Chapter 149: Counterattack (8)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 149: Counterattack (8)

The He Clan was finished.

The Clan Patriarch He Wuqian had died in combat, and the clan’s elders, He Wujiu, He Wuxiang, and He Wuxin had all been killed along with a whole bunch of the clan’s elites.

This news quickly spread throughout every alley and street of Clear River City like the rain from yesterday’s storm, shocking everyone.

The ones bearing the blame were naturally still the Long Clear Gang and the Evil Tiger Gang. This time, however, the two gangs were not fighting on their own but had instead allied themselves together.

But what people had the hardest time understanding was, why the He Clan?

The Shen and Wei Clans were the main powers that were being attacked, the ones being humiliated and whittled away. When had the wolves suddenly turned to the He Clan?

And how could the Long Clear Gang and Evil Tiger Gang deal with the He Clan?

The gangs were always under the control of the Bloodline Nobility Clans because they didn’t have enough strength. However, these two gangs had suddenly demonstrated power that they had never had before, giving everyone quite a shock.

The Lai Clan was once again thrust into the spotlight. Everyone believed that the Lai Clan had incited the incident, and likewise the Long Clan also came under fire because they controlled the Evil Tiger Gang. However, like Lai Wuyi, Long Qingjiang had long since lost control of the Evil Tiger Gang.

Even though Lai Wuyi and Long Qingjiang were very vocal that this matter had nothing to do with them, the other Bloodline Nobility Clans wouldn’t believe them so easily.

Within the Lai Residence.

A bunch of Bloodline Nobility Clan elders were in a heated discussion with Lai Wuyi.

“I told you already, I didn’t order the Long Clear Gang to do that,” Lai Wuyi said as he angrily stared at Wang Peiyuan and the others, who had forced their way to his front door.

“If you say that it wasn’t you, then please, Brother Lai, hand him over to me,” Wang Peiyuan said.

Lai Wuqi replied unhappily, “If I could hand him over, I would have done so a long time ago. Would you even need to have come looking for me? I already sent a bunch of people to look for Wang Wenxin this afternoon, but the Long Clear Gang has long since cleared out.”

“You don’t know where he went?” Astonishment flashed across Wang Peiyuan’s face before giving way to suspicion. “Brother Lai, you aren’t joking with me, are you? You don’t know where your own subordinates are?”

“Ai! To tell the truth, this has been happening for a long time. I don’t have much control over the Long Clear Gang anymore.” Now that things had reached this point, Lai Wuyi couldn’t afford to care about his face anymore. He could only tell the truth.

Wang Peiyuan and the others were stunned. “What did you say?”

Someone yelled angrily, “Then why did you insist on protecting them during the last Coalition Meeting? Do you dare say that the Long Clear Gang’s wiping out of the Red Eagle Gang also wasn’t your idea?”

“Of course it wasn’t my idea......” Lai Wuyi felt so much regret that he wished he could slap himself. He wanted to explain himself but couldn’t find the words and could only blame himself for being too greedy. He plopped down on his chair and said, crestfallen, “I also fell for that bastard’s trap. In any case, whether you believe me or not is up to you.”

Wang Peiyuan fell deep into thought when he saw Lai Wuyi’s depressed demeanor.

Was all of this really not initiated by him?

Then who had given the Long Clear Gang the guts to do these things?

A name surfaced in Wang Peiyuan’s mind.

Wang Peiyuan shivered as he shook his head and muttered to himself, “No, that’s not possible.”

Everyone stared at him strangely.

Wang Peiyuan’s expression gradually grew uglier and uglier.

Even though he kept repeating that it wasn’t possible, when he recalled all that had happened these past few days, Wang Peiyuan increasingly felt that it was the only possibility.

He couldn’t stay seated anymore and stood up suddenly as he said, “We’ll conclude today’s matters here. I need to go back for a bit.”

He finally realized that he was in a precarious situation and needed to go back and discuss with Wang Zhanyu about some countermeasures.

He didn’t tell anyone else about his guesses; after all, it was just a guess. If he were to guess incorrectly, then everyone would laugh at him. The Bloodline Nobility Clans’ love of their own faces was deeply ingrained in their heart to the point that it filled every corner of their being.

Wang Peiyuan left in a hurry. The remaining people were totally befuddled, and their energy and vigor obviously diminished.

There were a total of five clans that had come this time to interrogate Lai Wuyi: the Wang Clan, the Lian Clan, the Yu Clan, the Xiong Clan, and the Lin Clan.

The Long Clan was also being interrogated and couldn’t possibly be there, and the He Clan had been wiped out, so they couldn’t be there either. The Wei and Shen Clans at this point already had a deep-seated hatred for the other Bloodline Nobility Clans, so it was impossible for them to tag along to try and get justice for the He Clan.

After the Wang Clan left, the rest of them interrogated the Lai Clan a bit more. Upon seeing that nothing was going to come of it, they then turned their attention to the Long Clan.

The Long Clan was much more straightforward. They directly expressed that they had no desire to protect the Evil Tiger Gang and would leave it up to everyone else to punish them.

After leaving the Long Residence, one of the members of the Xiong Clan said, “Patriarch, do we want to go and wipe out the Evil Tiger Gang now?”

The Xiong Clan’s patriarch, Xiong Tianyue, rubbed his beard. “I can’t help but feel like there’s something odd about this. When did the Long Clear Gang and Evil Tiger Gang become so bold as to attack the He Clan? Did the Lai and Long Clans really secretly instigate this matter? From Lai Wuyi’s and Long Qingjiang’s attitudes, I don’t think so. Perhaps they’re telling the truth. In addition, I don’t know what came over Wang Peiyuan for him to leave so suddenly like that...... there’s too many problems with this.”

“Patriarch means?”

Xiong Tianyue glanced at the other clans, who were being extremely aggressive. He frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “Let’s talk about it when we get back.”

They turned around and left for the Xiong Clan.

While sitting in his palanquin, Xiong Tianyue was still pondering over why the He Clan of all clans had been attacked.

Why had they chosen the He Clan as their target?

If it was a premeditated attack, then there must have been some compelling reason to choose the He Clan.

Was it for money? That was obviously impossible. Xiong Tianyue rejected that idea immediately. Because of He Wuqian’s prior opposition? That was a possibility; after all, they were one of the few that had objected to the territory seizure. However, killing him wouldn’t force him to take back the words that he had spoken and might even cause others to take it more seriously. Was it for his martial ability? Forget about it. The He Clan’s Profound Transparent Beast Bloodline was decent, but it was more effective at detecting enemy ploys and preventing ambushes. In terms of combat power, however, they were the weakest among all ten Bloodline Nobility Clans.

Wait a minute!

Detecting enemy ploys and preventing ambushes!

Xiong Tianyue suddenly trembled.

He poked his head out of the palanquin and saw that his clan’s procession was walking along a long and narrow alleyway.

A sense of imminent danger suddenly surged in his heart. Xiong Tianyue yelled, “Stop advancing. Turn around immediately! Turn around!”

Before the procession could turn around, a drawn-out voice plunged Xiong Tianyue into the depths of despair.

“Clan Patriarch Xiong, how astute of you!”

Following the unhurried voice’s speaking, a figure wearing a white robe that billowed in the wind appeared directly in front of them and walked leisurely towards them. Besides him were Jiang Xishui, Cloud Leopard, and Iron Cliff.

“Su Chen!” Xiong Tianyue spoke from between gritted teeth.


Countless people appeared on the surrounding walls, each of them aiming a crossbow down at their enemies. Simultaneously, the walls began to glow with light. An Origin Formation had been activated that firmly protected the walls on both sides. Even a Yang Opening Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to break through. It also cut off any hope of them escaping through the air.

Above, below, and all four sides were cut off - there was nowhere for them to run!

Their path of retreat was blocked off by another large group of people that had suddenly appeared, led by Wang Wenxin.

This scene was identical to how the Lian and Long Clans had surrounded Su Chen all those years ago.

However, the tables had now been turned. The one that had been encircled was now the one doing the encirclement.

Xiong Tianyue stared at Su Chen in something akin to despair. “If you kill me, everyone will know that you were the culprit.”

“I don’t really care.” Su Chen shrugged. “I never believed that the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans would be dumb enough to fight each other to the death. Inciting internal conflict is a nice way to weaken them, but that is still only weakening. If I really believed that these clans would really kill one another, then I would be the stupid one. As such, ever since I killed He Wuqian, I have been prepared for you to stop fighting amongst yourselves and rebuild the alliance. There’s an old saying that is absolutely accurate...... If you want something done well, you have to do it yourself.”

As he said this, Su Chen paused for a moment, then waved his hand elegantly and said, “Kill them all!”

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