Chapter 182: The Last Temple Warrior

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 182: The Last Temple Warrior

This punch had been sneakily aimed at Su Chen with the intent of taking his life.

Just as Ji Ruoyu yelled, Su Chen had already reacted.

He didn’t turn around. Instead, he immediately charged forwards, simultaneously tossing up the spirit tablet into the air.

As the spirit tablet was tossed into the air, Patelocke’s figure flew along with it, yelling frantically all the while.

The Purple-Scaled Beast angrily howled as it charged forwards. It wanted to catch the stone tablet before it hit the ground.

Su Chen, the Demonic Beast, and Danba were destined to collide with each other because of the spirit board.

A moment later.


A large cloud of dust flew into the air. Two figures simultaneously shot backward.

It was Su Chen and Danba.

“AWOO!” The Purple-Scaled Beast stood in the middle of the collision as it let out a regal bellow.

In this exchange of blows, the Purple-Scaled Beast had evidently come out on top.

However, the spirit tablet’s movement was affected because of this. No one caught it, and it spiraled towards the ground.

“No!” Patelocke yelled in despair.

The stone tablet fell to the ground.

Patelocke’s illusory body flickered for a moment before he realized that he still existed.

It didn’t shatter?

He stared in shock, only to discover that there was actually still a cushion of air between the stone tablet and the ground. They hadn’t actually collided.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that a tentacle-like silhouette was wrapped around the stone tablet. It was this tentacle-like object that had stopped the stone tablet from hitting the ground and shattering.

“This is......” he said in shock.

“Mine,” Su Chen said with a slight smile.

He gestured. The spirit tablet flew into the air under the guidance of the air tentacle and landed back in Su Chen’s hand.

Danba’s expression sank. “You were prepared for this!”

Su Chen tilted his head. “I’ve waited for you a long time now.”

Danba had already ruined Su Chen’s plans two times, causing him to experience two setbacks.

If Su Chen still hadn’t taken any precautionary measures, then he wouldn’t be Su Chen.

Even though he didn’t know how Danba would find this place, Su Chen believed that Danba definitely wouldn’t miss this central location.

As he spoke, he lashed out with his right hand. The air tentacle gripping the spirit tablet slammed back in Danba’s direction.

Yes, he was going to use the spirit tablet like a hammer.

“AHH!” Patelocke’s frightened yells began to sound once more. As the tablet flew at Danba, the mid-tier Demonic Beast leapt into action, snarling as it flew towards Danba.

Danba knew the situation wasn’t good. He hurriedly backed up, a Crowned Iron-Feathered Eagle appearing behind him and clawing at the spirit tablet. Evidently, he wanted to shatter it.

Patelocke howled in sheer panic.

Su Chen jerked the air tentacle back. The spirit tablet flew into the air, narrowly avoiding the claw strike.

“HA!” Danba yelled angrily. A powerful wave of energy surged at Su Chen, the Demonic Beast, and the stone tablet. Suddenly, time seemed to slow down.

At that moment, a streak of light suddenly shot towards Su Chen. Simultaneously, another streak of light appeared; however, this one was aimed at Danba.


Following the flashes of light, blood splashed through the air from Su Chen and Danba. Their directions in midair were altered as a short spear suddenly protruded from their bodies.

Near the entrance of the research lab, another Ferocious Race youth had appeared.

The Temple Warrior with the short spear.

His body was covered in blood, and a sizable cavity had appeared in his chest. Evidently, he had been injured quite seriously before he had struck out, but that sneak attack had still injured Su Chen.

A short spear was also protruding from Danba’s stomach.

That spear was from Pi Yuanhong.

“You’re not injured!” Danba yelled as he stared at Pi Yuanhong.

“It’s already pretty much completely healed,” Pi Yuanhong replied. His wounds had opened up again because of how much effort he had exerted, but he didn’t care in the slightest.

Though the Temple Warrior’s short spear was incredibly sharp, it wasn’t a life-threatening blow. On the other hand, after drinking a high-tier Recovery Medicine, Pi Yuanhong’s wounds had quickly improved. However, Su Chen had commanded him to pretend like he was still badly injured so that he could unleash an ambush at that moment.

Unexpectedly, Su Chen had told Pi Yuanhong to lie in ambush, while Danba had set up the short-speared Temple Warrior beforehand, resulting in both of them being ambushed and attacked at the same time.

All that could be said was that both of them were truly sinister.

As he spoke, Pi Yuanhong sent out a punch. Simultaneously, Duan Jiangshan and Yu Mengnan followed him up. Even though two Temple Warriors were still quite formidable, they were clearly injured, and they might not be able to unleash their full strength.

But at this moment, the Purple-Scaled Beast charged forward again, spitting out a purple fog from its mouth at everyone.

This was a mid-tier Demonic Beast. Everyone knew just how strong it was, and no one wanted to sit around waiting to get hit by it. Pi Yuanhong and the others could only retreat helplessly, as did Danba and the short-spear-wielding Temple Warrior.

The Purple-Scaled Beast was about to spit again when a stone tablet came hurtling in its direction. It was Su Chen using the stone tablet to attract the beast’s attention. Beside him was Yue Longsha scrambling to pull out a vial of medicine for Su Chen to drink while Ji Ruoyu helped him remove the spear and bandage the wound. Patelocke’s panicked yells echoed through the air, giving the scene an almost comical effect.

“Old Pi, drink the medicine and kill them!” Su Chen yelled.

“Understood!” Pi Yuanhong replied, then pulled out a set of medicine and drank it. Instead of drinking the high-tier Recovery Medicine, however, he tossed it to Yue Longsha so that Su Chen could use it.

Four vials of medicine went down one after another. Pi Yuanhong’s energy wildly surged, the blood in his body starting to heat up.

“Kill Danba first!” Su Chen yelled loudly.

To him, killing Danba was worth more than killing the other thirty-nine Ferocious Race youths combined.

“AHH!” Pi Yuanhong howled as he charged Danba.

The Crowned Iron-Feathered Eagle spread its wings again as it raked its claws down, slamming into Pi Yuanhong’s iron fists. Sparks flew everywhere, yet the powerful Temple Warrior was forcefully sent flying by Pi Yuanhong’s strike.

This wasn’t just because Pi Yuanhong’s strength had greatly increased; it was also because the Temple Warrior had been seriously wounded by the spear.

“DIE!” Pi Yuanhong howled as he charged forwards like the wind, slamming his palm down onto Danba’s head.

Just as he was about to shatter Danba’s head, the short-spear-wielding Temple Warrior suddenly charged, intending on exchanging blows with Pi Yuanhong. The moment right before the two of them slammed into each other, a brilliant light began to shine from his body.

This light looked identical to the forbidden technique that Ferraro had used right before he had died.

“Lonter!” Danba yelled.

The short-spear-wielding Temple Warrior glanced at him and yelled, “GO!”

Danba kept the pressure on his abdomen as he retreated.

“Don’t even think about running!” Pi Yuanhong erupted, wanting to chase after Danba and kill him.

The short-spear-wielding Temple Warrior had recovered to his peak condition after unlocking the forbidden technique. The effects of his earlier wounds were forcefully suppressed; even though Pi Yuanhong had ingested a full set of medicine, the Temple Warrior’s strength at this point was roughly equivalent to his. However, although this Temple Warrior specialized in agility, he was forced to meet the blows head-on and couldn’t evade to ensure Danba’s escape. There was no way he could defeat Pi Yuanhong.

In addition, Yu Mengnan and Duan Jiangshan were also close now, and the three of them began to attack in tandem.

The short-spear-wielding Temple Warrior blocked the doorway and wouldn’t retreat.

Boom, boom, boom!

Blow after blow rained down on his body, the forceful blows causing him to spit out blood constantly.

However, the Temple Warrior continued to endure, his short body suddenly emitting a brilliant light. His Spirit Ape Totem appeared above him for the last time.

“HA!” Duan Jiangshan yelled as his Mountain-Shattering Blade sliced past the Temple Warrior’s body. Blood flew through the air.

Lonter continued to tenaciously swing his spear as if the wounds on his body didn’t exist at all.



With a continuous series of impacts, Lonter was struck by three of Pi Yuanhong’s punches and two palm strikes from Yu Mengnan. The totemic inscriptions on his body began to dim as blood began to flow from the wounds covering his body.

However, he didn’t back down. Duan Jiangshan yelled and unleashed another balde strike. Lonter didn’t attempt to dodge; the spear in his hand stabbed out in response, the spear shaft suddenly glowing with black light as it stabbed into Duan Jiangshan’s chest, skewering him. Simultaneously, Duan Jiangshan’s blade carved deep into Lonter’s body.

Pi Yuanhong followed up with a punch to Lonter’s head. Lonter’s head snapped back, a dent near his temple appearing from the impact. Even so, he refused to die as his remaining arm struck out with lightning speed, slamming into Pi Yuanhong’s injured midsection. Even though Pi Yuanhong had used an Iron-Skin Medicine, this strike caused his whole body to tighten up in pain.

Yu Mengnan closed in quickly, her expertly-aimed palms ramming into Lonter’s chest. Numerous cracks could be heard as his ribcage gave way, one of them stabbing directly into his heart. However, relying on the remaining vestiges of power from unlocking the forbidden technique, Lonter just wouldn’t die. He counterattacked; in the exchange of blows, Yu Mengnan’s strength was weaker than Lonter’s, and she was sent flying. However, as she was sent flying, a silver thread suddenly appeared in her hand, wrapping around Lonter’s arm. With a fierce tug, Lonter’s remaining arm went flying.

Having lost both his arms, Lonter howled as he charged forward, kicking his feet out in one last effort.

Unfortunately, this kick was stopped in its tracks.

Pi Yuanhong grabbed his feet and said cooly, “You refuse to die? Let’s see if you can survive this.”

He pulled firmly with his two hands, splitting Lonter in two.

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