Chapter 165: Conclusion

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 165: Conclusion

Spring was always Clear River City’s busiest season.

During this time, the rivers thawed and the waters began to flow again, causing trade and commerce to boom.

Ever since the Bloodline Nobility Clan alliance ceased, the pirates near Lingyuan Marsh had almost ceased all activity.

The Third River Army was still present, but they were no longer robbing boats. Instead, they now collected protection fees. For only a small fee, every boat that wanted protection could get it from the Third River Army.

The same went for all the other businesses in Clear River City. The Long Clear Gang and the Evil Tiger Gang ruled the underground scene in this city and had established a new state of order in Clear River City.

Clear River City’s economy also began to boom because of this. In just a few short years, business had almost doubled.

Of course, a lot of this was due to the contributions of the Origin Bureau and the Three Yangs Medicine.

The former preserved Clear River City’s stability, while the latter brought more businessmen.

One could even say that the four years following the dissolution of the alliance were the best four years that Clear River City had experienced in a long time. Because of this, a lot of traffic moved through the city, and it began to flourish and prosper.

However, on this day, all of Clear River City seemed quiet, insistent on not making a commotion.

A horse-drawn carriage slowly proceeded down a long street.

Su Chen sat in his carriage. He could see that the two streets on either side were lined with people seeing him off.

Today was Su Chen’s final day as a government official.

Su Chen had woken up very early to hand over his seal before leaving the Origin Bureau. He was now sitting on the horse carriage, and the driver was Iron Cliff.

The citizens who received word of it had all come one by one to see him off.

No one was weeping bitterly or wailing to the heavens. They all just watched him silently, a trace of unwillingness in their eyes.

The carriage reached the city gates.

An Siyuan was already waiting there, his head gleaming. A delighted smile was on his face. Obviously, he was in quite a good mood.

The carriage stopped, and Su Chen walked out of the carriage. “City Lord An is here personally to see me off? I’m a bit scared.”

An Siyuan chuckled and patted Su Chen’s shoulder. “Bureau Head Su is a promising youth. In merely ten years, you were able to unroot the deep weeds of Clear River City, causing this place to prosper and flourish. All we have done is ride on your coattails. If you were willing to stay here, Clear River City and all of its citizens would be incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, Bureau Head Su is ambitious and is chasing after a grand dream. There are too many trifles in the human realm that aren’t suited for you and are a burden on you; we cannot force you either. I only came to congratulate Bureau Head Su and express my well-wishes. If you ever achieve anything big, don’t forget to come back and visit.”

Su Chen laughed. “I don’t dare think about any big achievements, but I will definitely come back to visit. Even though I have personally left, my family is still here. My Su Residence, my Peaceful Prosperous Shop, and all the friends I made are all still here. City Lord An, I’ll be direct — the business, resources, and friends I’ve fought for here in Clear River City weren’t easy to come by. I would like to ask you to help me keep an eye on them so that nothing happens to them.”

He specifically emphasized the word “friends”.

An Siyuan chuckled. “Don’t worry, Brother Su. I have always done things in an upright and honest manner, and I am a reasonable person. I can’t promise that your businesses will prosper forever or that your friends will always be healthy, but I promise that I will do my best. No unnecessary troubles will occur. As for those businesses and friends, what happens to them in the future will still depend on you.”

“Your word is good enough for me,” Su Chen said.

“As long as you understand!” An Siyuan guffawed loudly.

The two of them conversed for a bit before the carriage finally exited the city. An Siyuan turned around and left as well.

Outside the city, Wang Wenxin, Guo Long, and Jiang Xishui were all waiting there.

When they saw the carriage approaching, Wang Wenxin and Guo Long simultaneously bowed. “Bureau Head Su.”

“I’m not the Bureau Head anymore, just a normal person. You can just call me Prince,” Su Chen said indifferently. “After I leave, the situation here will probably change very quickly. The situations in the Long Clear Gang and the Evil Tiger Gang will definitely change, and An Siyuan will definitely raise up another force. I hope you all will listen to this advice: don’t confront An Siyuan. Anyone who tries to act will be like a mantis trying to stop the chariot and will only be crushed underfoot.”

Wang Wenxin and Guo Long glanced at each other, then replied simultaneously, “We will listen to Prince’s orders!”

They agreed on the surface, but Su Chen could tell that there were traces of unwillingness in their hearts. In response to this, Su Chen just let them go.

A person’s path could only be walked alone; a person’s fate was chosen alone.

If they were determined to fight, there was nothing he could do to stop them.

An Siyuan had already promised that his friends would remain “healthy,” so as long as they didn’t commit a fatal error, so An Siyuan probably wouldn’t kill them.

He glanced at Jiang Xishui, only to hear him laugh, “I’ve already handed the Third River Army over to Hong Fei. Hanyan’s notified me that she’s run into some trouble and asked me to go and help.”

“Oh? Congratulations,” Su Chen laughed.

Ji Hanyan inviting Jiang Xishui of her own accord clearly indicated that her view of Jiang Xishui had changed.

Jiang Xishui replied, “It’s all thanks to your reminder that I realized that chasing after someone with an infatuated heart isn’t always the best method. Making yourself the best person you can be is more important.”

“You don’t need to thank me. It’ll be enough if you return those ten million Origin Stones to me.”

Jiang Xishui said, “I think I’m better off thanking you. It’s cheaper.”

The two of them glanced at each other, then burst into laughter simultaneously.

“Right, how about Cloud Leopard?” Su Chen asked.

“Oh, he’s behind the tree and doesn’t want to come out. He’s just mad that you aren’t willing to wait for him,” Jiang Xishui laughed.

Cloud Leopard was still being trained by the Secret Task Force since he had started his duty later. He originally wanted Su Chen to wait for him so that they could leave Clear River City. However, Su Chen didn’t wait for him and was planning on leaving that same day. It was impossible for him not to feel disappointed.

Su Chen found it quite funny. He yelled to the tree, “Didn’t I tell you? I really do have something urgent I need to take care of. Can’t you just come to Mountain Overlook City after you complete your tasks?”

Cloud Leopard’s figure appeared from behind the tree.

He stared at Su Chen intently. “I’m not mad because you aren’t waiting for me but rather because you won’t listen to me. I can sense that you’re going to be in serious danger this time!”

Su Chen laughed. “Is there any place that isn’t dangerous? Don’t forget that we’re all Origin Qi Scholars. We advance in the face of danger, and in any case, sometimes the reward is the greatest in the most dangerous places.”

Cloud Leopard thought for a bit, then finally walked over and gave Su Chen a hug. “Good luck!”

They conversed for a bit longer before they each took their leave.

Su Chen returned to the carriage, and Iron Cliff pushed the cart back into motion.

They continued to travel farther and farther away until the people sending him off disappeared from view.

Su Chen leaned against the wall of the cart and said, “Alright, come on out.”

With a giggle, Night Demon appeared in Su Chen’s carriage as well.

“You really do have good friends! They’re all concerned for you. But don’t worry. With the Immortal Temple present, any danger will be knocked flat!” Night Demon said extremely confidently.

“Then what if the danger comes from the Immortal Temple itself?” Su Chen countered.

“Hm?” Night Demon was stunned, then began to laugh. “How could that be?”

Su Chen smiled. “I was just postulating. Come on, let’s get going.”

“Let’s go!” Night Demon yelled excitedly.

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