Chapter 138 - Beaten to Death

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 138 - Beaten to Death

The Armor-Piercing Awl bored into Burke’s fist like a spike into a tree, splitting through Burke’s entire arm.

Burke’s arm was instantly shattered and smashed into a bloody pulp.

Next, Burke let out an extremely pained yell.

All of the bloody inscriptions on his body lit up simultaneously, a ferocious wave of energy exploding forth, surging at Su Chen and Zhao Xin simultaneously and sending them flying.

Even amongst the Ferocious Race, some were considered stronger than others. This one was probably not weak given that he could still unleash such fearsome power despite being seriously injured.

“DIE!” Burke howled maniacally as he charged Su Chen. He pulled the battleaxe off of his back with his left hand and chopped down at Su Chen.

“Su Chen, careful!” Zhao Xin yelled.

Su Chen took multiple steps in midair, dodging with an extraordinary amount of skill. A Firehawk took shape in his right hand and soared forth, slamming into Burke and sending flames washing over him.

The scarlet inscriptions glowed even brighter, and Burke’s energy continued to soar.

This guy seemed to constantly be exploding with energy. His wild strength once again surged, and he tossed the axe in his hand right at Su Chen. The axe began to shine brilliantly, and a wave of energy rushed through the air. Su Chen felt his body suddenly stop in place, and it was difficult for him to move his body.

This axe had some kind of ability that slowed a person’s movements.

Under this wave of energy, Su Chen couldn’t even activate Whitetower Teleportation.

As he watched the axe fall, Su Chen struck out.

Thunder Blade also began to shine. Simultaneously, his body began to take on a golden luster.

Adamantine Battle Body!

The battleaxe slammed down with great momentum, cleaving the thunder in two. It was so powerful that the air around the axe distorted, and it was as if it was tearing open a void in the sky. All traces of the blade were shattered, and even the blade in his hand fragmented. The shockwaves slammed into Su Chen.

Three layers of Meg’s Guardian shattered simultaneously before the attack slammed into Su Chen’s chest, causing a section of his chest to cave in as he flew back.

But even as he flew backwards, Burke’s figure also trembled slightly.

Even though Burke’s previous attack had been extremely fierce, he had expended an extreme amount of energy to unleash it. After he unleashed this attack, the inscriptions on his body had greatly dimmed.

So Chen crawled to his feet, rubbing his chest. He stared at Burke and said, “Do you only have those three axe strikes?”

“You despicable, lowly ambusher!” Burke howled.

“That’s your fault for being an idiot. You knew that there was one more person, but you still didn’t take any precautions,” Su Chen replied.

Another Erupting Firehawk began to take form in his hand.

As the effect of the inscriptions began to wear off, Burke’s speed began to lag behind Su Chen’s. With just Erupting Firehawks, Su Chen could just wear Burke down to death.

But at that moment, Zhao Xin suddenly yelled, somewhat panicked, “There’s another one coming! Su Chen, you’d better hurry up, there’s another Ferocious Race heading here. He is furiously sprinting here at the moment. Damn, he’s really fast!”


Su Chen knew that wasn’t good. That Ferocious Race youth, who had been passing by, had definitely heard the commotion and charged over. Unfortunately, these kinds of attacks were too noticeable and could be spotted from even very far away. Any Ferocious Race passerby definitely wouldn’t ignore it.

“What should we do?” Zhao Xin’s tone carried a hint of unease.

If a single Ferocious Race youth was already this hard to deal with, what if another one came?

Su Chen sighed, “I guess I’ll have to use this.”

Burke, who knew that he was about to receive reinforcements, charged at Su Chen. However, Su Chen ignored him, instead pulling out a vial of medicine from his Origin Ring.

He used Whitetower Teleportation to dodge Burke’s attack, then pulled out another vial of medicine and downed it.

He activated Snaking Mist Steps next. As his figure seemed to disappear like a wisp of smoke, he pulled out a third vial of medicine and downed it as well.

Zhao Xin stared in disbelief as Su Chen drank five vials of medicine.

Then, the two of them discovered that Su Chen’s energy had suddenly soared.

A red light began to suffuse out from Su Chen’s body, causing him to exert a tremendous pressure.

The cave that Burke had created in Su Chen’s chest earlier actually began to heal at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

This scene stunned Burke.

Su Chen said darkly, “Are you having fun fighting? Take this punch!”

A punch flew through the air.


Burke howled as he charged forward to greet the blow. He knew that this was a critical moment. All of the inscriptions on his body began to glow brightly, filling the air with the smell of blood.

At this moment, Su Chen’s single punch landed.


His iron-like fist pierced through Burke’s chest, creating a hole in it. The turbulent energy continued to wreak havoc within his body, exploding with a shocking light.

This wasn’t the Armor-Piercing Awl, but rather a punch containing an accumulation of all the strength in his body. However, it resulted in a shockingly serious injury. Even Zhao Xin was stunned.

Burke swayed slightly. The Ferocious Race’s powerful life force allowed him to remain alive, at least for now, even though he had been seriously injured. The two hearts they possessed allowed them to continue battling even if they lost one.

He raised the axe in his hand again.

Su Chen had already leapt forward, his fist landing on Burke’s left wrist. Burke’s wrist shattered instantly, and his battleaxe fell to the ground. Su Chen charged forward like a whirlwind and aimed a kick at Burke’s forehead.

With a crack, Burke’s neck snapped. His head drooped, and the light from his body faded.

“NOO!” An enraged howl came from behind him.

Burke’s reinforcement had finally arrived, only to watch as Burke died under Su Chen’s feet.

The inscriptions on his legs began to glow as the Ferocious Race youth leapt through the air, gathering energy around his battleaxe. Su Chen was frozen in place once again, and there was no place for him to go.

However, Su Chen had no intention of dodging.

He picked up Burke’s battleaxe and charged at the other Ferocious Race youth, the axe in his hands building momentum.


The furious onslaught of energy was nullified as it collided with Su Chen’s axe. Before anything even happened to the two people locked in battle, Zhao Xin had been knocked over by the resulting shockwave.

As he flew through the air, he watched as their battle axes were blown aside. Su Chen yelled as he punched the Ferocious Race youth nearly a hundred times in an instant. Simultaneously, he activated the Adamantine Battle Body and Thunder Blade, causing thunder to boom and lightning to flash everywhere, rushing towards his opponent like a sea of lightning.


With a pained howl, that Ferocious Race youth was sent flying.

He had been sent off as quickly as he had arrived.

“This is impossible!” howled the Ferocious Race youth who had charged over in anger.

He could not believe that a mere human had suppressed him.

“There’s nothing impossible about it!” Su Chen yelled as his body took on a metallic luster. Previously, when he had activated the Adamantine Battle Body, his movements had been somewhat hindered. At this moment, however, it seemed as if that restriction no longer applied to him. His figure flashed through the air so quickly that it was hard to believe that someone only at the Qi Drawing level could achieve this effect.

Armor-Piercing Awl!

Su Chen finally pulled out his trump card once again.

The inscriptions on the Ferocious Race youth’s body lit up again, the bloody glow shining intensely as his energy surged abruptly.

But all of this was useless in front of Su Chen, who had worked himself up into a frenzy!


The youth was sent flying again.

A member of the Ferocious Race, a race renowned for their straightforward, relentless style of battle, had been defeated in a battle of pure strength.

Su Chen charged again, attacking with another flurry of fists.

Thunder boomed, as if a terrible storm was brewing.

The Ferocious Race youth howled. In response to Su Chen’s thunder attack, he activated the inscriptions on his body to their limit as he attacked Su Chen. Even so, the inscriptions were rendered of no effect.

Regardless of whether it was speed, strength, or physical defensive capabilities, Su Chen was not weaker than this Ferocious Race individual.

Bang bang bang bang!

The two of them exchanged countless blows. The Ferocious Race youth was battered and broken, and wounds also began to appear on Su Chen’s body.

Even so, these wounds were only present for a brief moment before they began to heal and disappear. Su Chen continued to charge forwards madly as if he didn’t notice them, unleashing his rage without pause.

Berserk, fearless, aggressive, and iron-blooded.

He was like an enraged barbarian who had lost all control. At this moment, Su Chen was even more ferocious than the Ferocious Race itself!

The Ferocious Race youth was unable to endure the onslaught.

Blood began to pour out of his orifices, and his iron-like skin could not withstand Su Chen’s iron-like fists. His two hearts could not sustain these injuries. If he wanted to survive this onslaught, he would probably need to create two new hearts first.

Finally, the two of them once again came to a standstill.

Su Chen stood in place, coldly looking at the Ferocious Race youth.

The youth spit out a mouthful of blood as he backed up repeatedly.

All of the energy in his body had disappeared. To him, it was already a fantasy just to remain standing.

“You...... win......” he spat out arduously before collapsing, never to crawl back to his feet again.

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