Chapter 152: Betting on a Fight (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 152: Betting on a Fight (1)

Within the Lin Residence.

The Lin Clan’s bloodline was the Silver Moonlight Falcon, the same bloodline as that of the Origin Qi Scholar who had destroyed Su Chen’s Shadow Substance.

After killing Xiong Tianyue, Su Chen led the others without stopping to Moonlight Alley, where the Lin Residence was located.

They didn’t launch an ambush or a surprise attack. Instead, they just burst right through the front door.

After the He Residence had been attacked, all of the clans had bolstered the defenses within their residences as well, protecting themselves from a disadvantageous position.

The opportunity to launch an ambush had passed, so now it was time to directly strike at the opponent.

This was why Su Chen and the others had broken in in such an imposing manner.

Their footsteps were quick and agile.

Their robes rippled in the wind.

Their killing intent billowed everywhere.

Su Chen along with his subordinates were now right in front of the Lin Residence.

They gave off an incredibly dominant aura.

A bunch of palace guards, experts, and strong disciples immediately appeared, lining the walls, filling the courtyard, and blocking the entrance to the residence.

Even so, when they saw Su Chen and his subordinates, their expressions were filled with despair.

Su Chen just had too many people with him.

The Long Clear Gang, Evil Tiger Gang, Third River Army, and the Origin Bureau were all with him.

The Origin Bureau alone had a hundred Origin Qi Scholars.

Nearly a thousand warriors were surrounding the whole Lin Residence. If it weren’t for the fact that the area right in front of the Lin Residence’s front door was wide open and exposed, they wouldn’t be able to fit everyone here. Su Chen stood foremost facing the front door with his hands behind his back. Standing at his side were Jiang Xishui, Wang Wenxin, Yuan Lieyang, Duan Feng, and many more.

Since they were fighting head-on, Su Chen needed to bring a large force with him. The Origin Bureau’s troops whom had been training for so long had finally found their use here.

As they stood in front of the Lin Clan’s residence, Lin Fengtang’s heart trembled as he watched the imposing scene unfold before him.

Upon hearing news that Su Chen had sent over a large army, he still was wondering whether Su Chen was having trouble thinking things through. It wasn’t until he saw this scene that he fully realized the whole situation.

The Long Clear Gang and Evil Tiger Gang already belonged to him, as did the Third River Army. The Origin Bureau, and along with it, Su Chen’s power and influence, had already reached this kind of a level.

In the end, they had still underestimated Su Chen.

They were always underestimating him.

Every time, they felt like they were taking their opponent very seriously, but they were always shocked by the trump cards the opponent ended up pulling out and could only suffer the bitter consequences.

Now, these consequences had fallen onto the Lin Clan.

As he stared at Su Chen, Lin Fengtang’s expression was filled with grief and indignation. “Bureau Head Su, so it was you. Then everything that has happened until now is all part of your plan, right?”

Su Chen replied with a smile, “You’re talking so miserably and solemnly like you think I’m the one that’s going to harm you. It almost made me forget that I was the one who was chased back in the Southern Mountain.”

Lin Fengtang froze. “That was the Wang Clan’s plan. It had nothing to do with me.”

Su Chen shook his head. “Whether or not the plan had something to do with you, you participated; your hands are stained with the blood of my people, and my hands have claimed the lives of your clan members. At this point, trying to escape from the situation doesn’t have much meaning, does it?”

Lin Fengtang sighed and lowered his head. “True. It’s already pointless to try and maintain my innocence.”

“However, there isn’t such a thing as a grudge that can’t be resolved. The enmity between us might not yet be impossible to dissolve.”

Lin Fengtang was stunned. “Dissolve? How so?”

“Surrender,” Su Chen replied.

“How do I surrender?” Lin Fengtang wasn’t so naive as to believe that simply surrendering was going to resolve the issue.

“How was it done when people were still fighting for the kingship?” Su Chen countered.

As soon as he heard these words, Lin Fengtang shuddered.

He understood what Su Chen was getting at.

When people fought for the kingship, if one side admitted defeat, they would be executed, and the other would be crowned as king.

The victorious party could forgive most of the opposing party, but they could never forgive the leader.

The decline of an influential power often occurred because the person taking the lead died, causing the curtains to fall on that period of time.

Su Chen obviously meant that anyone could be forgiven but the Wang Clan.

How could Lin Fengtang not feel shocked, not feel afraid?

He trembled. “No, I cannot.”

Su Chen nodded. “I guessed that you would say that. Don’t worry. How about this? Let’s make a bet. Don’t blame me for not giving you enough opportunities.”

A bet?

A bet on what?

Su Chen said, “Let’s bet in a competition of martial artists. I will send out two hundred martial artists, and you can send out a hundred eighty martial artists and twenty Qi Drawing Realm Origin Qi Scholars. We’ll fight it out that way; if my people win, you will surrender, and if my people lose, I will immediately leave. What do you think?”

Two hundred martial artists against a hundred and eighty martial artists and twenty Origin Qi Scholars?

Lin Fengtang’s eyes lit up.

He stared at Su Chen intently and asked, “Are you telling the truth? You’re not trying to pull one on me?”

Su Chen smiled slightly, “I just want you to know the distance between me and you. If I try to pull one on you, even if you lose you won’t accept defeat. But if I win......”

Lin Fengtang said straightforwardly, “If your people can win under these kinds of circumstances, my Lin Clan will truly surrender.”

The gap between Origin Qi Scholars and martial artists was simply too great. This kind of gap was like the difference between a Yang Opening Realm cultivator and a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, surpassing the gaps between any of the other cultivation realms. Even a cultivator who had just entered the Qi Drawing Realm could easily defeat ten peak Body Tempering martial artists.

Su Chen’s suggestion wasn’t just to give the Lin Clan’s side a bit more strength but to double it.

Under these kinds of circumstances, Lin Fengtang had no reason not to accept the bet.

And just as Su Chen had said, if Su Chen’s side won cleanly, Lin Fengtang would have no choice but to surrender.

Su Chen laughed, “As long as you understand.”

As he spoke, he backed up a few steps, revealing a horde of martial artists behind him.

These martial artists were all in the peak of Body Tempering, ones that Su Chen had carefully picked out. They were all brawny and of huge stature, and their bodies were filled with strange tattoos.

Lin Fengtang also began mobilizing his side. The Blood Boiling and Yang Opening Realm cultivators all backed off, leaving twenty Qi Drawing Realm Origin Qi Scholars and a hundred and eighty carefully selected Body Tempering martial artists.

As both sides got into formation, Su Chen said, “As soon as the battle begins, you cannot stop it. Both sides have the duty of keeping the fight going until the battle reaches its conclusion. Begin now.”

The two sides charged at each other like waves.

A chaotic battle appeared.

As soon as the two sides began to exchange blows, Lin Fengtang discovered that the martial artists under Su Chen’s control had begun to glow with a blood-colored light.

Under the influence of this blood-colored light, Su Chen’s martial artists suddenly seemed unafraid of death, and even the aura they exuded had changed as if they had ingested some kind of medicine.

One of the Lin Clan’s martial artists crossed blades with one of Su Chen’s subordinates. With a loud clang, the blade was parried aside. Immediately afterwards, the opponent lunged in, stabbing his blade repeatedly into that martial artist’s chest.

Vicious, ruthless, merciless, savage.

Lin Fengtang felt his heart seize. “What is that?”

A voice spoke in Lin Fengtang’s ears, “I developed a secret technique that can confer an Origin Skill to someone’s physical body. What you’re witnessing right now is ‘Blood of a Warrior’ and ‘Strength of a Rabid Bull.’ Both are Ancient Arcana Techniques that increase a person’s will to fight and their strength. A battle in a sandbox emphasizes morale, so the Blood of a Warrior can stir them into a feverish frenzy and make them unafraid of dying. The Strength of a Rabid Bull makes their endurance almost endless so that they can fight for a long time without growing tired. What do you think? Pretty good, huh?”

He turned around and saw that Su Chen had moved next to him at some point.

“That’s cheating!” Lin Fengtang grew extremely agitated. “How can they use Origin Skills?”

Su Chen replied, “I said I wouldn’t use Origin Qi Scholars, not that these martial artists don’t know how to use Origin Skills. Lin Fengtang, you also must have known that I couldn’t possibly give you such a big advantage for no reason. Something like this should be expected; it would be weird if it didn’t happen, right? As long as I didn’t cheat, that should be fine.”

Lin Tangfeng froze. He felt that Su Chen’s words were incredibly logical, leaving him at a loss for words.

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