Chapter 56: Massacre

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 56: Massacre

Within Happiness Residing Fort.

As he watched Su Chen lead the two Yang Opening Realm experts away, Iron Cliff shook his head and laughed, “It’s our turn now.”

“Arrogant trash!” a Blood Boiling Realm cultivator yelled angrily. “Qian Shan[1. His name means “Money Mountain”. Just thought it was funny.], Su Chen, and Chang Mu, you three go deal with him!”

Three Blood Boiling Realm cultivators leapt forth simultaneously.

One of the three stretched one hand out and unleashed large waves of icy energy at Iron Cliff.

These waves of icy energy quickly began to freeze over upon coming into contact with Iron Cliff’s Melted Golden Armor. The frost began to then creep along the cracks of the armor, not only rigidifying Iron Cliff’s body but also preventing him from demonstrating his explosive power. The joints of the armor began to tighten up, making it hard for Iron Cliff to move.

At the same time, the second person made his move. He gestured, causing the ground around Iron Cliff to turn into mud. Iron Cliff stepped in, causing half of his leg to be engulfed by the mud. It was already hard for him to move around, and the mud only served to slow him down even further.

The third person’s attack was the most threatening. This person was exceptionally quick. He utilized the forest’s terrain and constantly jumped from tree to tree, throwing darts repeatedly. These darts clattered loudly against Iron Cliff’s armor. They didn’t seem to be strong enough to destroy the Melted Golden Armor, but the momentum behind each dart was carried through to the interior of the armor, the constant jolting hard for even Iron Cliff to handle.

His lack of mobility only made him more of an easy target. The flurry of darts threw him left and right, and all he could do was wave his arms constantly in an attempt to defend himself.

He had just been fighting six people on his own and hadn’t even been afraid of attacking a Yang Opening Realm cultivator, but now, he had been pushed further by three Blood Boiling Realm cultivators.

This was the result of restricting him.

In terms of pure strength, Iron Cliff wasn’t afraid of anyone. It was quite ordinary for him to challenge people stronger than him.

However, his opponents had targeted his weaknesses, sending three people, one of whom was proficient with ice, one of whom was proficient with earth, and one of whom was exceptionally quick. Using speed to counter his brute strength and the elements to restrict his movements allowed them to easily suppress him.

The person responsible for directing the Origin Qi Scholars laughed loudly, “We’ll see how long you can continue being so arrogant!”

As he continued to defend himself against the darts, Iron Cliff laughed maliciously, “You want to deal with me just with these trivial techniques? You’ve got a ways to go!”

“Oh? Then what other techniques do you have?” the person responsible for directing the Origin Qi Scholars, who was called Jiang Xiaojun, laughed.

“You’ll know when you see it,” Iron Cliff replied.

With a swift motion, a vial of medicine appeared in his hand. He gulped it down.

Another vial followed immediately.

Jiang Xiaojun’s expression changed immediately. Even though he didn’t know what medicines Iron Cliff had drunk, he knew that medicine could change the outcome of the battle completely. He hadn’t, however, expected for this brawny man to have such a thing on him.

Even though he immediately commanded the three Blood Boiling Realm cultivators to attack Iron Cliff to stop him from drinking medicines, the three of them weren’t offensive-type cultivators. It wouldn’t be a problem for them to slowly grind Iron Cliff to death, but it was impossible for them to attack Iron Cliff and forcefully stop him from drinking the medicine. Most importantly, Iron Cliff chose this moment to pull out a large golden bug.

A guardian bug!

He actually had his own guardian bug!

Even though this bug had very low offensive capabilities (it hated fighting), its hard shell was extremely useful as a shield to defend its master.

By borrowing the defensive capabilities of the bug, Iron Cliff was able to ingest five medicines almost immediately.

Then, he howled, “You worthless rubbish, get out of my way!”


As if a clap of thunder had suddenly boomed right next to their ears, everyone’s mind was stunned for a moment. Iron Cliff leapt into the air, extricating himself from the mud.

This leap was sent him tens of feet into the air. He raised his speed as high as possible, instantly catching up to the agile Chang Mu.

Chang Mu hadn’t anticipated Iron Cliff’s speed to have suddenly increased to this extent.

“You......” A trace of shock could be seen in his eyes.

“Keep jumping!” Iron Cliff said sinisterly.

With a “crack”, Iron Cliff wrung Chang Mu’s neck.

When he had grabbed Chang Mu, they were both in the air. By the time he landed, Chang Mu was already a corpse.

He tossed the corpse to the side, then smiled. “The one playing around with the mud, you’re next!”

He pointed at Sun Chen, who was responsible for the mud technique.

Sun Chen was shocked and retreated, simultaneously activating his mud technique to its greatest extent.

However, Iron Cliff didn’t even bother chasing.

With a loud roar, he slammed his fist into the ground.

A massive wave of energy began to spread from below the ground. Originally, Iron Cliff wasn’t able to control the direction of the spread of energy, but because Sun Chen insisted on using his mud technique, this created an invisible energy link between him and the mud. When Iron Cliff slammed his fist into the mud, he tapped into this energy tunnel.

This violent, unrestrained energy roared through the tunnel and straight into Sun Chen’s body.

Sun Chen flew backward as if he had been struck by Iron Cliff directly.

Iron Cliff didn’t bother chasing him. He reached behind him with his left hand, picked up a nearby tree by the trunk, and forcefully chucked it. It slammed right into Sun Chen’s chest.

Sun Chen yelled tragically and died on the spot.

All that remained was the Origin Qi Scholar called Qian Shan, who was running away as quickly as he could, frightened out of his wits.

At this point, he didn’t have the heart to try to seal Iron Cliff’s movements with ice. With no more restrictions, Iron Cliff charged forward and laughed loudly. His speed was actually even faster than Qian Shan’s.

A few more Origin Qi Scholars charged at him from the flank. They were troops under Jiang Xiaojun’s direction who had been sent to deal with Iron Cliff.

Iron Cliff, however, completely ignored them. He continued his barbaric charge, and the few Origin Qi Scholars who were trying to keep him contained were knocked aside like bowling pins.

It was like he was a massive truck barrelling down an empty street as he slammed into Qian Shan’s back.

Qian Shan spat out a mouthful of blood. His spine was shattered immediately.

“Cliff Race!” Jiang Xiaojun’s pupils shrank.

He could finally tell that this fully-armored person was actually of the Cliff Race.

Only the Cliff Race could have such a frightening amount of strength.

“HA!” Iron Cliff howled savagely.

“Attack together!” Jiang Xiaojun barked.

Of the two top-tier Vicious Beasts, one had already been killed, while the other had been heavily injured and was dying. As for the four Shadow Servants, even though they were still slipping in and out of view and attacking, they were weaker in open combat. They could only attack once after appearing before being forced to disappear again. They would have a hard time against a strong opponent or a large army of hundreds of soldiers.

On the open battlefield, the most frightening was still a wild warrior like Iron Cliff. If he began to fire on all cylinders, he was basically invincible and could wipe the floor with everyone.

They absolutely couldn’t allow him to build up momentum!

This was what Jiang Xiaojun thought.

In fact, he wasn’t exactly wrong.

He hadn’t made any mistakes either.

Unfortunately, sometimes you just couldn’t win even if you didn’t make a mistake.

Iron Cliff watched as the martial artists charged over. He was just a single person; even with the support of medicine, fighting a hundred people at once would probably exhaust his supply of energy.

However, Iron Cliff didn’t seem to mind at all.

He laughed, “So they’re attacking together? That’s exactly how I like it.”

He made a tossing motion, and a few Thunderfire Balls flew through the air.

Boom, boom, boom!

Flames exploded in the middle of the crowd.

These Thunderfire Balls were area-of-effect items; because they weren’t concentrated enough, they weren’t very powerful, but they were more than enough to deal with a bunch of Body Tempering Realm martial artists. In addition, some of these were the extremely strong versions that Su Chen had created.

Amidst the explosions of fire and thunder, cries of pain could be heard throughout the crowd.

In just the blink of an eye, dozens of individuals were struck by the Thunderfire Balls, and seven or eight of them were critically injured right then and there.

The most frightening thing was that not only did Iron Cliff have these, but the four Shadow Servants also had them as well.

After Iron Cliff tossed out his Thunderfire Balls, the four Shadow Servants, as if they had received a command, all began to throw out their Thunderfire Balls as well.

In but a moment, the whole battleground had been engulfed in thunder and fire. Everyone was plunged into this inferno.

The Lian Clan’s Chief Steward, Lao, had wondered before what trump cards Su Chen possessed.

During the Coalition Meeting, he found out about one of them.

If he had been here, he would’ve discovered another one.

This was strength.

When Iron Cliff and the Shadow Servants began to madly toss out Thunderfire Balls left and right, the numbers advantage was rendered meaningless.

When Iron Cliff, supported by the metal-eating bug and the set of medicine, had charged into the group of people, even Origin Qi Scholars in the same tier as him were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Perhaps they might’ve been able to make numbers mean a bit more, but the prerequisite to that was having enough people in the first place.

Obviously, the Origin Qi Scholars didn’t have the numbers to reverse this gap in strength. When faced with Iron Cliff, who charged at them like a tiger, all that could be seen in their expressions was despair.

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