Chapter 139: Beheading the Mountain

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 139: Beheading the Mountain

The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s defensive capabilities were quite impressive, making it possible to use its physical body as a weapon. To ensure that his attack hit, Su Chen didn’t use the Sky Lightning Cannon; instead, he used the shuttle as a physical ram to batter Shen Yuanhong.

The incredible amount of momentum was all transferred over to Shen Yuanhong’s body, and he felt like he had been pierced by a lightning-fast heavy spear, as if his back was about to break.

He tumbled through the air a few times before catching himself, staring at Su Chen in disbelief. “You...... Where’s Wei Pei?”

“He’s dead.” Su Chen had no shame when lying. Simultaneously, he pressed the button for the Sky Lightning Cannon.

The massive column of lightning once again shot forward. Shen Yuanhong didn’t dare face it head-on, so he could only dodge. At the same time, however, a figure flew towards him at top speed. It was Su Chen. At the same time that he had fired the Sky Lightning Cannon, Su Chen had exited the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. Because he had the Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots, he could walk on air like it was solid ground, allowing him to charge at Shen Yuanhong.

Shen Yuanhong countered with a palm strike. An overbearing surge of energy swept forward. He wanted to smash Su Chen into a pancake!

But at the same time that he attacked, Su Chen suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Shen Yuanhong. This was the Shadow Stepping Cloud Boots’ shadow-chasing skill!

The blade in his hand stabbed rapidly at Shen Yuanhong.

In this moment of danger, Shen Yuanhong shouted. Su Chen’s entire body froze momentarily as if he had been struck by lightning. Under normal circumstances, Shen Yuanhong would only need to turn around and attack once to seriously harm Su Chen.

He couldn’t do so, however, because he wasn’t only facing Su Chen.

While he and Su Chen were fighting, Jiang Xishui, Cloud Leopard, Iron Cliff, and the pirate alliance had simultaneously risen up. The strength that had been repressed by Shen Yuanhong was unleashed again and surged at Shen Yuanhong.

Shen Yuanhong, without any other choice, could only activate his Steel Tyrannosaurus to its greatest extent. A vast wave of energy spread out in every direction, seemingly filling the whole sky.

This move allowed him to block the attacks coming his way, but Su Chen had also recovered.

Once he recovered, the Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared.

The massive faceless figure appeared, expressionless. It raised one of its gigantic arms and reached forward, actually grabbing Su Chen’s Mountain-Beheading Blade. That blade landed in the Primordial Blood Incarnation’s hand and automatically began to grow in size until it perfectly complemented the size of the Primordial Blood Incarnation.

That was one of the Mountain-Beheading Blade’s special attributes - it could grow larger or smaller as the wielder pleased. This kind of increase in size wasn’t just in appearance either. The power of the blade would increase as the blade size itself increased. In theory, the blade could grow to a size of a thousand feet, large and powerful enough to chop off the peak of a mountain. This was why it was known as the Mountain-Beheading Blade.

However, this kind of transformation needed to be supported by a powerful physique. The larger the Mountain-Beheading Blade, the heavier it would feel. Only physically strong individuals could draw out the blade’s full potential, meaning that not just anyone could change the size of the blade to increase its power.

Because of this, there weren’t many people who could make the Mountain-Beheading Blade truly dangerous.

Su Chen had only bought the blade because he had the Primordial Blood Incarnation, which was over a hundred feet tall. The corresponding size for the Mountain-Beheading Blade was thirty feet.

As the blade cleaved through the air, it exuded a tyrannical pressure, already giving off a pressure a bit like an attack from a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Shen Yuanhong was badly startled. When faced with this frightening blade attack, he didn’t dare underestimate it. He gestured, and a frigid blade intent surged forward to meet it, exuding the indomitable pressure unique to Light Shaking Realm cultivators. It clashed with the Mountain-Beheading Blade, sending a brilliant shower of sparks through the air.

If it were just Su Chen alone with this single blade attack, Shen Yuanhong would be able to defend himself and possibly even counterattack.

However, the constant attacks from Jiang Xishui, the pirate alliance, and the others gave him no room to counterattack. When faced with those attacks, Shen Yuanhong had no way of advancing or retreating, and he was in quite an unfavorable situation.

Su Chen continued to swing the blade through the air, every strike more threatening than the last. Most shockingly, Su Chen had imbued the blade with the power of his Armor-Piercing Awl; even when Shen Yuanhong parried the blows aside, traces of blade Qi would penetrate Shen Yuanhong’s defenses, making things incredibly difficult for him.

Shen Yuanhong knew that the situation wasn’t looking good. If he continued to fight like this, he was definitely going to lose. As such, he decided to try and flee.

He wanted to run, but Su Chen and Jiang Xishui wanted their guest to stay.

Jiang Xishui raised his hands into the air. Luo You’s arm split into numerous parts, forming a water prison that enveloped Shen Yuanhong. Shen Yuanhong, for the moment, was like a caged bird, unable to escape.

A steely glint flashed across Shen Yuanhong’s eyes. “You want to keep me here just with this?”

The power of the Steel Tyrannosaurus was fully brought to bear, piercing through the water. The columns of water were dispersed by Shen Yuanhong’s all-out attack and couldn’t delay him.

But when he wanted to charge out of that area, he was greeted by a thick column of lightning. The Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was controlled by consciousness energy, but one benefit to this was that Su Chen could control it even if he wasn’t physically within the shuttle.

This column of lightning came at just the right time. The columns of water concealed the charge-up phase of the cannon, so Shen Yuanhong was basically flying head-on at it.

In that critical moment, Shen Yuanhong let out a loud cry and smacked his forehead. A Lotus Platform appeared above his head.

The first step in becoming a Light Shaking Realm cultivator was to form one’s Lotus Platforms.

These Lotus Platforms were the source of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator’s power, connecting them to the heavens.

When the Lotus Platform appeared, it began to revolve, emitting a warm glow. Origin Qi emanated from it, a portion of it entering his body through his forehead and returning to his body. This was to supplement the Origin Energy in his body to help him endure this blow. The rest of it aggregated in front of his body like a screen door. The column of lightning slammed into the Lotus Platform, the ensuing explosion causing wind to violently blow everywhere.

Shen Yuanhong yelled strangely and flew higher into the air. This blow had dealt him quite a heavy injury. His physical body had been wounded, but more importantly, his Lotus Platform had been damaged, affecting the foundation of his cultivation base. This was the cost of using his Lotus Platform to protect himself - his cultivation base would assume the wounds that would have otherwise been dealt to him.

Shen Yuanhong's defense had ruined nearly ten years of difficult cultivation. He was infuriated and was determined to return to do battle some other day.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to have any more opportunities.

Su Chen glanced at him, activating Fata Morgana.

However, this time it was much less effective than before. Shen Yuanhong had found out from Wang Zhanyu that Su Chen had such a consciousness-type Origin Skill, so he was relatively prepared. As such, his figure only froze for an instant before he was able to escape from the illusion realm soon after.

Even so, that caused him to miss the last opportunity that he had to escape from this battle alive.

Jiang Xishui's water prison once again appeared, complementing the violent swings of the Mountain-Beheading Blade.

Shen Yuanhong was locked in place by the water prison, the Sky Lightning Cannon, Fata Morgana, and a myriad of other techniques, making it so that he had no way of retreating.

The attacks slammed into him forcefully wave after wave, causing blood to pour out of the body of Shen Yuanhong, a Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

He knew the situation wasn't good. His only hope was to delay until Wei Pei arrived to support him.

He slapped his own forehead, and the Lotus Platform reappeared

The Origin Energy once again began to emanate and solidify, blocking most of the attacks.

However, this powerful defense came at the cost of his cultivation base. Every blow hurt so badly that Shen Yuanhong felt like coughing up mouthfuls of blood. If things continued like this, his Lotus Platform might shatter. If it shattered, he would basically revert to being a Yang Opening Realm cultivator. Without his cultivation base advantage, he would probably be smashed to paste in less than a second.

The Lotus Platform revolved continuously, trying to protect against the furious assault from all directions. Its originally smooth, glossy surface now began to show signs of cracking.

Every attack blasted away some of the cultivation base that Shen Yuanhong had been building up his whole life, bringing him ever closer to a cultivation base reversion.

To Shen Yuanhong, this was as torturous as being slowly cut into a thousand pieces.

At that moment, Wei Pei's figure appeared off in the distance.

After a long chase, Wei Pei had finally arrived.

When he saw Wei Pei appear, a trace of hope appeared in Shen Yuanhong’s eyes. He yelled loudly, “Brother Wei, save me!”

“He can’t save you. But you may die in peace,” Su Chen replied coolly.

A dark wreath of flames enveloped the body of his blade, giving it an aura of death.


Shen Yuanhong howled with despair as the Mountain-Beheading Blade slammed into the single Lotus Platform.


His Lotus Platform shattered.

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