Chapter 37: Washing the Dock with Blood (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 37: Washing the Dock with Blood (3)

The shadowy flaming fist slammed into the White Phosphorus Snake’s body with a frightening amount of power.

The image of the White Phosphorus Snake was incinerated by the torrent of flames.

The dark flames rolled forwards in waves as if a volcano had erupted, threatening to exterminate all life nearby.

Li Yue yelled in shock when he saw this. An instant later, the black flames had already reached him.

He knew that his situation wasn’t good. His White Phosphorus Snake Bloodline exploded with power, the resulting shocking howl sounding like the wails of a thousand ghosts.

The massive White Phosphorus Snake appeared again and spat out a stream of poisonous energy at the Shadow Flame Giant that seemed to be able to corrode everything.

The Shadow Flame Giant howled and continued to strike out. As Su Chen’s newest, most powerful Origin Skill, the Shadow Flame Giant wasn’t a one-use Origin Skill. As long as Su Chen could keep up with the energy expenditure, it could last for some time.

The devastating shadow flame blows rained down one after another, unleashing enough waves of flames to cover a majority of the dock.

Even Li Yue, who was in the Yang Opening Realm, found it difficult to handle the Shadow Flame Giant’s attacks.




What Origin Skill was that? How was it so powerful?

Is that the strength a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator should have?

A single one of these Shadow Flame Giants was enough to deal with a Yang Opening Realm cultivator. How would he keep fighting if Su Chen joined in?

His train of thought was spot on. An instant later, Su Chen sent an Erupting Firehawk his way.

Simultaneously, Su Chen himself leapt forward, slashing down at Li Yue with the Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade in his right hand while his left hand formed a fist and punched out.

The long- and close-range attacks converged on him!

In that instant, Su Chen used three moves at once. This was basically the peak of his combat ability at the moment.

Even a Yang Opening Realm cultivator would have nowhere to run when faced with these three simultaneous attacks.

The White Phosphorus Snake danced in the air and spat out a wave of chilly energy to block the Shadow Glame Giant’s heavy fist. Simultaneously, a barrier flashed on its body as it forcefully endured the Ultra Erupting Firehawk.

Barrier-type Contemporary Origin Skills were weaker than their Ancient Arcana Technique counterparts. When factoring in the strength of Su Chen’s Erupting Firehawk, this single blow was enough to smash it to smithereens.

Simultaneously, Su Chen’s blade strike and fist were both closing in. Li Yue had no time to retreat. He needed to make a split-second decision on how to deal with this blade-and-fist combination.

He chose to endure the punch.

With as much force as he could muster, he jerked his body towards Su Chen’s left side, narrowly dodging the blade. Simultaneously, Su Chen’s fist crashed into him.


Fresh blood splattered everywhere!

A shockingly mangled, bowl-sized wound had opened up in Li Yue’s chest.

“You......” Li Yue yelled in shock.

Su Chen replied coolly, “My fist is stronger than a blade.”

The Shadow Flame Giant charged forward and unleashed another punch as it howled.

The two Long Clear Gang deputy leaders charged over in that moment, one of them blocking the Shadow Flame Giant’s arm while the other went to stop Su Chen.

Su Chen launched another punch while he slashed his blade through the air.

The rumble of thunder could be heard.

The deputy leader grabbed Li Yue and dodged into the path of Su Chen’s blade. He would much rather be struck by Su Chen’s blade than by his fist.

The Moon-Swallowing Heavenly Wolf Blade descended.

The edge of the blade boomed with a tremendously loud clap of thunder.

The frightening explosion of thunder pealed throughout the surroundings, followed by a piteous cry. The deputy leader’s back became a mangled mass of flesh as if he had been struck by nearly ten Thunderfire Balls. He cried out pitifully as he flew through the air.

“You......” The deputy leader stared at Su Chen in fear.

“Just because my fists are stronger than my blade doesn’t mean that you can forcefully endure my blade, idiot,” Su Chen replied calmly.

An Erupting Firehawk immediately surged forth.

The other deputy leader was completely being suppressed by the Shadow Flame Giant and was evidently unable to hold on for much longer. The arrival of this firehawk sent the other deputy leader flying, who toppled in a heap, unable to get back to his feet.

In the blink of an eye, two of the gang’s deputy leaders were critically wounded by Su Chen alone.

Su Chen finally stopped the flow of Origin Energy. The Shadow Flame Giant tilted its head back and let out a long howl before dissolving unwillingly.

Su Chen let out a long sigh.

The Shadow Flame Giant was indeed powerful, but it expended too much Origin Energy. Because he had to constantly supply it with energy, even Su Chen had no way of maintaining it for too long.

Thankfully, Li Yue wasn’t a particularly impressive Yang Opening Realm cultivator; if he had been even a little stronger and had hung on until now, Su Chen would have folded first.

Su Chen was from the Hidden Dragon Institute and was used to dealing with elites. His horizons were broad; as such, he didn’t really put much weight on this battle. To him, only defeating an elite Yang Opening Realm cultivator, such as someone who had graduated from the Hidden Dragon Institute, could really be considered jumping tiers.

But to everyone else, Su Chen had defeated a Yang Opening Realm cultivator and two Blood Boiling Realm cultivators in a one-on-three battle, completely shaking them up.

Even the worst Yang Opening Realm cultivator was still in the Yang Opening Realm. Not just anyone could jump tiers like this and beat them.

Everyone present stared at Su Chen in shock.

The Long Clear Gang’s gazes were fearful, while the Origin Bureau’s gazes were filled with excitement.

The Origin Bureau’s martial artists let out a loud cheer, their morale in stark contrast to their opponents as they charged forward to slaughter them. The Long Clear Gang members had no desire to do battle, and a bloodbath ensued as they tried to retreat.

At that moment, a person’s shadow suddenly flew over. “Su Chen, let me entertain you!”

Many palm strikes descended rapidly from the sky. Su Chen countered with a palm strike of his own. Both of them were sent backward upon impact.

The person who had ambushed Su Chen from the sky flipped through the air and landed on the ground. It was Wang Wenxin.

“Sir Wang!” all of the gang members began to yell.

“Retreat!” Wang Wenxin’s attack had gone smoothly. “You all, get out of here! I’ll protect the rear!”

“Sir!” the gang members continued to yell.

Wang Wenxin had a lot of prestige in the Long Clear Gang. Otherwise, Li Yue wouldn’t be so afraid and on guard against him.

He had stepped forward bravely when the Long Clear Gang was in such dire straits, immediately winning over the hearts of all the gang members there. Everyone stared at him with gratefulness.

“Hurry up and get out of here!” Wang Wenxin swung his palm through the air, forcefully pushing the gang members behind him.

One of the gang members yelled, “Let’s get out of here! Follow me!”

The Long Clear Gang finally took advantage of this opportunity to scatter.

Wang Wenxin continued to fend off the Origin Bureau on his own. He didn’t harm anyone; all he did was yell loudly, “Knowledge Executor Su, have mercy! The assassination of Sir Liu was done by Li Yue. The rest of the gang members don’t know about it. Now that Sir Li is dead, please let them go, Knowledge Executor Su.”

“So you admit that the victim was murdered by you?” Su Chen asked slowly.

“Yes!” Wang Wenxin said with a helpless expression.

“Apart from this Origin Ring, is there any other evidence? Such as who participated in the murder.”

“I didn’t participate in this myself, so I don’t know all of the details. But if Sir Su is willing to give me some time, I will find out who participated and hand them over to you, sir, as restitution!”

“Oh?” Su Chen’s eyebrows jumped. “You’re that willing to cooperate?”

“The Long Clear Gang committed the rebellious act. I just ask that sir gives the Long Clear Gang a way out.”

“If you cooperate, that’s not impossible,” Su Chen said as he waved his hands. The surrounding attackers all retreated slowly.

Wang Wenxin could finally stop defending himself. He clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks to Knowledge Executor Su for being merciful. Give me a bit of time, and I will definitely give you a satisfactory response.”

“Then I’ll be waiting,” Su Chen laughed.

Wang Wenxin turned around and left.

The curtain had finally closed on this act of the show.

The verbal exchange between these two people had occurred in a public place with many witnesses. Even though many people had fled, there were a few courageous people who risked their lives to watch the battle. The people on the boats still docked on the river bank had seen and heard everything clearly as well.

Wang Wenxin’s last-minute appearance not only saved the majority of the Long Clear Gang members, laid the foundation for his rise to power, provided irrefutable evidence that the Long Clear Gang had murdered a government official, and earned himself a lot of respect and prestige, but it also redirected the Long Clear Gang to begin cooperating with Su Chen.

It was the Lai Clan’s turn to suffer a headache.

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