Chapter 24: Tidying Up

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 24: Tidying Up

After leaving the main road, the carriage didn’t return to the Su Palace. Instead, it continued onwards into the city, heading for the Origin Bureau.

Cao Zhengjun hurried forward to greet him. Upon seeing that it was Su Chen, he said hurriedly, “Knowledge Executor Su? How do you have time to come here?”

“I’m the Knowledge Executor of the Origin Bureau. Do I not have the right to come here?” Su Chen said as he headed quickly for the main hall.

Cao Zhengjun followed closely behind. “Sir Su, don’t put it like that. How could I restrict you, sir? It’s just that if you wanted something done, you only need to tell me; you didn’t need to come here personally.” His forehead was already glistening with sweat.

He knew Liu Wuya had sold Su Chen out, and he also knew what was supposed to happen today.

That was why he was so frightened upon seeing Su Chen arrive at the Origin Bureau that his soul almost left his body.

“Is that so?” Su Chen laughed and suddenly stopped in place. “Since that’s the case, there is something I’d like to ask you to take care of.”

“Sir, please just let me know.”

Su Chen arrived at the hall and sat down directly on the seat that had previously belonged to Liu Wuya. Cao Zhengjun’s eyelids jumped fiercely when he saw this.

Origin Qi Scholars could behave recklessly, but the people who worked under Origin Qi Scholars didn’t have that luxury.

Those who worked here were used to surviving in the cracks. In particular, those who were experienced had exceptional observational qualities.

Su Chen’s reckless behavior had too many implications behind it, and he couldn’t help but think about it.

Su Chen said after he had sat down, “Good. Then you can go and gather everyone who works for the Origin Bureau and call them over. I mean everyone!”

Cao Zhengjun bowed and replied slowly, “Yes...... this little one...... will go and do that now.”

Even as he replied, thoughts raced through his mind.

He wanted to gather everyone?


When paired with Su Chen’s actions like sitting down in that seat, Cao Zhengjun quickly thought of a number of different possibilities.

When he thought of the worst possible reason, his legs went soft, and he stumbled unsteadily out of the room.

“Wait a moment,” Su Chen suddenly yelled.

“What else do you need, sir?”

“Don’t tell them all at once. Do it in waves, three at a time. In particular, make sure that the relationships between them are only so-so...... and do it under City Head Liu’s name.”

“I understand. I’ll do it to your liking!” Cao Zhengjun left.

Upon seeing his attitude, Su Chen laughed, “He’s pretty smart.”

Simultaneously, he picked up the tea leaves on Liu Wuya’s table and took a whiff of them. “Hmm, high-quality Purple Conch Spring tea! Liu Wuya knows how to enjoy himself.”

He poured himself a cup.


Cao Zhengjun’s movements were very fast. Not long after, some Origin Qi Scholars and soldiers under the Origin Bureau’s control arrived.

They were conversing amongst themselves as they arrived. “What’s going on? Why did we suddenly get called here?”

“Old Qiu, you’re here too? I thought I was the only one called here at first.”

“Cao Zhengjun, what are you doing? I was cultivating when you dragged me over here in a hurry. If it’s not anything important, I’ll smash you into a pulp with my hammer for disturbing my cultivation session!”

“Hey, how could I dare do something like that? The new Knowledge Executor has a pressing matter and told me to pass down the order to you all. If you have any questions, ask Knowledge Executor Su.”

The first three Origin Qi Scholars to arrive came to the main hall and found Su Chen sitting above them. Their expressions sank.

One of the rasher Origin Qi Scholars said, “You are the new Knowledge Executor, Su Chen? That seat isn’t for you; it’s for City Head Liu. You’d better get out of that chair.”

Another person said, “Knowledge Executor Su, why did you call us over here in such a hurry?”

Su Chen replied calmly, “I called you over here because I wanted to discuss something. But before that, please, introduce yourselves. I want to get to know you all.”

The aforementioned rash Origin Qi Scholar yelled, “What introductions? Su Chen, I told you to get out of the way; didn’t you hear me? That seat isn’t for you to sit in; it’s reserved for City Head Liu.”

Su Chen looked at him. “You respect Sir Liu very much?”

“Of course. Who dares not to respect him?”

The other two Origin Qi Scholars, however, knit their eyebrows together.

They knew that Liu Wuya had sold Su Chen out to the Long and Lian Clans. As such, they were clear that there was no way for Su Chen and Liu Wuya to be on good terms.

In addition, for Su Chen to sit so publically on Liu Wuya’s seat and to have called everyone over in such a rush, something big had probably happened. As such, they weren’t so quick to respond.

When Su Chen saw that, he smiled slightly and said, “Not everyone shares your viewpoint, it seems. Good, that’s the right kind of attitude. Even if Liu Wuya is the City Head, he can’t hold up the heavens singlehandedly.”

“Dammit, what are you trying to say?” The rash Origin Qi Scholar was beginning to show signs of wanting to make a move.

“You really want to know? Fine. I’ll tell you why I’ve called everyone here so urgently,” Su Chen said, nodding. “There’s only one simple reason I’ve called you here...... Liu Wuya is dead.”

“What!?” The three of them were stunned.

Su Chen said, “Liu Wuya is dead. As Knowledge Executor, the Origin Bureau is now under my control from today onwards until the higher-ups send over a new City Head. Does anyone have any questions?”

“You’re spouting nonsense. Nothing could possibly happen to City Head Liu!” the rash Origin Qi Scholar yelled.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself.” Su Chen gestured.

“Ask him myself? Where is he?” the Origin Qi Scholar instinctively replied as he froze slightly.

“I’ll send you to meet him.” Su Chen waved his hand. A strengthened Erupting Firehawk flew forth, slamming into that Origin Qi Scholar’s chest and instantly exploding him into bits and pieces.

Chunks of flesh flew everywhere as the scent of blood instantly filled the main hall.

The other two Origin Qi Scholars felt their stomachs shrink upon seeing this.

Su Chen...... was too vicious.

“Do you two have any other suggestions?” Su Chen asked with a bright smile.

The two of them simultaneously shook their heads.

“Very good,” Su Chen said calmly. “Someone come and clean up this mess! It’s so filthy in here; what has this place become?”

A few martial artists rushed forward and began to clean up the main hall.

Not long after, a few more Origin Qi Scholars arrived.

The same scene repeated itself.

Even though the Origin Bureau was controlled by the ten great Bloodline Nobility Clans, not every Origin Qi Scholar had truly allied themselves with one of the ten clans.

As for the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans, roping everyone in was too high of a price, and there was no need to do so. As long as they could control Liu Wuya, they controlled the entire Origin Bureau. For Liu Wuya, he also couldn’t possibly turn everyone into his own trusted aides; as such, he controlled a select few people, which was more than enough to keep the Origin Bureau firmly under his own control.

Under these kinds of circumstances, most people just went with the flow. Only a small portion of people were zealous followers of Liu Wuya.

What Su Chen wanted to do was eliminate those who supported Liu Wuya.

If these guys were to come all at once, that would naturally be troublesome. But since they were being called in waves, they fell victim to Su Chen’s plan of dividing and conquering.

In addition, because it had been so sudden, no one had been prepared for it, and no one even had the concept of needing to defend oneself. In addition, those within the bureau who had unfulfilled ambitions recognized the opportunity and took the initiative to spread the news of Liu Wuya’s death, making it very easy for Su Chen to determine who was part of the dregs of the previous dynasty, who was indifferent, and who wanted to shake things up.

Naturally, all of the dregs of the previous dynasty had to be eliminated. To establish his dominance, Su Chen resisted the pain and gave up on turning them into experimental subjects. Those who were indifferent were fine as they were, while those who wanted to shake things up could naturally be used.

Very quickly, the remnants of Liu Wuya’s supporters were cleansed in a bloody fashion. Six Origin Qi Scholars had been murdered on the spot, and the remaining ones, trembling in fear, had at least temporarily accepted Su Chen’s rule.

But Su Chen knew that this wasn’t the end of it.

If he really wanted these people to listen to him, he still had one final test in front of him.

Yuan Lieyang.

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