Chapter 22: Exchange

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 22: Exchange

Su Gaoye returned to the Long Clan with Su Chen’s requests.

After sending Su Gaoye away, Su Chen also met with Chief Steward Lao. After a brief period of discussion, Chief Steward Lao returned to his clan, satisfied.

Both of them believed that they were the quickest to meet with Su Chen, and the conditions Su Chen had posed weren’t too extravagant. After finishing their mission, both of the Chief Stewards let out sighs of relief.

On the Long Clan’s side.

As for why Su Chen wanted Wei Liancheng, Long Qingjiang didn’t understand.

But after thinking about it for a bit, he agreed to that condition as well.

After all, Wei Liancheng was just one of the guards of the Long Clan. Handing him over was better than allowing Su Chen to access their private library.

The time was set for evening two days out because Wei Liancheng was out escorting a cargo load and needed two days to return.

The hostage swap would occur at that point in time, and Liu Wuya would also apologize to Su Chen then.

The matter was decided like that. Before leaving Su Gaoye had disdainfully laughed, thinking that this young man was truly still too ambitious. Even at this point in time, he wanted such temporary things.

However, he didn’t realize that the flowers would wither so soon after blooming - Long Qingjiang decided that immediately after the exchange occurred, they would directly make a move and eradicate Su Chen. The one to make a move would be the apologizing Liu Wuya. After he said his apology, he would stab his Water-Cleaving Spirit Sword into Su Chen’s chest.

To make sure the plan went off without a hitch, Long Qingjiang even planned on sending a group of people to watch over the City Head’s Palace, as well as the district office and the Lingyuan Navy.

If Su Chen had any secret tactics up his sleeve, they would definitely come from the government.

If they tried to do anything, the criminal organizations would create chaos and make it difficult for them to move at all.

In any case, Su Chen must die!

Everyone was calculating and everyone was scheming. Everything proceeded as arranged.


Two days later.

Ten kilometers outside of the west side of the city.

The people from the Long Clan set up an inescapable web. The Long Clan’s guards were watching everywhere, blocking off every avenue of escape. In addition, the Long Clan’s guests combed the surroundings, searching for any Origin Formation-type ambushes that might have been set up. They hadn’t made any such arrangements because they had so many people and there was no need.

When Su Chen’s carriage slowly arrived at the location, the whole street had been swept clean.

Long Qingjiang was sitting imposingly within the pavilion, with Liu Wuya, who was being served by an old government official, by his side. Behind them stood Sang Maoyuan and ten Origin Qi Scholars, glaring fiercely like tigers watching their prey.

At this point, they weren’t using a cow-butchering knife to slaughter a chicken, but a dragon-butchering knife[1. An elaboration on a common Chinese idiom. To preserve the meaning, I left the more literal translation in, but basically it means that they’re going beyond overkill.].

Evidently, Long Qingjiang was being extremely cautious.

The carriage slowed to a stop.

Iron Cliff pulled open the carriage curtains. Su Chen disembarked the carriage, and Iron Cliff dragged Long Shaoyou out behind him. As soon as he removed Long Shaoyou’s restrictions, Long Shaoyou began to yell in a frenzy, “Father, kill him! Kill him!”

“Shut your mouth, you useless thing!” Long Qingjiang’s expression sank.

Iron Cliff wrapped his hand around Long Shaoyou’s throat, helping him stay quiet.

Long Qingjiang turned around and smiled at Su Chen. “Knowledge Executor Su, you have quite the ability and courage! Even though Prince Su’s methods have made me very angry, I have quite a bit of respect for Knowledge Executor Su. If Knowledge Executor Su is willing to help me just like City Head Liu is, then we can keep the current agreement as well as forget about everything else that happened in the past. What do you think?”

It had to be said that the conditions Long Qingjiang had posed this time were truly sincere.

Even the old Chief Steward and Liu Wuya both were startled. They evidently hadn’t expected Long Qingjiang to say something like that, which was way outside of the scope of the plan they had come up with previously.

Fortunately, even though the Long Clan had deviated from the plan as soon as negotiations began, Su Chen dragged it right back onto the original path.

He shook his head. “Sorry, I have no intention of selling myself to someone else.”

Long Qingjiang expressed his regret. “Isn’t doing things for the government the same as selling yourself to someone else? The only difference is in how you will be compensated, and my side obviously has more to offer.”

Upon seeing that Su Chen remained unmoved, Long Qingjiang finally gave up on trying to rope him over. He felt that this brat was reckless and that killing him was only just. After all, he had accounted for everything and couldn’t imagine that Su Chen would have any hope of turning the tables immediately after the exchange was made.

He waved his hand and said, “Since Prince Su has already made up his mind, then so be it. Bring out the items.”

Someone brought up a trunk and placed it in front of Su Chen.

A million Origin Stones.

Su Chen didn’t even look inside. He put it away in his Origin Ring, then said, “Where’s Wei Liancheng?”

“Bring him up.”

Someone brought Wei Liancheng up.

He was a middle-aged man with no particularly strange features. It seemed like he wasn’t an Origin Qi Scholar - just an ordinary commoner.

He was bound by Origin Formations and handed over to Su Chen.

He remained silent as he stared coldly at Su Chen,

“Wei Liancheng has been handed over to Knowledge Executor Su, but I would like to ask Knowledge Executor Su a question.” Long Qingjiang said.

“You want to know why I chose this person?”

“Yes. As far as I know, this person has never had any association with Prince Su.”

“He incited Long Shaoyou into fighting with me over the Li Residence, forcing me to spend an extra five thousand Origin Stones on it when buying it,” Su Chen replied.

Long Qingjiang was stunned.

That was the only reason?

This...... wasn’t this a bit too absurd?

A moment later, Su Chen said to Wei Liancheng, “Don’t tell me that this is a coincidence. What exactly do you know about the Li Clan?”

Wei Liancheng coldly harrumphed, “What if I tell you that I don’t know anything?”

“Your tone tells me that you know everything. Of course, you can deny it, but before you do anything I need to tell you two things.”

Su Chen raised a finger. “First of all, I have already discovered what you are looking for in the Li Residence. It’s a metal block, right?”

Wei Liancheng’s expression changed dramatically, instantly becoming incredibly savage. A thick killing intent flashed through his eyes.

“Very good.” Su Chen nodded, then raised his second finger. “Second of all, I didn’t bring it with me, and it’s not in the Li Residence either.”

Wei Liancheng’s rage suddenly began to die down, and his vicious demeanor began to disappear. He suddenly appeared to be in thought.

Su Chen laughed and asked, “Do you need me to help you break your fetters?”

Wei Liancheng harrumphed and cracked his neck. Suddenly, his body began to emit a number of cracking sounds. Immediately afterwards, he had regained his freedom - those restrictions were easily broken through by him.

Even Long Qingjiang’s expression greatly changed. “Wei Liancheng, who exactly are you?”

“That has nothing to do with the Long Clan anymore,” Su Chen said. “Next, let’s take care of the last matter.”

Liu Wuya gently smiled and stood up. “Knowledge Executor Su, I sincerely apologize to you for the earlier matter.”

“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” Su Chen dug at his ear and gestured for Liu Wuya to come back home.

A trace of anger flashed across Liu Wuya’s face as he took a few steps closer. “Knowledge Executor Su, I apologize to you.”

“Still too quiet, I can’t hear you very clearly!” Su Chen continued to gesture.

Liu Wuya forcefully suppressed his rage and came right next to Su Chen. He placed his hand on his sword hilt and said, “Knowledge Executor Su, I, Liu Wuya, apologize to you. I was wrong in the earlier matter!”

His voice was incredibly loud this time, the soundwaves exploding in Su Chen’s eardrums.

Su Chen nodded. “Since you apologized to me, I should also tell you something in return - that’s should only be polite.......”

He suddenly trailed off at the end, and Liu Wuya didn’t catch the last few words he said. “What?”

Su Chen leaned in to his ear and said, “Armor Piercing Awl!”

He punched out.

The blow slammed right into Liu Wuya’s throat.

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