Chapter 151: A Promise Between Men (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 151: A Promise Between Men (2)

Su Chen dragged Qi Weiyan behind him the whole way, quickly running into the stone cave.

Su Chen gently placed Qi Weiyan onto a stone slab and said, “Senior Sister Qin, forgive me.”

Qi Weiyan said, “We’re all adults; there is no need to be so apprehensive. Do what you need to do.”

“Got it!” Su Chen assented, then pulled open Qi Weiyan’s clothes and picked up a blade. He was just about to begin the surgery when he seemed to suddenly think of something. He pulled out a vial of medicine and handed it to Qi Weiyan. “Drink this; it might make the pain a bit more bearable.”

Qi Weiyan silently drank it.

The blade fell.

Qi Weiyan’s body tensed up hard, a pained expression appearing on her face.

The surgery had begun.

Su Chen carefully directed the knife through Qi Weiyan’s body.

His heart was a mess, but his hands were steady.

Even though his heart was full of worry for Gu Qingluo, he knew that he couldn’t afford to be sloppy.

If he was sloppy, Qi Weiyan would die for sure.

Su Chen activated his Origin-Energy-seeing eye to its fullest extent, helping him identify all the injuries in Qi Weiyan’s body. He searched intently for the causes of her injuries as he contemplated how to heal them.

Su Chen placed all of his attention on Qi Weiyan.

At this moment, there was just the patient in front of him!

Anything else was a temptation!

Su Chen used these thoughts to steel himself.

The waves in his heart began to subside, and his movements became more stable and decisive.

He continued the surgery as quickly as he could, words coming out of his mouth all the while. “Hold on; it will all be done soon. You know, your luck is better than Old Pi’s; when I was treating him, I hadn’t even come up with this medicine yet.”

“What medicine is it? Guess.”

“Don’t worry, even though your injuries are serious, they’re still relatively easy to treat. It won’t take too long. We’re almost there...... at the very least, it will take less time than Old Pi’s injuries.”

Su Chen never stopped speaking as he attempted to comfort Qi Weiyan.

Qi Weiyan’s vision was a blur.

She felt that she could faint at any moment.

But Su Chen wouldn’t let her.

He was worried that if she passed out, she might not wake up again.

This was the most critical moment for Qi Weiyan. He had to focus and carefully control all of Qi Weiyan’s energy to give her the best chance of survival.

His hands grew even steadier as he quickly treated Qi Weiyan’s wounds, words continuing to flow from his mouth.

Pi Yuanhong had done all the talking while his injuries were being treated. Now, it was Su Chen’s turn.

His words were both to help numb Qi Weiyan as well as himself, helping to distract the both of them from the dire circumstances, to distract them from the danger and suffering they were in.

Qi Weiyan’s eyes began to glaze over. Everything in the room began swirling around her. She felt like she was about to lose her grip.

Su Chen fed her another vial of medicine as he furiously tried to keep her awake.

Qi Weiyan felt like her soul had left her body.

Su Chen’s voice seemed to be coming from the horizon.

The pain had become so extreme that she was beginning to become numb to it.

Her senses slowly began to slip away, as did the pain.

Her life force dipped to its lowest limit, and her consciousness began to fade.

At this point, she no longer cared about the outcome of the surgery. All she could see was the spinning ceiling above her.

As the world revolved around her, Qi Weiyan’s vision slowly began to dim......

“Senior Sister Qin!”

“Senior Sister Qin!”

“Senior Sister Qin, wake up!”

Something seemed to be calling out to her from far away.

Qi Weiyan’s consciousness began to awaken.

She wanted to move, but the pain left her whole body weak.

Su Chen’s face swayed in her vision, his expression filled with worry and anxiety.

“I...... am I dead?” she muttered weakly.

“No, you’re still alive! And you will continue to live for a very, very long time!” Su Chen grasped her hand as he spoke.

As he gazed at Qi Weiyan’s pale, haggard complexion, his heart, which had been in his throat the whole time, gradually began to return to normal.

He didn’t tell Qi Weiyan that she had really been at death’s door for a moment.

The moment she closed her eyes, Su Chen was about to go crazy.

He yelled Qi Weiyan’s name over and over again to no avail.

Just as he was about to lose all hope, however, Qi Weiyan suddenly woke up again.

After taking a tour of death’s realm, she had returned.

In that instant, Su Chen felt a wave of raw emotion rush over him as tears streaked down his cheeks.

He hurriedly finished up the remaining parts of the surgery before giving her a third vial of medicine. He then fell on his butt, drained of all his energy.

The moment he finally allowed himself to relax, Su Chen felt a bout of weakness come over him. He couldn’t even remain standing.

Qi Weiyan lay on the bed, breathing in the fresh air around her.

She said, “Is the surgery finished?”

“Mhm!” Su Chen replied from his position on the ground.

“So will you tell me what medicine you fed me now?” Even though her presence was weak, Qi Weiyan still spoke in the same unhurried, composed manner.

An embarrassed smile appeared on Su Chen’s face. “Even though I really wanted to invent some medicine like that, I wasn’t able to succeed...... I only gave you a Vitality Medicine. Sorry for lying to you, Senior Sister Qin.”

Qi Weiyan laughed, “I knew it.”

So he hadn’t tricked her at all. Su Chen felt a bit embarrassed.

“But it was quite effective. I...... think that it was much less painful than what Old Pi went through.”

Su Chen couldn’t help but laugh and say, “You don’t know what Old Pi’s pain was like, do you?”

“It’s about the same...... Anyways, I wasn’t that hysterical, was I?” Qi Weiyan giggled weakly.

“Yes!” Su Chen nodded. “Senior Sister Qin is the most composed woman on the whole continent. How could such little pain trouble you at all?”

Qi Weiyan laughed upon hearing this.

Her laugh was very graceful and natural.

She said, “You are quite impressive, Third Junior Brother. How many of us can make it out of these ruins will depend on you.”

Su Chen nodded with conviction. “I’ll do my best.”

Upon seeing the focus in Su Chen’s eyes, Qi Weiyan smiled with relief.

Her aura grew noticeably weaker.

Su Chen shot over to her side in fear, only to find that she was drained of energy and was about to go to sleep.

Su Chen sighed, “Senior Sister Qin, you must be tired. You can sleep now.”

Qi Weiyan closed her eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

As he watched her sleeping figure, Su Chen felt another wave of exhaustion wash over him.

He felt a bit dizzy.

This dizziness was from being overly anxious and exhausted, and it was also from the worry and fear he had been forcefully suppressing this entire time.

Now that Qi Weiyan was out of danger, the worries in his heart were no longer being kept in check by him, and they appeared again at this time.

Fear took over his body again, further draining his energy.


You must be okay!

He yelled in his heart.

Just as he was worrying, he suddenly heard the sound of people outside.

It was He Yuandong!

They had finally returned!

Su Chen’s heart trembled. He raced out of the cave.

Indeed, it was He Yuandong and the others.

He Yuandong and the others also wore worried expressions.

The moment they saw each other, they both yelled out simultaneously:

“Is Weiyan alright?”

“Is Qingluo alright?”

The two of them stiffened for a moment.

Then, they both understood the meaning behind each others’ gazes.

Su Chen replied. “The mission was successful!”

He Yuandong laughed.

He didn’t reply. A figure darted out from behind him and leapt into Su Chen’s embrace.

Gu Qingluo!

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