Chapter 135: Return

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 135: Return

“So these things like to eat poison? Understood.” Patelocke nodded. They were now within the room. “It seems like these microscopic organisms were bred to try and create a poisonous organism so they could use it.”

Su Chen said, “That’s what I thought as well. I tried it out already; this kind of organism is extremely interested in any organism that is poisonous, especially poison from living animals. Their interest in artificially manufactured poison from the lab is much less. In addition, they not only consume poison, but they can also release it. They release the poison that they consume, but the quality of the poison they release is much worse than their ability to eat it. This is probably because they use poison as food and convert some of that poison into sustenance.”

Patelocke thought differently. He said, “It might also be because they aren’t a ‘completed product’ yet because the creator hasn’t perfected them yet.”

“That’s possible, but these creatures are already quite impressive. Having them is the same as having a poison-type Origin Tool, and they are multipotent,” Su Chen said as he whistled a few times. The Beast Hide within the box turned into a black armband that wrapped around his hand.

After awakening them, Su Chen used his consciousness power to interact with them, and they know acknowledged him as their master.

Upon being awakened, these microscopic organisms wouldn’t need to remain dormant in the box anymore. They could move as they pleased and even self-divide as long as they were fed a bit of poison every so often. Poison was their food; if they were kept outside of the box without any poison to eat, they would starve to death.

“Give them a name,” Patelocke said.

“Oh. Let’s call them the Devouring Poison Fog,” Su Chen said.

The armband around his hand suddenly morphed into a small white cloud of fog.

These microscopic organisms were so small that their shapes couldn’t be seen at all. All the human eye could capture was a wave of rolling dense fog.

Even though most of the microscopic organisms had died because the Sea of Clouds Pavilion had spent nearly thirty years tormenting them, making it so that this fog had a limited area of effect. The amount of poison they could spit out was also limited, but if Su Chen took care of them, they would be able to become stronger.

Su Chen felt incredibly happy. He had obtained an incredible steal by buying this Devouring Poison Fog for only seventy thousand Origin Stones.

Su Chen had remained in Long Coiling City for close to a month. It was about time to return. If he didn’t go back soon, Jiang Xishui was probably going to start cursing at him in the streets - because Jiang Xishui’s influence had started to grow, the Bloodline Nobility Clans had unleashed two Light Shaking attacks against the Third River Army.

However, Jiang Xishui had been able to resist twice. With his Primordial Beast Bloodline and them fighting on water, as well as the support of a bunch of pirates with the Hemolytic Totem, Jiang Xishui had enough power to defend themselves.

The Third River Army, however, also paid quite a heavy price. A few experts that Jiang Xishui had personally trained also died. This was why Jiang Xishui was pushing for Su Chen to return so hard.

After two unsuccessful attacks, they might send two Light Shaking Realm cultivators next time.

Su Chen could only return helplessly.

Before going, Su Chen handed the vial of Awakening Medicine to Gu Qingluo - he had finished his analysis of the medicine and gave the remaining amount to her. As for whether or not the remaining amount of Awakening Medicine would be able to be useful to that elder depended on his luck. In any case, it hadn’t required any of his money, had it?

On the day of separation, Su Chen and Gu Qingluo stared at each other wordlessly.

They tightly embraced, unwilling to leave.

Su Chen said to Gu Qingluo, “Wait for me. The next time I come, I will come on a iridescent cloud to take you as my wife.”

Descending on an iridescent cloud to take the girl he loved as his wife was something people on this continent liked to say to express their love for someone. It wasn’t just empty words but rather a promise, a kind of expectation and hope.

This was because only a person in the Light Shaking Realm could descend on a cloud. As such, this sentence in and of itself represented a kind of deadline, qualification mark, and a pledge.

Yes, that was what Su Chen was thinking.

The moment he became a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would be the moment that he would descend from a cloud to take Gu Qingluo as his wife.

Gu Qingluo stared at Su Chen with happiness. She nodded. “Okay, I will wait for you!”

Su Chen hugged Gu Qingluo tightly before turning around to enter the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, but they still held each others hands tightly.

Finally, Gu Jintang said helplessly, “If you can’t bear to leave apart, come back down and hug for a bit longer.”

Su Chen let her go.

The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle suddenly trembled. With a bright flash of light and a thunderous boom, the shuttle shot into the sky like a streak of lightning, disappearing from view quickly.


The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was incredibly fast. In but a single day, Su Chen arrived at Clear River City from Long Coiling City.

Instead of returning directly to the Su Palace, Su Chen headed straight for the Jade Heart Island.

Jade Heart Island had changed a lot. The island was once littered with all kinds of flags, but most of them had disappeared. Only the Third River Army’s flag remained floating high. This clearly demonstrated the dominance that the Third River Army now had.

The pirates were not disorderly like before either. They wore the same uniform and did things according to established standards and regulations. Even the way they walked had begun to look the same.

The island’s docks were always being watched 24/7 by dedicated guards. If anyone dared cause trouble, they would immediately be captured and punished severely.

The Jade Heart Island became very orderly as a result; no trace of the barbaric and chaotic pirate society from before could be seen. It looked like the headquarters of a trained navy. All that was missing was the imperial flag and combat frigates.

It had to be said that nobility like Jiang Xishui truly had some ability. He had turned a bunch of pirates into soldiers.

Even so, they might not be able to face a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with his support.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle descended near the central hall of the Third River Army’s headquarters.

The instant it descended, countless pirates swarmed around it as if it were a frightening enemy, and even glimmers of Origin Formations being activated could be seen.

But when they saw Su Chen and the others disembarking from the shuttle, the pirates let out a collective sigh of relief.

One of the pirate leaders stepped forward and said, “Greetings to Bureau Head Su. Bureau Head, you’re finally here.”

Su Chen stowed the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle away. “Where is your captain?”

“Captain is in the central hall.”

Su Chen, Cloud Leopard, and Iron Cliff walked towards the central hall.

Within the central hall, Jiang Xishui was jabbing and pointing at an illusory map of Jade Heart Island. “We’ll put the Air Breaking Formation here and put some Dove Snake powder here as well. Beneath that, we’ll put forty-nine aligned arrows. Doesn’t that old bastard Shen Yuanhong like to fight in the air? I’ll break his wings and beat him up on the ground!”

“Captain Jiang, what a temper you have! I felt a wave of killing intent from outside the front door,” Su Chen laughed as he walked in.

When he heard that voice, Jiang Xishui’s eyes lit up. “You brat, you’re finally here.”

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