Chapter 66: Water Battle (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 66: Water Battle (3)

A massacre ensued as the demons in the water swarmed forward relentlessly.

The head of the pirates watched as martial artists with long, fish-like tails swam back and forth. They basically never raised their heads from the water. No one knew when they would suddenly appear beneath any given pirate, drag them underwater, and then use their sharp, accurate strength to kill their opponents below the water.

Bloody clouds began to rise to the surface of the water one after another, dyeing the entire area red. The head of the pirates’ heart ached so much that he wanted to die.

He yelled loudly, “All of the Origin Qi Scholars, get close to me!”

At this point and time, there was no longer much point in relying on numbers alone. The only hope they had to change the situation was to rely on their elites’ strength.

All of the Origin Qi Scholars began to slowly gather around the head of the pirates.

The head of the pirates yelled, “Anyone who’s good at using wind-type Origin Skills, lift us out of the water. Those who have long-range attacks, use them while we think of a way to get back on the boats!”

Fighting underwater greatly diminished the amount of strength a person was able to use, making it so that great physical strength was of limited use and agility to only be so useful. All they could rely on was long-range attacks against such opponents.

Immediately following his commands, all of the Origin Qi Scholars who could use long-range Origin Qi Skills gathered.

Two Origin Qi Scholars pulled out bows and arrows, stood upright on the surface of the water with the help of their comrades, and began to launch arrows.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Even though there were only two of them, they unleashed arrow after arrow, giving people a faint feeling that these arrows were like flying locusts.

Bloody clouds appeared in the water again. A few of the fish-men in the water were struck by the arrows. Su Chen’s forces had finally shown some signs of injuries.

The other Origin Qi Scholars followed suit. Blades of wind, sword Qi, and flying darts began to whiz across the surface of the water.

Contemporary Origin Skills were more suited for close-quarters combat; each Origin Qi Scholar was highly talented and could use their own palm techniques, sword techniques, fist techniques, etc., but they were obviously lacking in long-range firepower. There were dozens of Origin Qi Scholars, but none of them had strength that was worth writing home about. But even so, the attacks from the Origin Qi Scholars were enough to make life hard for the fish-men martial artists.

A fish-man had just leapt up from the water when he was struck by a blade of wind. His entire face was split into two as he fell back into the water.

“Rah!” the pirates yelled excitedly.

A moment later, however, a massive Erupting Firehawk descended from the sky and swooped across the surface of the water, slamming into one of the bow-wielding Origin Qi Scholars. That Origin Qi Scholar was instantly blasted into little bits.

Off in the distance, Su Chen was standing on the surface of the water, coldly staring at the pirates.

In terms of long-range offensive capabilities, who could compete with Ancient Arcana Techniques?

He stretched out his right hand, and another Ultra Erupting Firehawk appeared, its two massive flaming wings seemingly turning half the sky red.

As the head of the pirates stared at this massive firehawk, he displayed his less-than-stellar perceptive abilities and yelled, “Run!”


To where?

If they could run as they pleased in water, that would truly be an overpowered technique.

Su Chen waved his hands, and the Firehawk let out a shrill cry before dive-bombing through the air.

“Stop it!” the head of the pirates yelled.

Everyone simultaneously moved, gathering a large amount of Origin Energy that formed a large white wall.

Did you really think that you could finish us off with just this?

Yes, we are weak when it comes to long-range attacks, but if dozens of Origin Qi Scholars pool their defensive capabilities, even a Yang Opening Realm person wouldn’t be able to break through!

But just as the white wall was erected, the Firehawk suddenly changed direction, swooping over the white wall and then attacking from behind.`


The head of the pirate turned around in shock, watching as the Firehawk slammed into the third boat.

After the first two boats had been blown up, all of the boats further back became vigilant and took precautions to prevent anyone from sneaking up close. Indeed, nothing further happened.

But when the Ultra Firehawk slammed head-on into the boat, the effects surpassed what anyone could have predicted.

The Firehawk slammed into the boat’s protective barrier, causing a brilliant explosion of light.

The protective barrier surrounding the boat dimmed for a moment.

This brief moment gave the ambushers who were underwater the opportunity that they had been waiting for for quite some time.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Another four explosions rang out from each corner of the three boats. Water began to rush into the boat from the four massive holes, causing the large boat to slowly but surely begin to sink.

The people on top of the boat began to holler in confusion. Of the five original pirate ships, only two remained.

The powerful explosion gave the people on the two remaining boats a strong sense of fear. They simultaneously stopped advancing and began to retreat.

“Bastards, don’t run! Come and get us!” the head of the pirates yelled

He knew that as long as they could return to the boats, they would be able to demonstrate their full strength.

Perhaps because their ability to think suddenly kicked in, the two boats suddenly reversed and came back, driving toward the head of the pirates. Simultaneously, the pirates in the water began to swim furiously towards the other boat.

“Want to run?” Su Chen laughed coldly. “If we let you get away that easily, all of my planning would have been for naught. Iron Cliff!”

“Iron Cliff is here.”

A massive figure appeared behind Su Chen. Iron Cliff was wearing the Melted Golden Armor, which gave him quite an awe-inspiring presence.

What was most shocking was that, like Su Chen, he was also standing on the surface of the water.

Su Chen said, “Separate those people from that boat!”

Iron Cliff cracked a smile. “Iron Cliff understands!”

He lowered his head, then charged forward, bounding across the surface of the water.

“How is this possible?” The pirates were completely stunned by this scene.

“His shoes!” someone spotted what was out of place and pointed at Iron Cliff’s shoes as he yelled.

The blue boots on Iron Cliff’s feet were exceptionally eye-catching. When he placed his feet on the water, it didn’t disturb any of the waves. Rather, a burst of momentum would carry him forward, making him exceptionally quick.

Grade Six Origin Tool, Wave-Treading Boots

Iron Cliff charged across the surface of the water and pulled out the Horn Battle Blade off his back before swinging it forward. “Open for me!”


The water on the surface of the lake suddenly split, turning into massive waves that ran in opposite directions from each other.

The boats were instantly going against the current and were forced back by the rushing wave. At the same time, those pirates were sent right back as well, pulling apart the distance between them and the boats again.

Su Chen had told Iron Cliff to force the people away from the boats, and he was actually able to do it with his strength alone.

This separating wave had completely cut off the pirates’ escape like a steep cliff.

The head of the pirates was both shocked and enraged. He stared at them with hatred and said, “Fight it out with them!”

An intensely bright light began to shine from his body, which began to slowly rise from the water.

The power of a Yang Opening Realm cultivator was officially manifested at this moment.

“Attack!” he yelled loudly.

A thick killing intent suffused out from his body. As this killing intent spread, the head of the pirates punched fiercely, the punch arcing like a rainbow before it slammed into one of the fish-men, blasting him into pieces. The remaining momentum behind the punch carried it into a number of other fish-men before finally disintegrating with an explosion, sending even more fish-men flying.

This single punch was actually that powerful.

This was the strength that a Yang Opening Realm cultivator should actually have.

After discovering that there was no way to retreat any longer, the head of the pirates dragged out all of the strength that he had for the fight.

At the same time, on the boat in the back, a single pirate leapt into the air as he slashed his blade through the air viciously. A streak of blade light shot forth quickly as it radiated with energy. It formed a cross with Iron Cliff’s blade strike from earlier.

Unlike Iron Cliff’s attack, however, this blade strike swept countless droplets of water into the air, each one filled with a weighty momentum.

The other Yang Opening Realm cultivator amongst the pirates also chose this moment to strike.

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