chen from a long-range mage into a close-quarters combat expert.

Su Chen strode forward, slashing at Liu Yuan with a Thunder Blade.


The lustrous blade boomed through the air as it slashed downwards toward Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan instinctively lifted his sword to block the incoming strike. He felt a massive strength bearing down on him, and his arm had no way of resisting. Boom! The explosive torrent of Qi sent Liu Yuan flying again. Liu Yuan could scarcely believe the frightening amount of power that Su Chen had suddenly displayed.

He wanted to retreat, but while he was still in the air, Su Chen grabbed onto him. “Come back down.”


With another vicious strike, Liu Yuan was sent back downwards by Su Chen’s palm.

Liu Yuan finally realized what kind of mistake he had made.

Su Chen truly was more proficient in Ancient Arcana Techniques than Origin Skills, but his contemporary Origin Skills had never been weak. In fact, they were more powerful than most people’s.

Liu Yuan knew that the situation was taking a turn for the worse. Suddenly, the crimson sword began to shine.

“Amber Glow Sword!” Liu Yuan pierced forwards with his sword.

Dazzling light radiated off of the sword as it pierced forwards right for Su Chen’s eyes. At the same time, a strange sound like that of tearing cloth emanated outwards.

Liu Yuan’s face contorted with ferocious delight.

Did you really think I would be that easy to deal with? I’ll poke your eyes out and then we’ll see how arrogant you can be!

Majestic sword aura billowed like a tempest, and waves of sword Qi surged as a piercing light shone from the sword.

Liu Yuan was absolutely confident in his Amber Glow Sword. At this distance, no one could dodge that sword strike. The only way to deal with it was to forcefully resist it.

However, Su Chen had just poured a ton of Origin Energy into strengthening his physical body. He would have no way of conjuring up a defensive barrier, so there was no way that he would be able to endure the blow.

In that instant, Liu Yuan saw himself pierce Su Chen’s eyes, successfully completing the task assigned to him.


The sword wave flew past but didn’t pierce anything.

Where’d he go?

Liu Yuan was stunned.

Not good!

Just as that thought surfaced in his mind, a heavy blow slammed into his back, sending him flying.

A teleportation Origin Skill.

Liu Yuan came back to his senses. Dammit, how had he forgotten that Su Chen controlled that kind of Origin Skill?

Liu Yuan spit out a mouthful of blood as he fell to the ground.

Su Chen once again strode forwards, a chilling wind beginning to swirl around his fist. He coldly said, “Talk. Who was the one who told you to deal with me?”

“I......” Liu Yuan hesitated for a moment.

“If you don’t want to tell me, forget about it.” Su Chen clenched his fists and punched.

Dammit, I was just thinking it over. When did I say that I wasn’t going to tell you?

Liu Yuan raised his sword to parry. He had lost all of his prior arrogance because he was now fighting with his life on the line. His sword surged under his all-out effort, unleashing as much power as he possibly could.


The sword and fist slammed into each other, sending shockwaves crashing everywhere.

The sword Qi sliced Su Chen’s skin open, covering his body with small wounds. Liu Yuan simultaneously retreated as he spat out another mouthful of blood.

They were simultaneously injured.

Su Chen quickly charged forwards, launching another punch at Liu Yuan.

The crimson sword surged perilously as Su Chen’s fist also raced forwards. The sword waves were forcefully dissipated, while the iron-like skin from the Adamantine Battle Body began to split under the sword light, leaving behind tons of open wounds in its wake.

Blood and flesh became mangled.

The fist continued forwards with powerful momentum, slamming into Liu Yuan’s body.

Liu Yuan hastily erected a barrier, the fist’s impact causing the barrier to flicker.

Su Chen punched out thirteen times in a row.

Su Chen was covered in blood from Liu Yuan’s endless sword strikes. However, under the continuous barrage of fist strikes, Liu Yuan’s barrier was unable to withstand the blows and shattered instantly.

Su Chen’s fist landed directly on Liu Yuan’s chest, causing blood to fly through the air.

“I surren......” Liu Yuan yelled in fear.

However, he had yet to complete that word when Su Chen’s Thunder Blade slammed downwards, the rumbling drowning out his words. It landed on Liu Yuan’s body and sent him flying.

Su Chen followed closely behind and gave him a flying kick.

Liu Yuan’s ribcage snapped under this blow as he continued sailing through the air.

Su Chen didn’t stop Liu Yuan this time, allowing him to sail off of the stage.

As he watched Liu Yuan fall to the ground, Su Chen said, “Just like you said, you don’t even have the right to surrender.”

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