Chapter 51: Conflict (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 51: Conflict (2)

When those Vicious Beasts appeared on the top of the fort walls, the Bloodline Nobility Clans didn’t feel any fear. Rather, they revealed excited expressions.

“Is this their trump card? Two top-tier Vicious Beasts?” one of the Origin Qi Scholars laughed coldly. “They’ll be fun to cut our teeth on!”

Top-tier Vicious Beasts weren’t particularly weak, but they were up against numerous Origin Qi Scholars and hundreds of martial artists. It was obvious that they were completely outmatched.

“Since that’s the case, let’s wipe out these two beasts and give those bumpkins a taste of despair!” Shi Zhongwei said, his tone chilly.

With a cry, a boundless wave of killing intent surged forward.

One Origin Qi Scholar after another flew forward and charged at the two top-tier Vicious Beasts. The Origin Qi Scholars began to emit a rainbow-colored brilliance that shot towards those two Vicious Beasts.

“AWOO!” The howls of pain seemed to shake the very air.

The beasts’ thick, hard scales shattered as the Origin Skills slammed into them. Blood flew everywhere.

Even though they were top-tier Vicious Beasts and their life force far exceeded that of any human’s, they were still subjected to immense pain from the Origin Qi Scholars’ combined attacks, along with the rainbow-like attack that seemed to be able to shatter clouds.

In spite of this, the two Vicious Beasts weren’t pushovers.

A massive black toad, after getting hit, sat down heavily on the ground. With a “croak”, it spit out a large cloud of poison. Its back was also covered in poisonous pouches, some of which had ruptured when the toad had been struck. A large amount of poisonous liquid sprayed out, enveloping the surrounding area in poison.

However, the toad’s poison didn’t differentiate between friend or foe. This poisonous explosion harmed both the villagers in Happiness Residing Fort as well as the Bloodline Nobility Clans’ martial artists. Within a ten-meter radius of the toad, not a single person was left standing.

Even the Origin Qi Scholars were forced back by the poisonous air. Two of them reacted a bit too slowly and breathed in some of the poisonous air. Their complexion immediately worsened, and they quickly retreated to a safe place so that they could deal with the poison.

The other beast, a Frost Wolf, spit out a large stretch of icy frost. The extremely cold air surrounded the rainbow-colored attack, sending a burst of energy everywhere. The explosion of chilly energy generated a snowstorm, with the chilly cold enough to seemingly pierce into a person’s heart.

Boom, boom, boom!

Amidst the continuous explosions, at least seven or eight of the Origin Qi Scholars were sent flying.

The two top-tier Vicious Beasts made it obvious why they were considered kings of the Vicious Beasts.

Even so, the Origin Qi Scholars counterattacked in an even harsher and more direct manner.

An Origin Qi Scholar howled and charged forward, a massive black shadow appearing behind him. It looked like an eagle upon first glance, but it had a long, snake-like neck and three claws protruding from its belly. Its eyes also glowed red. As soon as it appeared, it hissed, the sound incredibly unpleasant to listen to, and it was as if two pieces of metal were scraping against each other.

This was the Snake-Necked Eagle, a kind of Demonic Beast that could eat poison. As soon as it appeared, it charged right at the massive poisonous toad. The poisonous air wrapped around the Snake-Necked Eagle, but it had no effect. Instead, the Snake-Necked Eagle tilted its long neck back and opened its mouth wide. The nearby poisonous air was immediately sucked into its mouth.

Even though it was just a bloodline afterimage, it had swallowed the poison, which had real substance. Furthermore, as if the poison were its food, it grew even stronger and more vicious. A moment later, the Origin Qi Scholar struck out like a snake, slamming into the toad’s body and causing poisonous liquid to spray everywhere.

Immediately afterwards, another Origin Qi Scholar attacked, activating his Fiery Fox Bloodline and starting a firestorm. Under the intense flames, the frost that had previously covered the area quickly melted.

Yet another person activated his Wind Owl Bloodline, whipping up a frenzy of wind that fought against the frost.

Under this combination of Origin Skills and the appearance of all kinds of bloodlines, a magnificent, grand display of light manifested.

This beautiful display of light, however, was contrasted by the piteous howls of the two Vicious Beasts.

These two top-tier Vicious Beasts were the last hopes of Happiness Residing Fort. When they saw the Origin Qi Scholars surrounding the Vicious Beasts and attacking them, all of the villagers of Happiness Residing Fort felt grief and indignation.

The situation had greatly changed. These Origin Qi Scholars to them had become synonymous with evil itself, and the two top-tier Vicious Beasts suddenly became the last guardians of justice.

However, when faced with the onslaught of the “forces of evil”, the beasts didn’t have an opportunity to counterattack. They could only defend themselves at all costs, wailing in their death throes. And during this process, even more villagers were affected by this and fell one by one. The defense mounted at the walls of the fort finally collapsed completely.


Chalei cried out with despair.

The flowing blood that he saw broke his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

As he had anticipated, after releasing the Vicious Beasts, the Origin Qi Scholars appeared, only hastening the end of the battle.

A mistake!

He knew he was making a mistake, yet he did it anyway!

This was probably the pitiful fate of most small characters. They didn’t have a long-term vision, and they would often be unable to do what they knew they needed to do.

On the blood-soaked ground, one person after another fell over. Chalei looked around. Everything seemed to be engulfed in flames.

Was Happiness Residing Fort going to be wiped out here and today?

“Stop! Quickly, stop! We’re willing to surrender!” Chalei howled.

No one listened to him.

The attackers were in the throes of bloodlust and had no need for captives. All they wanted was an unrestrained massacre to satisfy themselves.

“No! Please, stop!” Chalei cried out. “As long as you are willing to stop, I agree to all of the conditions you made previously. I’ll agree to anything!”

“So it’s true that your heart won’t die until you get to the Yellow River[1. Basically, means in this case that someone refuses to give up until they get what they want, or in this example are forced to a point where they can no longer go on.]? Unfortunately, now that we’ve reached this point, I have no interest in your surrender anymore,” Shi Zhongwei coldly laughed. “It makes more sense to kill you all so that the future villages will wisely choose to surrender.”

As he spoke, his smile suddenly morphed into a savage expression. “Redouble the offensive! Not a single one can survive!”

“Hoorah!” everyone yelled simultaneously.

In this moment, whether it was the Origin Qi Scholars or the martial artists, they all were stirred up into a frenzy, prepared to massacre the villagers and wipe them out.

Pu! Blood flowed everywhere as villager after villager fell, and the two Vicious Beasts were injured repeatedly.

The massive toad had already expended all of its poisonous liquid and could only rely on its physical body to fight, and the Frost Wolf was beginning to run out of energy after spraying out so much frost. It was constantly being beaten back by the ferocious onslaught of fiery explosions, and its body was clearly covered in wounds.

The human Origin Qi Scholars attacked like they were madmen, massacring the villagers as if it was a game. It seemed that at any moment the entire village would be turned into scorched earth.

Chalei fell into complete despair. He knelt on the ground and howled with his head tilted upwards, “WHY?? Heavens, why do you treat us this way?”

“You passed up opportunity after opportunity and made wrong decision after wrong decision, but now you blame the Heavens when you are faced with a calamity and claim that everything was because of fate? It is true that people who seem pitiful usually have a reason they are despised. Village Chief Chalei, with the way you are now, I don’t know if I should sympathize with you or look down on you,” a disdainful voice said from behind him, causing Chalei’s body to tremble violently.

He spun his head around and saw Su Chen standing not too far behind him. Su Chen was staring back at him idly as if he was looking at a dead person.

When he saw Su Chen, Chalei was instantly energized. He yelled, “Help us, and I will give you all of our secrets!”

Su Chen sneered disdainfully and said, “Your secret? You mean the medicine made from Black Kite Grass and Flying Vines that you use to withstand the curse? Or the Purple Colored Glass you got from River City Fort that you use to control the Vicious Beasts? Forget about it, old man. You don’t have anything that you can give me. What you consider to be a secret isn’t even worth talking about anymore in my eyes.”

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