Chapter 35: Washing the Dock with Blood (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 35: Washing the Dock with Blood (1)

“Attack!” As Su Chen shouted out his command, all of the Origin Bureau’s officials and the Blood-Robed Guards yelled in response and charged at the Long River Gang.

“Su Chen, you bastard, do you dare!” Lu Tianyang was stunned.

Su Chen really made a move as soon as he said he would.

Lu Tianyang knew the situation wasn’t good. There was no point in saying anything else; all he could do was fight back. With a loud yell, a berserk aura suddenly began to surge from his body, and the image of a massive black bear appeared behind him.

Lu Tianyang’s background was of low status. He had only reached this point by brute fighting. He knew that his cultivation wouldn’t take him too far, so he had accepted his fate. While in the Qi Drawing Realm, he had chosen the Cliff Bear Bloodline, which coincidentally was the animal whose strength was used as a benchmark for the strength of an Origin Qi Scholar.

The strength of one bear or two bears came from this animal.

Cliff Bears didn’t have any attack techniques; all they had was their physical power. However, with the Cliffrock Armor, their defensive capabilities were pretty impressive. When also considering their powerful physiques, they really were quite capable meat shields.

Lu Tianyang didn’t expect to beat Su Chen, but he and his opponent were both in the Blood Boiling Realm. Because they were still in the same cultivation tier and he was proficient in defense, he should be able to hold on for a period of time without any problems.

As such, he activated his bloodline power, then charged at Su Chen without any fear. A Mountain-Shattering Palm flew at Su Chen.

The Mountain-Shattering Palm was a trademark bloodline-less Origin Skill. It was many times stronger than a normal attack, and when combined with the strength from his bloodline, this punch was equivalent to the strength of eight bears.

Lu Tianyang attacked with confidence, his palm strike surging with energy.

However, he hadn’t expected Su Chen to ignore him and say, “Iron Cliff, he’s all yours.”

Iron Cliff appeared behind him and raised his left hand. Origin Energy congealed into a large shield, slamming right at Lu Tianyang’s fist.


The blow slammed into the Iron Mountain Shield but didn’t shatter it; it didn’t even cause the surface of the shield to ripple. Even Iron Cliff felt a bit shocked by this outcome.

He stared at his shield, then back at Lu Tianyang. “Are you really in the Blood Boiling Realm?”

Up until this point, he had never met such a weak Blood Boiling Realm cultivator before.

Lu Tianyang’s face reddened. “Don’t be so brash!”

The black bear afterimage behind him let out a furious howl. The Cliffrock Armor appeared around Lu Tianyang’s body. Not only that, but the armor began to glow with a faint golden light.

“Hm?” Iron Cliff said with some surprise as he continued to advance. He ignored Lu Tianyang’s attack, replying with a punch of his own. The blow landed on the Cliffrock armor, and Lu Tianyang’s body cracked repeatedly. However, he wasn’t seriously affected by it.

Iron Cliff understood. He cracked a smile and said, “So you specialize in defense? Perfect, so do I. If that’s the case, then let’s give it a test!”

“HA!” he howled as he struck out with another punch.

This time, the punch had a tangible amount of force behind it. He had used Mountain-Shaking Vigor.

Lu Tianyang’s body trembled as if he had been struck by a bear’s paw. He was knocked back by the blow. Upon closer inspection, his Cliffrock Armor had begun to crack and was beginning to fall apart. Lu Tianyang was shocked.

Iron Cliff’s smile only widened. “Again!”

He charged forward again, and Lu Tianyang flew backward, unleashing a counterattack. However, Iron Cliff didn’t even try to dodge. Instead, he continued to attack as he yelled, “What are you dodging for? Stand still for me. Whoever falls first loses!”

Boom, boom, boom!

The two of them had exchanged a number of blows already.

The two of them were both Origin Qi Scholars who specialized in defense. However, Lu Tianyang’s offensive abilities were quite weak, while Iron Cliff’s offensive and defensive capabilities were both commendable.

The ferocious blows rained down on Lu Tianyang. Even the Cliffrock Armor couldn’t withstand that barrage, and it began to fragment. Finally, a particularly ferocious strike from Iron Cliff completely shattered it.

Iron Cliff’s fist continued to slam into Lu Tianyang’s body, but Lu Tianyang only swayed slightly instead of toppling over. The faint golden glow enveloped his body, giving Iron Cliff a bit of a surprise.

“Adamantine Battle Body?”

Lu Tianyang was actually using the Adamantine Battle Body.

Iron Cliff was delighted when he saw this. He also activated his Adamantine Battle Body, then charged at Lu Tianyang forcefully.

His Adamantine Battle Body was much stronger than Lu Tianyang’s, and he just used his arm as an iron baton as he slammed it down. Lu Tianyang was stunned and instinctively raised his hands to defend himself. He only barely withstood the blow.

The corners of Iron Cliff’s lips lifted slightly in a smile. He said, “Did you buy your Adamantine Battle Body from the Dreamrealm?”

Lu Tianyang instinctively replied, “No, I got it from a friend.”

“So you don’t have any money of your own. Damn...... well, you can die then!”


The ferocious blow slammed into Lu Tianyang’s face, blasting him backward.

He slowly pulled his arm back as he sneered disdainfully. “What type of nonsense Blood Boiling Realm cultivator are you? A deputy leader? You’re trash!”

After having been in the Hidden Dragon Institute for so long and meeting so many elites, his horizons had been broadened. People in the Blood Boiling Realm of this tier could be easily brushed aside.

While Lu Tianyang was being pummeled by Iron Cliff, the Long River Gang was being pummeled by the Origin Bureau.

No matter how much influence and prestige the Long River Gang had, they were at their core just a bunch of ragtag hooligans brought together.

Sometimes, battles weren’t won based on how strong you were but on how weak your opponent was.

It didn’t matter if you weren’t strong enough; as long as your opponent was weaker, everything was fine and dandy.

No matter how weak the martial artists from the Origin Bureau were, they had received formalized training before, and they were legitimate, well-armed soldiers.

Legitimate soldiers against a ragtag group of criminals? The criminals were completely crushed.

At this moment, a large group of the Origin Bureau’s martial artists howled as they charged forwards, a few Origin Qi Scholars leading the charge. They carved through the gang members like a tornado, blades flying through the air as blood rained down from the sky.

“Su Chen, you dare! Don’t forget who the backer of the Long Clear Gang is!” one of the Long Clear gang members yelled.

Su Chen said with his hands clasped behind his back, “No matter who the Long Clear Gang’s backer is, you killed an imperial officer, and the sentence is death. I want to see who dares to protect you. Kill them all. Anyone who resists shall not be spared.”

The clamor of battle could be heard all over the dock.

Those criminals cried out tragically as they were slaughtered. They wanted to run, but they were surrounded by people from the Origin Bureau. Where could they run to?

Blade strikes rained down on the gang members, carving them into pieces. Blood dyed the entire dock a dark crimson color.

The crew of the boats near the riverbank were all frightened out of their wits, and those who had gotten off scampered back to their boats, absolutely unwilling to get off again.

In the time it took to burn a stick of incense, the Long Clear Gang’s influence on the Clear River Dock had been wiped clean.

When the battle ended, not a single Long Clear Gang member was left standing.

A martial artist responsible for cleaning up the scene made a thorough body count, then ran over to Su Chen and said, “Sir, we killed 83 rebellious Long Clear Gang members and captured 32. In addition, we found this on Lu Tianyang’s body.”

The martial artist handed him an Origin Ring.

Su Chen gave it a quick glance before laughing coldly, “This is Liu Jiyun’s Origin Ring. How bold of him to wear it himself. It seems like he’s definitely one of the people who killed Liu Jiyun.”

This wasn’t him being framed; it was the truth.

Of course, Wang Wenxin had told him about it.

This was also why Su Chen had chosen a day when Lu Tianyang was on duty to attack the Clear River Dock. He wanted to catch Lu Tianyang red-handed.

Lu Tianyang was still alive. With him, this Origin Ring, and the recording on the Imaging Disk, all of the evidence had been gathered. The Long Clear Gang wouldn’t be able to get out of this no matter how much they wanted to.

Of course, they still had one opportunity.

That would be to seize the Origin Ring back and destroy the Imaging Disk.

Just as Su Chen finished cleaning up the dock, another group of people charged onto the scene.

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