Chapter 131: Sea of Clouds Auction (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 131: Sea of Clouds Auction (3)

In terms of consciousness power, the person in the guest room was actually a bit more powerful than Su Chen.

However, he couldn’t withstand Su Chen’s medicines!

According to his agreement with the Immortal Temple, Su Chen no longer needed to concoct Spirit Sobering Medicines for the Immortal Temple, but he still had plenty of Corpse Spirit Flowers leftover. After buying the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, Su Chen was planning on increasing his own consciousness power, so he had concocted a huge pile of them the night before. Unexpectedly, they came in handy at this moment.

With his medicine as a trump card, Su Chen feared a battle of consciousness power the least.

Even though the person in the other guest room had a powerful consciousness, he wasn’t unafraid of consumption like Su Chen. Eventually, his defenses failed, and Su Chen forced his way into the opponent’s mind.

This person was extremely decisive. He attacked himself, enduring the pain, to sever the connection between Su Chen’s will and his own mind, sealing it off and preventing Su Chen from further interacting with it.

This heroic act was extremely timely. Su Chen’s will had no way of infiltrating the opponent’s mind, which was now protected by a figurative metal wall. It could only pace around the wall a few times before retreating unwillingly, swallowing a portion of that person’s willpower at the same time as it returned.

An instant later, the person within the other guest room felt as if a part of him had been chomped off by someone, a portion of his memories vanishing, never to return.

“NO!” The person in that guest room howled in torment.

Su Chen, on the other hand, felt quite revived. His consciousness power suddenly expanded.

Swallowing someone’s consciousness felt too good.

At the same time, Su Chen also found out who his opponent was. He laughed coldly, “So it’s Elder Shi Tianchou of the Spirit-Consuming Clan honoring me with his presence. No wonder you acted so arrogantly, attempting to harm others at the slightest pretext.”

The Spirit-Consuming Demon was a type of high-tier Demonic Beast. Its physical strength was only so-so, but its consciousness power was a force to be reckoned with. They were apparently the Prehistoric Beasts’ dream servants, able to float in and out of the dream world as they pleased.

The Spirit-Consuming Demon liked to consume spirits, hence its name.

This Shi Tianchou was in the Light Shaking realm, but because his consciousness power was much stronger than most of his contemporaries, it was impossible to guard against most of his attacks. As such, he had quite a reputation amongst the Light Shaking Realm cultivators. Unexpectedly, he had been bitten back by someone today; that could be considered retribution.

Within the guest room, Shi Tianchou harrumphed angrily. “You have quite some talent. Why don’t you tell me your name?”

Su Chen, however, had no interest in offering his name. “If you have the ability, you can find out yourself.”

The two of them had only exchanged blows on the consciousness level, so no one knew about it.

However, an instant later, Shi Tianchou put on the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring.

With the treasure at hand, Shi Tianchou’s face contorted into a malicious smile. “We’ll see if you don’t die this time!”

He was quite smart; immediately after spending a rather large sum to obtain it, he was already planning on taking the opportunity to counterattack.

Su Chen felt a strange force wrap itself around him and permeate his entire body, causing his consciousness to become much more subdued. His entire being felt a bit dizzy and sleepy.

Su Chen knew that this was the power of the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring coming into effect.

Even though he hadn’t been able to successfully purchase the item, he got a firsthand taste of its power.

“Not bad!” The corners of Su Chen’s mouth lifted up in a smile.

This Deathwater Soul Prison Ring was truly quite effective. He could sense his own consciousness energy being dragged around, making it difficult for him to gather his consciousness together. He was like a person who had just woke up from a long nap; everything that he did was a bit slow and hesitant.

If he tried to engage in a consciousness battle, he would absolutely suffer huge losses.

Thankfully, Su Chen wasn’t planning on continuing to fight with Shi Tianchou.

He withdrew his consciousness and directly closed off his mind, erecting an iron wall of consciousness energy around it.

He didn’t attack or try to tangle with the opponent; instead, he focused all his energy on defending. Shi Tianchou would have an incredibly hard time penetrating, and even if he managed to succeed, he wouldn’t be able to swallow Su Chen’s memories. In other words, even with the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring, he was forced to give up on trying to take back a little bit of advantages, unless his consciousness power was at least twice as strong as Su Chen’s.

When faced with this, Shi Tianchou went mad.

He finally had the advantage after a great deal of effort, but the opponent wouldn’t fight anymore. It was like spending a lot of time and energy to borrow some money to try and win some money back after losing a bet, only to find out that the opponent was no longer playing.

How could Shi Tianchou not be infuriated?

But no matter how much he wanted to explode with rage, Su Chen ignored him, continuing to pay attention to the auction.

This was the Sea of Clouds Pavilion’s territory. If Shi Tianchou dared to attack forcefully, there wouldn’t be any good outcomes for him.

If his consciousness attacks were useless and he couldn’t attack physically either, was there any point in paying him any further attention?

“1.5 million.” A decent pair of Origin Tool boots were being auctioned. Upon realizing that Gu Qingluo was still lacking a pair of decent boots, Su Chen called out a price.

With another 1.5 million Origin Stones spent, a pair of top-quality Origin Tool boots had appeared on Gu Qingluo’s feet. Her face glowed with happiness, causing Gu Jintang’s heart to ache. He wished that he could turn himself into a beautiful girl and leap into Su Chen’s bosom.

Su Chen hadn’t been able to get the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring, which he felt was a pity, but he had no regrets.

There were many good items within this world. Unless it was an item unique throughout the world, most things could be substituted.

If the Deathwater Soul Prison Ring could be bought for 8 million Origin Stones, there wasn’t much need to pay it any attention.

Indeed, another consciousness-type Origin Tool appeared shortly thereafter.

Nightmare Snake Cane.

This cane had a Nightmare Snake Origin Crystal at the top. The Nightmare Snake was also a very powerful consciousness-type Demonic Beast, and its Origin Crystal was even harder to obtain. It also had the effect of strengthening a person’s consciousness-type Origin Skills.

As soon as the Nightmare Snake Cane appeared, the whole auction was thrown into a commotion.

After a brief bidding war, Su Chen bought it with a price of 3.2 million Origin Stones.

After obtaining the Nightmare Snake Cane, Su Chen directly removed the Origin Crystal from the top of the cane.

This thing was like the Soul-Frightening Pearl; they both relied on the material’s property itself, had no multiplicative benefits, and could be used with or without their supporting forms. Su Chen didn’t like to wave things around in his hands when he fought, so he was planning on using it to create a thumb ring.

Of course, the materials used to create the body of the cane were quite expensive, and the workmanship was exquisite. All told, it was still probably worth a few thousand Origin Stones. Su Chen said to Gu Jintang, “If I gave this to you, it would be a humiliation to you,” and he gifted it to the maidservants.

Gu Jintang could only cry tearlessly. I don’t mind if you humiliate me. You can humiliate me all you want!

Su Chen ignored him. He continued to watch the auction for the appearance of any good items. He had come this time to get some more equipment for himself, but up to this point apart from the Nightmare Snake Origin Crystal, he had nothing to show for it. Strictly speaking, there wasn’t even a single piece of equipment that he wanted.

Very quickly, however, things that Su Chen was interested in began to rapidly appear.

The first was a Grade Six Arcane Heavy Armor. Su Chen directly called out a price of two million Origin Stones.

The Arcane Heavy Armor was a defensive-type armor. It possessed an innate Arcane Barrier that could withstand very powerful attacks; even though it was like most barriers and couldn’t be used in tandem with an Origin Qi Scholar’s own barriers, it could be used as an emergency backup during the brief moment between when the barrier is shattered. Its defensive stats weren’t bad either. It could withstand a blow roughly around the strength of a hundred bears without breaking, making it a top-quality item amongst most heavy armors.

This price scared everyone else off, and Su Chen was able to easily obtain it for himself.

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