Chapter 95: Uncle Eleven

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 95: Uncle Eleven

There was a universally recognized saying throughout the Primordial Continent, which was that while surpassing cultivation tiers was not uncommon, surpassing bloodlines was extremely rare.

For instance, if a high-tier Demonic Beast Bloodline was the standard reference and Qi Drawing cultivators had a power level of 1, 5 for Blood Boiling, 25 for Yang Opening, and 125 for Light Shaking, those with Demonic Lord Bloodlines would have power levels of 2, 10, 50, and 250, respectively. Those with Demonic King Bloodlines would have power levels of 3, 15, 75, and 375, while those with Demonic Emperor Bloodlines would have power levels of 4, 20, 100, and 500. Those with mixed bloodlines were simply considered a tier lower. For instance, someone with a mixed Demonic Emperor Bloodline would be considered to have a Demonic King Bloodline.

Of course, this was just a number and not an absolute representation of power. The amount a person’s bloodline was awakened, their talent, and their efforts were also vital. For instance, Ji Hanyan’s strength was basically equivalent to that of a Demonic Emperor Bloodline existence.

Even so, these numbers were still useful approximations that could be used to draw meaningful conclusions.

The most important conclusion was that someone with a Demonic Emperor Bloodline was basically considered to be a whole cultivation base higher in strength than someone with a high-tier Demonic Beast Bloodline.

The Zhu Clan had not sent many people on this trip.

To the Zhu Clan, Long Sang Country was not the main stage. There was no point in sending too many people, so they chosen quality over quantity.

They had only sent one true expert, but that true expert alone was enough to deal with everyone present.

The instant that Zhang Tingyue yelled out the terms “Demonic Emperor Bloodline” and “Light Shaking Realm”, everyone present froze in astonishment and fear.

A black-clothed, white-haired male strolled out of the forest.

Despite his flowing white hair, the black-clothed male’s face was that of a middle-aged man’s, and his face was quite average-looking. His eyes, however, glowed mysteriously, giving him a profound, mysterious aura.

“Uncle Eleven!” Zhu Xianyao yelled to that person but did not bow.

Women in the Zhu Clan were revered. Even when facing Uncle Eleven, there was no need for her to bow her head.

“Sorry to trouble you, Uncle Eleven. Kill them all. You people, secure the perimeter. Don’t let a single one of them escape!” Her last few sentences were directed at the four black-clothed warriors. The warriors leapt into action, each standing at a corner. Although they were only in the Blood Boiling Realm, they possessed the Zhu Clan’s Demonic Emperor Bloodline, causing their true strength to be roughly equivalent to someone in the Yang Opening Realm.

Zhang Tingyue’s expression changed drastically. “Stay calm! We can talk things through. We are willing to swear oaths.”

Zhu Xianyao said serenely, “Dead people keep the best secrets. Attack!”

Uncle Eleven moved forwards as fast as lightning. In a flash, he appeared next to one of the guards and grabbed the guard’s head, crushing his head in an instant. He then reappeared next to another guard. In a panic, the guard tried to raise his arm to block the attack, but his movements were as slow as a snail’s compared to his opponent’s. He watched as Uncle Eleven’s hand penetrated his chest like he was slicing through soft tofu before reemerging while holding something.

That’s...... my...... heart...... he thought.

Then, he felt the pain.

Darkness began to cloud his vision.

Uncle Eleven carelessly popped the heart and then charged towards the next person.

He did not have the same indomitable pressure as before, but what replaced it was demonic speed and extremely vicious attacks.

Just as he was about to crush the third guard’s head, Zhang Tingyue made another move.

He struck out with his palm.

Green light began to shine, and brambles began to swarm from the earth.

Verdantwood Palm, Tangling Brambles Hands.

The Zhang Clan’s Bloodline was the Spirit Abyss Treedemon.

There was an abyss to the Northeast called the Spirit Abyss, a place where many Origin Medicines grew naturally. During the Successor Emperor’s reign of the Illustrious Divine Dynasty, a Treedemon appeared within the abyss and began to monopolize the medicinal ingredients, preventing others from getting in. For eighty years, no one was able to reach the abyss.

Eventually, the head of Wild Abyss City, Zhang Chenghan, put out a call for talented and brave individuals. He gathered 36 Yang Opening Experts, 300 Origin Qi Scholars, and nearly 3000 foot soldiers before setting out for the Spirit Abyss. After three days of bitter, bloody battle, they finally defeated the Treedemon.

Zhang Chenghan obtained the Treedemon Bloodline.

The Treedemon was suited for crowd control. Zhang Tingyue’s current attack cast a green glow on the ground, causing thistles to shoot forth as they writhed and coiled. Tens of thousands of branches shot towards Uncle Eleven, binding him completely within a cage of branches. This was his most powerful move.

Even so, Zhang Tingyue yelled, “Help me! I won’t be able to keep him tied up for long!”

Zheng Bashan howled, charged forwards, and leapt into the air.

Her massive, mountain-like body flew forwards. A golden glow began to suffuse from her body under the moonlight, and vicious barbs began to emerge from her body, making her look like a porcupine.

Golden Double-Edged Armor.

The Sword Rhinoceros Bloodline could generate a thorny armor. Not only was its defensive capabilities very powerful, but it could also injure the opponent.

Her right fist struck out again. Horizon-Reaching Fist!

Only this time, a massive horn was protruding from her fist.

Golden Horn, Overlord Spear!

The spear was the fist and the fist was the spear.

The fist charged towards Uncle Eleven.

Simultaneously, Zhong Shisi attacked with his sword.

Even though his sword was already broken, a three-inch edge still remained. As he thrust his sword, a formless sword edge shot forth from his sword.

To him, whether his sword was broken was of no importance.

What he cultivated was not the sword but the sword edge.

Dawn Diffraction Sword.

The sword light contained a sword intent that attacked others.

In addition to this, blood began to spurt from his left wrist.

The fresh blood coagulated and then turned into Blood Clones. This was the Bloodriver Beast Clan’s Bloodline Origin Skill. As blood continued to pour forth, Blood Clone after Blood Clone was formed, and in the blink of an eye, there were six of them. They also began to form a sword edge, and they thrust it at Uncle Eleven. Their momentum came steadily, forming a sea of swords.

Seven Stars Sea Formation.

The Bloodriver Beast Clan’s unique ability was to create formations just from one person.

As those three attacked, Jiang Tao, Third Mother Guan, and Hong Ming also joined in. Their strength was somewhat weaker than the other three, but they were also experts from their clans, so the gap was not too great. When they went all-out, the Qi around them began to roil. The entire battlefield was instantly inundated by powerful shockwaves, forcing Zhu Xianyao and the other bystanders backwards.

When faced with this frightening display of power, Uncle Eleven only laughed coldly.

“Did you really think you could keep me bound?”

He raised his arm.

With a loud tearing noise that sounded as if the heavens were being ripped open, a hole suddenly appeared in the cage of thistles swirling around him.

Uncle Eleven leapt out, only to be met with Zheng Bashan’s Horizon-Reaching Fist.

He pushed his palm out, slamming into Zheng Bashan’s palms and causing Zheng Bashan to fly into the air once again. She returned as quickly as she came. As she flew backwards, the Golden Armor on her body began to fragment, dissolving into stars.

Uncle Eleven had escaped from the cage already. However, he was now surrounded by the sword sea, which was exuding a shocking killing intent.

In terms of defense, Zhong Shisi couldn’t compare to Zheng Bashan, but in terms of offensive capabilities, no one was better than him.

The Seven Stars gathered together, each sword edge emitting a suffocating killing intent.

Zhong Shisi was already imagining the scene of an unimaginably powerful existence with a Demonic Emperor Bloodline falling to his sword, and he trembled in expectation and excitement.

An instant later, however, a red tide suddenly surged forth from Uncle Eleven’s body.

Below this red tide, they could see the image of a massive Blood Fox writhing as it began to surface.

Annihilating everything!

The sword light shattered.

Zhong Shisi flew backwards as he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Next, Third Mother Guan, Hong Ming, and Jiang Tao were also sent flying one by one by that unstoppable Red Tide.

“Red Tide? Blood Fox...... that’s the Slyheart Demonic Emperor Bloodline. You are from the Horizontal Mountain Zhu Clan?” Zhang Tingyue yelled. “What are you doing here in Long Sang Country?”

“You speak too much.” Uncle Eleven waved his hand, and the Blood Fox let out a long howl.

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