Chapter 120: Sale

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 120: Sale

Within the Su Palace.

Shi Mingfeng stared at Su Chen in shock. “Your survival is beyond my expectations. I told you already that we could send you a few powerful bodyguards to protect you, but you just wouldn’t agree. See? You almost died.”

“But I didn’t die,” Su Chen said dismissively.

“But this is only one time. Now that they’ve failed once, they will definitely come again until they succeed.”

Su Chen nodded. “That’s what I think too, which is why I want to finish them off before this.”

When he heard this, Shi Mingfeng laughed. “You’ve finally thought it through. Yes, making the first move is best! Since the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans have already used their trump cards against you, it’s time for you to use the trump card that is us. Let’s see who has more hidden strength, hehe, as long as you’re willing to pay a small price, the Immortal Temple can easily uproot them.”

Of course Su Chen knew what this small price would be - a 10% shift in the distribution of profits from the sales of the medicine.

10% didn’t seem like much, but this involved hundreds of millions of Origin Stones in profit.

Su Chen shook his head. “I’m not planning on spending that much money to deal with them. Actually, I wouldn’t want to ask you to help me even if I didn’t have to spend money.”

Shi Mingfeng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he heard this. “Is the Immortal Temple a demon to you? Must you be so cautious against us?”

Su Chen replied, “The Immortal Temple isn’t a demon, but allies should still keep a certain amount of distance between them. If we get too close, I might turn from an ally to a member.”

Shi Mingfeng mused over this sentiment before finally nodding and saying, “What you say makes sense. Your sober-mindedness is truly astounding. However, if you don’t enlist our help, how will you deal with the Bloodline Nobility Clans? They don’t just have a single Wang Zhanyu; according to what I know, the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans have at least three Light Shaking Realm cultivators, which is also why they can suppress An Siyuan.”

“My current strength is not enough, but I don’t think it will be long before it will be,” Su Chen replied.

“It won’t be long?” Shi Mingfeng was stunned. What could he possibly mean?

Su Chen replied, “Naturally, until my strength has reached the point where I can defeat my enemies.”

Shi Mingfeng found this quite funny. “Are you joking? That’s impossible. I know that you defeated Yang Opening Realm cultivators while you were in the Blood Boiling Realm, but that doesn’t mean anything. In the Primordial Continent, there are too many geniuses that can accomplish this. But defeating a Yang Opening Realm cultivator as a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator doesn’t mean that a Yang Opening Realm cultivator can defeat a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Those are two completely different ideas!”

Yes, the differences between the realms were not the same.

Unlike the previous realms, the gap between a Light Shaking Realm cultivator and a Yang Opening Realm cultivator was extremely great. This could be seen by the difference in strength displayed by Wang Zhanyu when compared to the Yang Opening Realm cultivators.

Light Shaking Realm cultivators could soar through the air, and storms would bend to their beck and call. They possessed tremendous power and were once the upper limit of strength that a human could achieve. At that time, humans believed that this was the peak of cultivation; any further and they would truly become immortals.

After this, however, new realms were discovered, and humans discovered that to reach that omnipotent peak, there were countless cultivation realms that they had yet to discover. They were like steps of a ladder that needed to be climbed in order to reach the top.

Because of this, the Light Shaking Realm once represented in some ways the peak strength that humans could reach for some period of time. Even now, they were quite potent deterrent forces.

If a clan had a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, they would have much more confidence. This was the base of their being nobles.

If they didn’t even have any Light Shaking Realm cultivators, their clan was at best fabricated.

A Yang Opening Realm cultivator could easily defeat five or so Blood Boiling Realm cultivators, but a Light Shaking Realm cultivator could defeat many more than five Yang Opening Realm cultivators.

The Light Shaking Realm had seven Lotus Platforms, each Lotus Platform representing a level of strength.

A single Lotus Platform Light Shaking Realm cultivator could easily suppress a peak Yang Opening Realm cultivator by a factor of one to ten.

The Zhu Clan’s Uncle Eleven had been a single Lotus Platform cultivator, but he had easily suppressed Zheng Bashan, Zhong Shisi, and a bunch of other peak Yang Opening Realm cultivators. If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen had used Zhu Xianyao to create a weakness for Uncle Eleven, he could have wiped them out without even being injured.

And he only had a single Lotus Platform. With every additional Lotus Platform, the strength of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would increase in leaps and bounds.

Wang Zhanyu had three Lotus Platforms. His combat strength was even greater than the Demonic Emperor Bloodline Uncle Eleven. There were two more similar existences within the Bloodline Nobility Clans, one of them being the Shen Yuanhong that Su Chen had also seen before.

Upon hearing that Su Chen was going to rely on himself to defeat the opponents, Shi Mingfeng couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s why I need to think of a way to rapidly increase my strength,” Su Chen replied.

Shi Mingfeng shook his head. “No matter how much stronger you become, you won’t be able to defeat even a single Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Even if you use a sea’s worth of cultivation resources, arm yourself from head to toe with Origin Tools, an possess an inexhaustible supply of Origin Stones and medicines, you might not even be able to......”

His voice suddenly caught in his throat.

He had thought of something and stared at Su Chen in shock.

Su Chen laughed slightly, “See, you’ve already figured out the plan.”

Shi Mingfeng stared at him, his jaw wide open and his eyes filled with shock. “You’re planning on......”

“It’s about time anyways,” Su Chen replied. “Haven’t you been waiting for this day for a long time?”

Shi Mingfeng nodded. “Yes, we have been waiting for a long time.”


Within the Dreamrealm.

As soon as Su Chen entered, Dream Spirit Lulu appeared before him.

“Esteemed Dream Officer, Lulu hasn’t been summoned by you for a long time. Have you forgotten about the pitiful Lulu?”

The Dream Spirit flew in a few circles around Su Chen as she pouted childishly.

“Haven’t I summoned you now?” Su Chen smiled.

“That’s not the same!” Lulu said, placing her hands on her hips. “I am your own personal Dream Spirit. Every Dream Spirit can only serve one guest to ensure the best service. But you never summon me and you never buy anything in the Dreamrealm Castle. You never spend anything other than a few Dream Droplets a day to practice your Ancient Arcana Techniques, causing my profits to drastically decrease. I can only survive by acting as a guide for common Dreamrealm Users. My profits have been ruined, ruined, I tell you!!!”

As she spoke, Lulu began to yell and stomp her feet angrily. However, even her temper tantrum was quite adorable.

When Su Chen saw her like this, he purposefully teased her, “So that’s how it is. Then...... why don’t you give up on me and stop being my own personal Dream Spirit?”

Lulu shot him an angry glance. “How can that be allowed? Us Dream Spirits are very devoted. How could we switch guests so casually? Unless the guest dies. But you seem very lively to me, and I probably can’t hope for you to die in the near future. Sigh, consider me unlucky.”

As she spoke, her head drooped.

Su Chen was rendered speechless by her tantrum. He didn’t know if he should praise her for her loyalty or teach her a lesson for so openly wishing that he die an early death.

But to the Dream Spirits, this wasn’t really a curse. Within the Dreamrealm, death wasn’t actually that scary of a thing. Once they died, their consciousnesses would return to the Dreamrealm’s source of life. They would bloom, bear fruit, and grow again.

Yes, Dream Spirits were like fruits from a tree. They had to be grown in such a manner.

As such, Dream Spirits were not really afraid of talking about death.

Su Chen knew that Lulu didn’t have any malicious intentions, so he didn’t argue with her. All he said was, “Then this time, I’ll give you a good opportunity.”

“What kind of opportunity?”

“An opportunity that will let you earn a hundred years’ worth of profits with almost no effort on your part. How does that sound?”

He sent a message to Lulu.

Lulu immediately stiffened when she saw the message, completely dazed.

A string of characters rolled across the main screen of the Hall of Knowledge.

“Selling: A technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline.”

“Price: Two hundred Dream Droplets.”

“Seller: Cloud Bat.”

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