Chapter 154: Display of Loyalty (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 154: Display of Loyalty (1)


Lin Fengtang had finally surrendered.

He couldn’t not surrender. These people were all his subordinates. Would he only surrender once those two hundred martial artists killed all of his people?

Surrendering now at the very least would mean that less people would die.

This unsuspenseful battle ended just like that.

Half of the martial artists had been injured or killed. The Origin Qi Scholars weren’t injured at all, but their expressions were extremely dire. Evidently, the scene they had just witnessed had shocked them to their very core. None of Su Chen’s two hundred martial artists had died. Not only that, but they still had enough energy to joke around with each other. They didn’t look like they had just fought a fierce battle at all.

This totally stunned everyone who had witnessed the strength of the martial artists that Su Chen had improved.

In reality, there was one thing that Su Chen hadn’t told Lin Fengtang, which was that expending half Origin Energy and half blood Qi was more appropriate for humans.

Humans didn’t have the weakest physiques, and after a long period of cultivation and constant strengthening, they also possessed abundant blood Qi. Even though they weren’t as powerful as the Ferocious Race, they had their own methods. Cutting the blood Qi expenditure to half also saved martial artists more than half of their physical power.

This was like an all-out sprint versus a quick run. If you ran at half speed, the total distance you could run would be almost ten times more than how far you could run in an all-out sprint.

The same went for the usage of Blood Qi.

Since using the Hemolytic Totem now didn’t wring a person dry of their bodily strength, even Body Tempering martial artists would become a lot stronger with the support of the Hemolytic Totem.

Upon realizing this, Su Chen knew that the importance of converting the Hemolytic Totem to only use Origin Energy had gone down greatly. The current Hemolytic Totem was already incredibly useful.

These Body Tempering martial artists only needed a single Origin Stone to reach the power level of a normal Qi Drawing Realm cultivator.

This kind of upgrade was massive.

It was very easy to imagine the shock that would appear when a huge wave of people endowed with the Hemolytic Totem appeared in a future battle.

In reality, Lin Fengtang was the first person to experience this shock. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have surrendered so easily. As long as Su Chen was willing and put the Hemolytic Totem on display, the Clear River City Bloodline Nobility Clans would do anything to get their hands on it.

Su Chen hadn’t done so simply because he didn’t want to do so.

It was the same reason why he didn’t want to conduct business with the Immortal Temple and his attitude towards the billion Origin Stones he had earned. To him, wiping out these Bloodline Nobility Clans was something that he could do with just a flip of his hand, but he didn’t like doing things that way. He rather enjoyed this way of doing things.

When Lin Fengtang surrendered, the whole Lin Residence was plunged into despair.

They had lost just like that?

They had surrendered just like that?

A Bloodline Nobility Clan had been forced to lower its head just like that?

Many people were unwilling to and didn’t dare accept this kind of outcome.

Su Chen knew the thoughts in their hearts. He directly said, “Since Patriarch Lin is willing to surrender, then things couldn’t possibly be better. However, Patriarch Lin should also understand that surrendering isn’t just something that can be accomplished through a single sentence. There needs to be concrete action taken.”

“What do you want?”

“A display of loyalty,” Su Chen said as he smiled slightly.

A display of loyalty?

Lin Fengtang was stunned. “Right now? Where will I go to look for a display of loyalty?”

“You won’t need to look for anything. Someone will create an opportunity for you,” Su Chen replied.

Create an opportunity?

As if in response to what Su Chen had said, a voice suddenly yelled from the outside:

“Su Chen! What are you doing?”

Everyone glanced in the direction of the voice. A group of people was heading in their direction, with Chen Wenhui at the very front.

The Investigations Bureau had showed up at this very moment.

Su Chen smiled at Chen Wenhui and replied, “So it’s Sir Chen. Sir Chen, you have quite a bit of time on your hands today, huh? Why have you come all the way to the west side of the city?”

“If I didn’t come, you would have wiped out the Lin Clan, wouldn’t you have?” Chen Wenhui said darkly. “How bold! Who gave you the authority to gather a group of people to attack the Bloodline Nobility Clans?”

“Who gave the Bloodline Nobility Clans the authority to attack me?”

Chen Wenhui lifted up his head. “The higher-ups have already made a decision on this case.”

“What kind of decision?”

“It was all a misunderstanding. Patriarch Wang was chasing after a criminal and accidentally implicated you.”

“He yelled out my name.”

“That was to tell you to get out of the way. You just didn’t hear clearly, and Patriarch Wang didn’t want to bicker with you. However, since the higher-ups have already made a decision, don’t even think about overturning it. Furthermore, don’t think about using this as an excuse to attack the nobility clans!”

“Using this as an excuse?” Su Chen’s eyebrows jumped. “Sir Chen, you must be misunderstanding something! I am not using this as an excuse to attack the Lin Clan.”

“You dare say you aren’t?” Chen Wenhui pointed at the battlefield. Those ten or so dead martial artists have yet to be carried away. “What are those?”

“That’s not related to me,” Su Chen replied. “I’m only responsible for the Origin Bureau. I can promise you that none of the assailants belonged to my Origin Bureau. As for the others, they have nothing to do with me.”

Chen Wenhui was caught off guard. Wang Wenxin and Guo Long laughed simultaneously, “We were the ones that attacked. Sir Chen, do you have any objections?”

“You guys?” Chen Wenhui’s expression sank. “Do you know what the consequences of betraying the nobility are?”

Wang Wenxin and Guo Long simultaneously frowned and ignored him.

Su Chen said, “See, was I wrong? These people don’t belong to me, and what happened also has nothing to do with me.”

“So what are you doing here?” Chen Wenhui asked.

“Naturally, I am carrying out my duty as the head of the Origin Bureau. All battles between Origin Qi Scholars are under my jurisdiction. If they aren’t Origin Qi Scholars, it’s not my business,” Su Chen replied.

Chen Wenhui balked. As he glanced again at the corpses, he discovered that they were all corpses of martial artists. Not a single Origin Qi Scholar had been killed.

He was stunned.

He was rendered speechless by Su Chen, but the killing intent in his eyes only grew thicker.

“Su Chen!” he growled.

“Finally stopped looking for an excuse?” Su Chen smiled slightly. “That’s right. If you want to fight, let’s fight it out. What need is there to try and find such empty excuses?”

As he spoke, he waved his arm. His people got into formation.

“You’re right. If we’re going to fight, let’s have ourselves a good fight. What need is there for excuses?” Chen Wenhui laughed. “But do you really think you can win?”

“Whether I can win or not, we won’t know until we fight.” Su Chen gestured. A large group of people charged forward.

Those two hundred martial artists were still at the very front, but this time both gangs’ Origin Qi Scholars also attacked. Only the people from the Origin Bureau remained motionless, as if they were only here on business like Su Chen had said. However, this carrying out of business was too off the mark. So many people clashing simultaneously couldn’t possibly be ignored.

Chen Wenhui said savagely, “A bunch of lowly trash wants to contend with me?”

His figure trembled. Countless vines emerged from his body, each one as agile as a serpent as they snaked in all directions.

Unlike before, his opponent was not a demon, so Chen Wenhui didn’t use his Cleansing Lotus Lily. Instead, he activated his Young Tree Nymph Bloodline, causing countless vines to shoot towards his opponents.

These vines were like massive pythons, wrapping themselves around their opponents and strangling them to death.

Even the Cliffrock Armor had a hard time withstanding these attacks. Under the constriction of these vines, the Cliffrock Armor began to peel off their bodies in large chunks.

The other Origin Qi Scholars, however, made a move at the same time. Countless blades of wind shot at Chen Wenhui. In response, a bluish glow suddenly appeared at the center of Chen Wenhui’s forehead. “Rise!”

The Cleansing Light Lily reappeared, blocking most of the attacks. At the same time, the vines quickly retracted.

With a snapping sound, the vines sliced away seven or eight of the Hemolytic Totem martial artists’ lives.

“You should feel embarrassed by your insignificant talent!” Chen Wenhui howled as he launched a palm strike. A wave of energy surged forward, forcing a few of the Origin Qi Scholars backwards, fully demonstrating the power of a peak Yang Opening Realm cultivator with a high-quality bloodline.

Su Chen eyes lit up. “Indeed, he has some skill. Patriarch Lin, wouldn’t you say so?”

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