Chapter 54: Confrontation (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 54: Confrontation (2)

“Old Jin?” He Lianwei was startled and couldn’t help but blurt out.

Old Jin stood there, completely ignoring him. He continued to stare blankly.

He Lianwei was both shocked and angry. He turned around to stare at Su Chen. “What did you do to him?”

Su Chen laughed, “Nothing much, just a small illusion technique. Just like you said, even I’m not confident that I can win in a one-versus-two battle. It’d be better if I took care of you guys one at a time!”

As Su Chen spoke, he gestured. An Erupting Firehawk appeared and took flight.

“Bastard!” He Lianwei unleashed a punch, which morphed into a golden-winged tiger that flew from his hand and slammed into Su Chen’s Erupting firehawk, shattering it upon impact. The remaining momentum continued to rush at Su Chen.

This single attack had obliterated an attack that Su Chen was quite pleased with. In terms of pure strength, he was still stronger than Li Yue from earlier.

Su Chen, however, wasn’t planning on getting into a brawl with him.

He activated Whitetower Teleportation and easily avoided the punch.

Just as he was about to counterattack, some of the flames from the Erupting Firehawk that had disintegrated washed over Old Jin’s body.

Old Jin jerked as he regained consciousness. He yelled, “What’s going on?”

“Old Jin, you’re awake?” He Lianwei was ecstatic. He finally understood. So this damn illusion can’t take any hits - as long as he gets hit, he’ll awaken.

“So what?” Su Chen, however, laughed coldly. His eyes shimmered strangely as he stared at Old Jin again.

Old Jin’s consciousness trembled, falling prey to the attack again as he stood there, motionless.

An opponent awoken from an illusion by an attack wasn’t the same as the opponent breaking through it on their own, and it wouldn’t cause a consciousness backlash to Su Chen. Otherwise, if Su Chen were to receive a backlash every time he attacked the opponent, then there was no need to use Fata Morgana anymore either.

He Lianwei, seeing that Old Jin had fallen prey again, laughed as he unleashed a punch.


Old Jin was awoken by that punch.

Evidently, he hadn’t completely reoriented himself from the influence of the illusion. When he saw that He Lianwei had attacked him, he yelled angrily, “He Lianwei, you idiot, why are you hitting me?”

He Lianwei sneered. “I’m helping you.”

However, he watched as Old Jin once again froze. He knew that Old Jin had once again fallen under Su Chen’s control.

That damned Su Chen! He made no attempt to conserve his consciousness energy. Instead, he used an illusion technique over and over again to control Old Jin.

“Dammit!” He Lianwei could only helplessly punch Old Jin again.

Even though someone under the influence of Fata Morgana would awaken as soon as they were struck, they couldn’t be awoken by just any gentle prod. It had its own trigger limit, and a person needed to be injured a certain amount for it to trigger. As for the injury trigger, that depended on the level that Fata Morgana was at.

As such, He Lianwei’s punch couldn’t be too light. His punch landed on Old Jin’s body. Even though it awoke him again, the pain was enough to force him to grit his teeth. He yelled angrily, “You’re stilling hitting me!?”

He had no idea what was really happening. He could overlook He Lianwei hitting him the first time, but to be attacked by his ally numerous times in a row? He angrily countered with a punch at He Lianwei.

“Hey! I’m trying to help you here!” He Lianwei yelled loudly. He was just about to dodge the punch when he discovered that it was exceptionally quick. He couldn’t even clearly see the path that the punch was taking before it landed on his face, sending him flying.

“Old Jin, dammit, have you lost your mind? You’re actually hitting me?” He Lianwei yelled loudly.

He glanced at Old Jin, only to find that his eyes were now bloodshot. His entire aura had become strange and demonic.

“This is......” He Lianwei was stunned. He turned around and saw Su Chen muttering to himself, his head lowered as if he were chanting something under his breath. His entire body glowed with a strange light.

“You controlled him?” He Lianwei finally understood what was happening.

“I’ll kill you!” Old Jin yelled as he charged forward and punched out again.

He Lianwei lifted his hands up to block Old Jin’s Cloud Sundering Hands as he pushed his palm out at nearby Su Chen, who was nearby.

He knew that at this moment, he could only rescue Old Jin from Su Chen’s control by killing Su Chen.


Following a loud collision, Su Chen’s entire body was suddenly shrouded in a dark light that forcefully stopped He Lianwei’s attack.

“Isn’t this old Jin’s Darkness Lotus?” He Lianwei was stunned.

He quickly realized that Old Jin had to be protecting Su Chen.


He absolutely needed to kill Su Chen!!!

He Lianwei howled angrily in his heart as the image of the golden-winged tiger once again appearing behind him, giving him a majestic and regal aura.

The massive tiger paw descended towards Su Chen.

Simultaneously, the Darkness Lotus covering Su Chen’s body continued to bloom, the black fog unfurling like petals. It then picked Su Chen up and stopped the tiger paw from descending.


The two began to attack each other, the lotus petals stirring and the tiger claw raking through the air.

“Old Jin!” He Lianwei yelled as he unleashed eighteen Flaming Tiger Claws.

Old Jin activated the lotus. The Darkness Lotus continued to revolve, batting aside the barrage of tiger claws like a blender, shattering them. The illusive images dissipated, returning again to Origin Energy.

He Lianwei was completely infuriated. “Old Jin, you’ve fallen into his trap! Quick, wake up!”

“What the hell are you talking about? You’re the one who has fallen into his trap! Quick, wake up!” Old Jin yelled angrily, activating his Darkness Cloud-Sundering Bloodline. The Darkness Lotus waved furiously, completely suppressing He Lianwei’s energy.

“Bastard, bastard, bastard! How come I just can’t make you understand?” He Lianwei grew angrier the more he fought. He gave up on talking more and focused all of his energy on attacking Su Chen.

Once he killed Su Chen, Old Jin would naturally awaken.

He attacked furiously, and the Golden-Winged Tiger Bloodline activated to its max as the wings on its back generated a ferocious torrent of wind and thunder, causing thunder to constantly boom through the sky. Iron-like punches were interspersed amongst the booms of thunder, releasing an unprecedented amount of flames and energy.

Old Jin also seemed to be infuriated.

The Darkness Lotus continued to expand. All of the petals rearranged themselves into the shape of a massive black maw with incredibly sharp teeth, chomping down at the Golden-Winged Tiger.

The dark maw only continued to expand, growing larger and larger until it swallowed the Golden-Winged Tiger completely.

“You still won’t wake up?” Old Jin howled with anger and concern amidst the dark vortex.

Upon hearing Old Jin’s worried tone, He Lianwei felt his chest tremble. How come it didn’t sound like the voice of someone being controlled?

Could...... Could it be that I was the person under Su Chen’s control?

When had it happened?

He Lianwei began to dimly recall his earlier conversation with Su Chen.

When Su Chen had been looking down on him, it seemed as if there had been a strange glimmer in his eyes.

Could it be that he had been controlled ever since that moment?

It wasn’t Old Jin who had been controlled.

It was me!

The person being tricked the whole time was Old Jin!

It was me who had always been attacking Old Jin!

He Lianwei’s heart was filled with regret and hatred.

The scene before his eyes quickly reverted. The Su Chen that he had been attacking wasn’t Su Chen - it was clearly Old Jin!

No wonder he was able to use Darkness Lotus so well......

“Old Jin......” He Lianwei collapsed to one knee, blood trickling down the corner of his mouth.

“He Lianwei, you’ve finally awoken?” Old Jin asked as he rubbed his chest.

Even though during this battle he had inflicted some serious damage to He Lianwei, his own wounds weren’t light either.

“It’s okay now that you’re awake. Don’t be tricked again.”

He walked up and gave He Lianwei a hug.

He Lianwei was just about to speak.


A sharp pain suddenly

He lowered his head, only to find Old Jin’s fist embedded in his chest.

This...... What was going on?

Confused and in shock, he turned to stare at Old Jin. However, he was greeted by a pair of cold, unfeeling eyes and that sinister, sly face.

Su Chen!

He was just an image that Su Chen had conjured!

He Lianwei was both stunned and infuriated.

“AHH!” With the last remaining bit of his strength, He Lianwei howled and gathered his energy. A golden wave of light then exploded forth.

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