Chapter 30: Solution

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 30: Solution

Even though he was repeatedly urged to stay, Chen Shu still bid farewell under the guise of developing a solution.

If at all possible, Long Qingjiang really wanted to capture Doctor Chen, but because he said that he needed to go and search for medicinal ingredients, he could only let Doctor Chen go.

Before leaving, Long Qingjiang sent him off graciously with a hundred taels of gold and repeatedly urged him to return after twenty days. He also secretly sent someone to follow him and keep an eye on him.

However, the person who was sent to keep an eye on Doctor Chen discovered very quickly that his target had disappeared. He could only return resentfully, and there was no doubt that he was going to be beaten by Long Qingjiang in a fit of rage.

After leaving the Long Clan, Chen Shu found an isolated place and took off his mask. Who else would it be if not Su Chen.

After changing his clothes, Su Chen laughed darkly. “I didn’t expect to make this kind of a discovery.”

As he spoke, he raised the vial in his hands. Inside the vial was some of Long Shaoyou’s blood.

Within Long Shaoyou’s blood, Su Chen had discovered a strange substance. The substance was identical to the substance within the metal block; it was bigger than Origin Substance, and it seemed to have more energy.

However, while the strange substance within the metal block could create life, the one in Su Chen’s hand at the moment would exterminate it.

These two kinds of substances contained many different types of Origin Substances, but their special composition gave them interesting effects.

Because they were bigger than Origin Substance particles, they were also more easily seen by Su Chen’s microscopic eye. As such, Su Chen believed that it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to study these two different substances.

Because of this, he hurried back to the Su Residence - he couldn’t wait to get started

A small unexpected incident occurred on his way back.

A man who was covered up from head to toe was walking in the opposite direction as Su Chen. Just as they were about to brush past each other, he suddenly jostled Su Chen with his shoulder.

Su Chen could see clearly what was happening. Just as that person was about to reach his hand into Su Chen’s midsection, Su Chen grabbed him.

“Hey, you’ve put your hand in the wrong place,” he laughed.

When that person saw that he had been caught, he cursed in a low voice, “Dammit, are you looking to die?”

He pulled out a shiv from his pocket and stabbed at Su Chen. His blow was exceptionally vicious.

Su Chen’s expression sank slightly. He twisted his hand around, snapping the person’s knife-wielding hand. “I wanted to let you go, but now it seems like you deserve to die. Since you’ve sent yourself right to me, then I won’t be polite.”

As he spoke, he dragged the person with him and left.

Even though it was nighttime, there were still some people on the streets.

Upon seeing the person being dragged away by Su Chen, however, a majority of the bystanders actually pulled out their weapons and walked in Su Chen’s direction, killing intent surging from them.

The man in the lead yelled arrogantly, “The Evil Tiger Gang is here on business. Everyone, get the hell out of here!”

The passerby all ran away in fright, not even daring to spare Su Chen a pitying glance.

Upon seeing the large group of people headed his way, Su Chen repeated, “Evil Tiger Gang? The Evil Tiger Gang in the west of the city?”

“You know and yet you still dare to offend us? If you know what’s good for you, let him go, then hand over all of your money......”

“So noisy.” Su Chen didn’t even wait for the leader to finish before gesturing.

A large number of air tentacles sprang forth, coiling around them.

Even though these air tentacles weren’t strong by any means, they were more than enough to deal with groups of people with weak cultivation bases. They snaked forward, wrapping their way around the gang members’ bodies.

“Not good, he’s an Origin Qi Scholar!” the gangsters yelled.

“Help!” the man in the lead yelled.

One of the gangsters reached into his bosom and pulled out a whistle, about to sound the alarm.

Unfortunately, he had yet to place the whistle in his mouth when an air tentacle snaked over and tossed him into the air. When he crashed back to the ground, he was knocked out immediately.

Seven or eight gangsters were captured by Su Chen’s air tentacles and dragged back to the Su Residence.

Upon returning to the Su Residence, Iron Cliff was still there training the bandits, and Su Chen tossed him the gangsters.

Iron Cliff came up to greet him. “Master went out? These must be the new research subjects.”

“Yes. Toss them all into prison. Don’t worry about training them. I worked so hard to get a hundred research subjects, but now that you’ve trained them into house guards, it’s hard for me to make a move on them. Now that I’ve finally managed to catch a few of them, don’t think about turning them into my underlings, alright?”

“Yes sir!” Iron Cliff scratched his head with some embarrassment.

That group of bandits felt their hearts tremble violently. It seemed that to Su Chen, their true value was still to be used as research subjects.

Originally, they had complained about and hated Iron Cliff for training them so hard, but they were now filled with gratitude; if it weren’t for Iron Cliff, they might be going to meet their ancestors right about now.

Iron Cliff didn’t care much for their gratitude. He turned around and said, “What are you all looking at? You should be training harder! Anyone who dares to slack off, I’ll take away his spot as a house guard and send you back to Master’s research station!”

“Yes sir!” everyone yelled.

Within the research lab, Su Chen began his new phase of research - to understand the two kinds of strange substances within the metal block and within Long Shaoyou’s body.

Originally, Su Chen’s interactions with the microscopic world were primarily observational. Controlling any changes, however, would be extremely difficult; even if he could exert an influence, he had to do it using macroscopic-level tactics. An example of this was when he boiled the Frigid Water Herb to extract the Soaring Serpent Bloodline Origin Substance.

But now, Su Chen had a much faster and more convenient way of interacting with them.

Consciousness strands.

Thousands of consciousness tendrils began to analyze, separate, combine, and then separate these substances again and again, observing any changes as Su Chen attempted to understand the operating principles and how he might apply them......

Mountains don’t know the months, and the cold doesn’t know the years.

Time always flies when a person is undisturbed. Very quickly, half a month passed.

This half-month was incredibly peaceful. No one from the Long Clan came to give him trouble, and the Lian Clan had tactfully retreated. Everything seemed peaceful on the surface, but there were already things beginning to stir beneath the surface, waiting for the right opportunity to explode forth.

To Su Chen, however, this half a month was the period of time when his growth was the fastest.

He had successfully determined the compositions of both types of substances, vastly increasing his understanding of how to use and control Origin Substances.

It turned out that Origin Substances not only had their own unique properties, but they could also create amazing effects when combined in the right ways.

The two substances within the metal block and the curse, respectively, were both created by very special techniques. The crux of the matter was that they were composed of different combinations of Origin Substances.

Of course, a person creating them might not need to understand things in such a detailed way. To them, any method that produced results was more than enough.

To Su Chen, however, a veil covering the profundities of the microscopic world had been removed.

The first result of this veil being removed was that Su Chen’s control over and usage of Origin Substances had increased. He could finally continue his work on breaking through the restrictions imposed by bloodlines again.

Back when Su Chen was doing his experiments in the Scarlet Mountain Range, he knew that there were only three ways for those without bloodlines to use Bloodline Origin Skills. First, he could modify and improve the Origin Energy Talismans himself. Second, he could improve absorption techniques, giving people the ability to absorb the corresponding Origin Substance and increase the quality of their Origin Energy. Third, he could extract the corresponding Origin Substance and then use it on himself.

Up until now, he had only ever been able to work on the third aspect.

But now, he finally had a way to work on the first aspect - improving Origin Energy Talismans.

Yes, after his deep analysis of these two substances, Su Chen had finally reached a great breakthrough in his understanding of Origin Substances. By borrowing his new understandings and the Origin Talisman Energy Formation, it took him only three days to improve his own Origin Energy Talismans.

The result was that the strength of his Ancient Arcana Techniques and his contemporary Origin Skills had increased collectively by twenty percent.

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