Chapter 167: Sudden Attack

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 167: Sudden Attack


It was unknown who yelled out the warning. Immediately after, countless attacks began to be unleashed.

They couldn’t see anything, but it didn’t matter. As long as they unleashed attacks at their surroundings, that would be good enough.

Waves of Origin Energy surged like a tide, charging forth vigorously. Immediately after, the sky was filled with pained roars. No one knew how many Vicious Beasts were charging in their direction.

But based on the sound, it didn’t seem like they were low in number.

At this moment, Cloud Leopard’s warnings were of no use because the Vicious Beasts were everywhere.

Wang Doushan’s expression shifted. “Dammit, what’s with these Vicious Beasts? Could they be cooperating with the Origin Formations?”

“I don’t know either!” Wei Yang yelled. “That shouldn’t be the case!”

“Forget about whether it should be happening or not; we have a battle to fight! Protect Ruoyu, Zhao Xin, and the others!” Su Chen growled.

Strengthened Erupting Firehawk after Strengthened Erupting Firehawk began to take shape.

Even though he couldn’t see, his ears were extremely perceptive. He could clearly tell where the Vicious Beasts were the most concentrated. Then, he waved his hand; the Firehawk soared forth, disappearing into the fog before slamming into something, inciting howls of pain and rage.

After entering the Blood Boiling Realm, his strength had greatly increased, as did the explosiveness of the Erupting Firehawk. He could unleash a cast of Strengthened Erupting Firehawks, and their power wasn’t small in the slightest. They had instantly killed who knew how many Vicious Beasts within the fog.

But an instant later, he heard Han Linxia yell from beside him, “AH!”

Su Chen instantly determined Han Linxia’s position and charged over to her, only to find a fierce armored beast snapping at her. He didn’t have time to figure out exactly what it was before he sent a fist out.

Armor-Piercing Awl!

A single strike was enough to explode its head.

After entering the Blood Boiling Realm, Su Chen expended a lot less Blood Qi when activating the Armor-Piercing Awl. Even though he couldn’t casually throw it out like any other move, he could use it at least ten times consecutively without much issue.

After the strike blew open the Vicious Beast’s head, Su Chen yelled, “Don’t make any rash decisions. Everyone, get into a tight circle. Anyone with a student number under thirty stays in the middle. Move, NOW!”

“Quick, assume defensive positions! Don’t let those Vicious Beasts get close!” He Yuandong yelled.

Their extensive training period paid off at this moment. The students began to find each other in the fog and link up, relying on their yells and their limited vision to form an outer perimeter. The students with numbers less than thirty were all kept inside of that perimeter. Even as they were being protected, they took what opportunities were available to unleash attacks of their own.

It was hard to tell how many Vicious Beasts there were within the fog, but not a single student had tried to retreat or escape yet. Rather, they began to demonstrate their own strengths.

“Dammit, looks like I’ll have to really put some effort into it,” Pi Yuanhong cursed before unleashing a palm strike towards the ground. “Open!”

Countless stone spikes emerged from the ground.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

The Vicious Beasts skewered themselves like kebabs on the stone spikes, showering the students with blood.

At the same time, He Yuandong punched out at the sky.

His fists boomed through the air, sending scorching flames in all directions like a boundless, majestic sea of flames. Who knew how many Vicious Beasts ran headfirst into this inferno, instantly filling the air with the fragrance of cooked meat.

Even so, his attacks weren’t the most powerful.

The most powerful attacks came from Tang Ming.

This guy, who possessed a Demonic Emperor Bloodline, probably cared the least about fighting in the fog.

That was because his battle style naturally made use of fog.

As he clawed through the air, the dense fog gathered around his hands, assuming the form of little fog dragons as they whistled through the air. They leapt at the Vicious Beasts, instantly garroting many of them to death.

Simple, effective, efficient!

“Tang Ming, do you think you’ll be able to absorb all of the fog here or at least direct it somewhere else?” Qi Weiyan asked loudly.

“I won’t be able to do that!” Tang Ming replied. “Even though I can control the fog, it seems endless. Every time I absorb a bit, more just comes to take its place. There’s no point in trying to banish it!”

“Ma Xuan, think of a way to neutralize this Origin Formation. It’s an Illusion Formation, so it should fall under your purview!” Su Chen yelled.

Ma Xuan replied bitterly, “I can’t! This is Heyser Fog. It doesn’t actually affect a person’s consciousness. Calling it an Illusion Formation is stretching it a bit.”

“I don’t care; you need to think of some way to dissolve it!” He Yuandong said harshly.

If the fog continued like this, everyone would be in serious danger.

It felt pretty good to unleash attacks at their surroundings indiscriminately, but it also expended a huge amount of energy and was definitely unsustainable. Once they ran out of Origin Energy, they could only rely on their physical strength to do battle.

“I’m doing my best!” Ma Xuan and Jiang Hanfeng were hurriedly constructing an Origin Formation, trying to use it to cancel out the Heyser Fog’s disruption. “You guys will need to hold on for some more time.”

“Leave it to me.” Su Chen pulled out a few Thunderfire Balls from his Origin Ring.

Just like the medicine, Su Chen had crafted these Thunderfire Balls with the ingredients he had brought. However, the cost of the raw materials was even lower because some parts of the device could be constructed out of everyday living items. For instance, Su Chen had made the metal casing of the Thunderfire Balls out of a pile of metal pots and pans.

It really was quite an ingenious way to use them.

In comparison to the previous Thunderfire Balls, the current edition’s power output had increased somewhat. Su Chen tossed them out, resulting in a number of fiery explosions.

The scent of charred meat in the air grew even stronger.

Even so, the Vicious Beasts continued to pounce unrelentingly. They weren’t particularly powerful, and most of them were low-tier Vicious Beasts. However, their temperaments were much wilder than usual, charging out of the fog like assassins. After quickly arriving near everyone, they opened their bloody mouths and bit down on their opponents.

“Faster! We’re almost unable to hold on!”

Feng Yigu blasted away a Vicious Beast pouncing at him, simultaneously kicking away one that had gone for his legs. However, another Vicious Beast bit his arm. Even though Feng Yigu shattered its skull an instant later, blood began to flow from his wounds.

“Just hold on for a bit longer!” Jiang Hanfeng yelled as he hurriedly continued to assemble the formation.


A Vicious Beast suddenly jumped over everyone’s heads, going for Jiang Hanfeng.

At this moment, Jiang Hanfeng was completely focused on the Origin Formation in front of him. He didn’t sense it at all until the beast was right on top of him, but it was already too late.

The beast’s claws were about to sink into Jiang Hanfeng’s eyes. Jiang Hanfeng could only watch, completely in shock.

Just at that moment, the Vicious Beast suddenly froze in midair, just like that.

Then, that Vicious Beast was forcibly moved aside. Su Chen was standing right behind it.

He carelessly twisted the Vicious Beast’s neck and said, “Focus on your task.”

“Yes!” Jiang Hanfeng was startled out of his reverie as he returned to his work.

Su Chen tossed aside the Vicious Beast, then turned around to glance in the direction of the fog, a cold chill emanating from his gaze. He knew that if he didn’t pull out something here, they might not be able to make it out unscathed.

He reached out with his right hand. A massive firehawk began to gather in Su Chen’s hands.

This firehawk was much larger than any of the firehawks Su Chen had unleashed before. Dense, fiery Origin Energy swirled around his body, the power from the flames driving away the fog from around him. Su Chen’s figure appeared in front of everyone.

This Ultra Firehawk was so massive and bright that it attracted the attention of every living being present, human or otherwise, as soon as it appeared. The flames surged, seemingly burning to the sky.

Su Chen pushed the Ultra Firehawk out and said, “Go!”

“Eeeee!” The Ultra Firehawk let out a shrill cry as it soared through the air and then flapped its wings, taking flight. It left behind a trail of flames in its wake as it slammed into a Vicious Beast. That Vicious Beast was instantly incinerated. The Ultra Firehawk, however, didn’t disintegrate; rather, it continued advancing, slamming into another Vicious Beast. After incinerating that one, it then attacked another Vicious Beast. This time, it couldn’t incinerate the Vicious Beast immediately. Instead, it exploded with a dazzling brilliance and unleashed a shocking amount of energy, killing that beast and sending the surrounding beasts flying.

This one strike wiped out three Vicious Beasts and had wounded many more with the explosion. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even the Vicious Beasts were stunned. After being hit by such an overwhelming attack, none of them were willing to pounce for some time.

“Blood Boiling Realm!” He Yuandong muttered to himself.

He could never have expected that Su Chen’s strength would increase to such a degree after reaching the Blood Boiling Realm. Most importantly, he had already developed a move worthy of a Blood Boiling Realm Origin Qi Scholar after such a short period of time.

Even though he was building off of a preexisting foundation, this was already incredibly impressive. Su Chen truly was a genius in every sense of the word.

With this Ultra Firehawk, Su Chen really could be considered a bona fide Blood Boiling Realm cultivator now.

Su Chen......

He really was too scary!

This thought surfaced in everyone’s heart.

At the same time, they thought to themselves, Thank goodness he’s our ally, not our enemy.

Su Chen himself, however, wasn’t too happy with it. This Ultra Erupting Firehawk was still pretty new, so it still had plenty of flaws. It wasn’t nearly polished enough, so it could only be used under certain circumstances. It might be okay to use as an opening gambit, but it wasn’t suitable for continual use yet.


Jiang Hanfeng suddenly yelled.

As he yelled, a brilliant light suddenly began to shine. Under the shining light, the dense fog began to melt like frost before it completely disappeared.

Without the protection of the fog, all of the Vicious Beasts automatically retreated.

The place, which had just been the location of a fierce battle, instantly became calm again.

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