Chapter 141: Pursuit (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 141: Pursuit (2)

Upon seeing the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Shuttle turn around to leave, Wei Pei was stunned, but he didn’t chase after it. Instead, he harrumphed, “At least you’re aware!”

He knew that he couldn’t catch up, so he turned around to leave.

However, when he turned around, the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle also turned around, firing off another cannon shot in his direction.

Wei Pei couldn’t do anything. He could only leap forward again, but this time he felt that the energy flow in his body was more turbulent than before. He knew that this was a result of his Lotus Platform being damaged. If he didn’t treat it quickly, his cultivation base would only continue to decline, so he wanted to nip it in the bud.

However, that Su Chen was also quite tricky. He just wouldn’t face him head on, using the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle’s speed and attention-drawing abilities to attack from afar. If the enemy advanced, he would retreat, and if the enemy retreated he would advance.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was faster, and the Sky Lightning Cannon’s range was greater. In this kind of a situation, Wei Pei could only allow himself to get hit again and again.

Cloud Leopard was still telling a story within the shuttle, which had some sunflower seeds and tea. Jiang Xishui and Ma Hongfei munched on some sunflower seeds as they listened to Cloud Leopard tell the story. Occasionally, Iron Cliff would also butt in.

Upon hearing that Su Chen was actually cloud bat, all of the mysteries were made clear.

Nothing else had happened recently that was bigger than this. Everyone also knew that the sales of the Three Yangs Medicine had to be related to Cloud Bat.

When he heard that Su Chen had saved up 1.8 billion Origin Stones, Jiang Xishui still felt dizzy.

After that was the massive shopping spree that had occurred in Long Coiling City. There wasn’t actually anything interesting about it, but he couldn’t help but talk about how much money they had spent and how casually they were able to buy things. The people listening were stunned and awed again and again.

The outside situation was quite turbulent, but within the shuttle they were drinking tea and listening to stories, happy and at rest.

Wei Pei’s mood grew worse and worse as the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle continued to harass him. He knew that he couldn’t do anything to them, so he stopped paying attention to it and began to focus all his attention on flying back to Clear River City.

At the very least, Clear River City still had other Bloodline Nobility Clans and other Light Shaking Realm cultivators to support him.

Su Chen could tell what he was thinking. He turned around and said, “He wants to go back to Clear River City and get some reinforcements. One of you should go and stop him.”

“Watch me.” Jiang Xishui flew forward.

Because they were high up and without a water source, Jiang Xishui used the water vapor in the air to generate large quantities of fog in the sky in front. It was just clear skies earlier, but it immediately became a dense mist.

Wei Pei flew through the air, feeling like the air was becoming damper and thicker, and the air resistance growing stronger and stronger. The situation only grew more and more dangerous, as he could be attacked at any time.

Wei Pei was helpless. He could only change directions.

Jiang Xishui, however, didn’t continue to pester him. Instead, he returned to the shuttle and said, “So what happened after? What about that Silver Crystal Screen?”

Cloud Leopard replied, “Oh, we had no use for it, so we let another guest take it away.”

“Aiya, you might not have had a use to it, but I would!” Jiang Xishui said with regret. “The Silver Crystal Screen can be used to create a pool of water anywhere. You saw it yourselves; my combat ability when I am near a body of water and when I’m not are on totally different levels! If I was near water, I could use my water prison to imprison him, but now in the air I can only use fog to make things difficult for him.”

Iron Cliff replied obediently, “I didn’t think of that.”

Jiang Xishui jabbed a finger at Su Chen. “Where’s your sense of brotherhood! You didn’t even think of me at all, but I’m helping you unify the Third River Army, cut off the waterways, and fend off Light Shaking Realm cultivators! But what about you? You didn’t even think of me when you were enjoying all those benefits!”

Su Chen hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, I got it. It’s my fault. At the time, I was only thinking of spanking those guys faster, but I really forgot about you. How about this, I’ll give you ten million later. You can buy whatever you want with it. What do you think?”

Jiang Xishui felt dizzy again.

Ten million!

Su Chen could pull out such a sum so casually.

“Ok!” Jiang Xishui would be an idiot if he didn’t accept. He thought for a moment, then added, “But it can’t just be me. Isn’t Hanyan also your friend?”


Su Chen cursed as he raised another finger. “Twenty million. You guys can play around with it however you please.”

“Then that’s settled!” Jiang Xishui yelled excitedly.

Cloud Leopard said lazily, “Then don’t forget about Yue Longsha either. She’s also our friend.”

“...... Yes, yes, she’ll get ten million too.” Su Chen nodded repeatedly.

“And Wang Doushan,” Cloud Leopard continued.

“Yes, yes, he will too,” Su Chen said weakly.

Iron Cliff also spoke up, “Then what about our friends who went to the Goldwater Ruins?”

Su Chen felt his kidneys aching. His hands trembled slightly, knocking the Sky Lightning Cannon slightly off-kilter. Unexpectedly, Wei Pei also happened to jump in that direction and was struck by the column of lightning. He yelled out in pain as his Lotus Platform began to crack even more obviously.

However, when he thought about the fact that they were quite good friends of his, it was inexcusable if he didn’t take care of them as well. He made some calculations, then decided on giving each one of them a top-quality Origin Tool.

Oh, and Night Demon too. That girl was the person he was the most friendly with in the Immortal Temple. He wouldn’t be able to justify it if he didn’t take care of her a little.

In total, this was around one or two hundred million Origin Stones. Even Su Chen was rendered speechless. However, he wasn’t really a selfish person, so after some consideration he agreed, chuckling to himself a little bit.

Cloud Leopard added on, “But when I think about it, the Origin Tools I have don’t seem to be worth ten million in total, are they?”


Su Chen wanted to pinch Cloud Leopard to death.

He stopped looking at Wei Pei and turned around to look at Cloud Leopard. “I will make it up to you.”

“Me too, Master,” Iron Cliff chuckled.

“Get out of here!” Su Chen sent him flying with a smack.

Within the sky, the pursuit was still ongoing.

Su Chen was getting more and more familiar with piloting the shuttle. After landing that accidental hit, Su Chen was already beginning to realize that just chasing after his opponent with the Sky Lightning Cannon wasn’t smart. He began to anticipate Wei Pei’s movements.

Wei Pei was now in big trouble. He didn’t know what direction the Sky Lightning Cannon was going to shoot at him from.

Su Chen was also becoming more familiar with his dodging habits, giving him some idea of which direction Wei Pei was going to head. In the end, two columns of lightning shot right in front of Wei Pei that were impossible for him to dodge.

The Sky Lightning Cannon shattered Wei Pei’s barrier and lit up half of his body. Even his Lotus Platform had been damaged to a point where it was almost impossible for him to recover.

When he saw this situation, Su Chen said, “It’s time for us to finish him off.”

“Let’s do it!”

Everyone simultaneously yelled as they charged out of the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle. A platform appeared on the shuttle that they could stand on, and the four of them began to unleash attacks at Wei Pei.

It had to be said that as a combat Origin Tool, the Cloud Thunder Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was too easy to use. Its ability to cover a large area and generate a platform to stand on made it so that a bunch of youths who were much weaker than a Light Shaking Realm cultivator could unleash a combat power surpassing their true strength to the point that even a Light Shaking Realm cultivator was sent packing.

Upon seeing the desperate situation he was in, Wei Pei yelled, “You won’t be able to kill me!”

He suddenly pulled out a vial of medicine and dumped it into his mouth. An instant later, the light from his Lotus Platform grew more intense. The Blue-Blooded Divine Wind Ape appeared and howled, then combined with Wei Pei’s body. Then, his body turned into a streak of light that shot off into the distance, as if he were a shooting star, disappearing in the blink of an eye without a trace.

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