Chapter 82: Threat of Light Shaking

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 82: Threat of Light Shaking

After the large battle at Lingyuan Marsh, the influence of the various pirate groups underwent a big shuffle.

The Jade Mountain and Qingyuan armies had suffered heavy losses, the Third River Army had gone into hiding, and the Black River Army had oddly been destroyed. The four main powers on the water had disappeared simultaneously, causing countless little forces to begin to vy for supremacy, causing a lot of turmoil and strife.

However, this no longer had anything to do with Su Chen.

After ordering the temporary dormancy of the Third River Army and sending off Tang Ming and the others, Su Chen once again returned to his life of doing experiments every day. Occasionally, he would go to the Origin Bureau to take care of some official business or conflicts between Origin Qi Scholars to preserve justice, as well as to suppress the Bloodline Nobility Clans’ arrogance.

The days passed by gradually and uneventfully.

Just like before, Su Chen was performing his experiments.

Suddenly, he heard a huge “boom” off in the distance.

He put down the reagent in his hand and hurriedly walked out of his research lab. “What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, but from the sound of it, it seems like it’s happening far away. It shouldn’t have anything to do with us,” Li Shu replied.

Su Chen climbed up the fake mountain, looking down into the city from his vantage point. He saw a person floating in midair, large amounts of black smoke curling around him.

“Shen Yuanhong, come out!”

Next, a low, rumbling voice could be heard speaking. “Shi Zhonglin, what the hell are you doing?

“Shen Yuanhong, you’re the one who’s gone overboard! Give my grandson’s life back to me!”

The arms of the floating old man suddenly grew large, and the black fog behind him began to take the form of many specter-like apparitions that howled as they charged downwards.

These apparitions were extremely frightening. Even though they were formed from black fog, they had physical substance and turned the sky pitch black. The arrival of the apparitions was accompanied by panicked yells. In the blink of an eye, more than ten Shen Clan disciples had died on the spot, their blood totally sucked dry and their bodies withered, as if they were corpses over thousands of years old.

Shen Yuanhong was both shocked and infuriated. “Shi Zhonglin, you dare!”

A massive hand shot forth into the sky, pressing towards Shi Zhonglin like a massive mountain.

That old man opened his mouth and spat out a stream of black fog that took on a humanoid form. It looked similar to Su Chen’s Shadow Flame Giant, but it was taller and more powerful by who knew how many times. It formed in midair, then unleashed a punch, slamming into Shen Yuanhong’s palm strike that covered the sky. A turbulent burst of energy exploded forth so thick that the air seemed to turn into water, generating massive shockwaves of energy.

Wave after wave of energy pulsated in all directions, causing the people below to yell with fright and scatter.

When faced with the shocking power of a Light Shaking Realm cultivator, everything else seemed so negligible.

Even Su Chen had never seen something like this before. Before, Uncle Eleven had been fighting conservatively and had prevented his energy from dissipating. Even though its actual might was more substantial, the impact and appearance wasn’t quite as striking. This was a true demonstration of how much destructive power a Light Shaking Realm cultivator possessed.

In truth, the difference between Light Shaking and Yang Opening was simply too great.

The cultivation ascension of an Origin Qi Scholar wasn’t as simple as doing some mathematical calculations. Instead, it was a process that relied on transforming a person’s physical body, sort of like a “personal evolution” of sorts. Even though the Light Shaking Realm was only a single cultivation realm, it represented a massive breakthrough in a person’s lifeforce. The gap between it and Yang Opening was far greater than the gaps between the lower three differences.

This was also why Su Chen had no hope that he could defeat a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Not to mention the fact that he had no hope now, it would still be difficult for him to jump that tier even if he were to reach the Yang Opening Realm.

The clash between two Light Shaking Realm cultivators attracted a lot of attention in Clear River City. The hunting dogs and eagles were sent into motion, and the whole of Clear River City was thrown into chaos.

“Who dares make such a big fuss in Clear River City? Are you not clear about the Origin Battle Restrictions?” An enraged voice boomed out from above Clear River City. It was An Siyuan.

An Siyuan stood in the air, displaying his massive bald head. He looked like a massive giant as he stared at the two of them angrily.

The Origin Battle Restrictions were written by all of the Intelligent Races. All Light-Shaking Realm existences and above cannot fight in a city. If they really did fight, they needed to control the extent to which they unleashed their power. Uncle Eleven and the others had fought like this not just to concentrate their Origin Energy but also to control the range of influence. However, the two of them present here completely disregarded those restrictions and recklessly attacked each other. No wonder An Siyuan was so enraged.

As he spoke, An Siyuan unleashed a punch.

In comparison to the two’s shocking power, An Siyuan’s attack was much less majestic, but its power wasn’t actually much weaker. This fist was aimed at Shi Zhonglin, who knew that the situation wasn’t good. The black fog giant dissipated, turning into a black turtle-like shield and blocking the blow. Shi Zhonglin yelled, “I’m here to get revenge for my grandson!”

“I don’t care who you’re getting revenge for. You must respect the rules I have here in Clear River City. Even if you can make it past me, can you make it past all of Long Sang Country?” An Siyuan said, his voice rumbling like thunder. It directly pierced into their hearts, sinking into ears of every person present.

This was one of his clever points as a City Lord. Even if the villagers were scared, he needed to let them know that there were still rules in this world, and there was someone who was willing to stick out his neck for them. Those guys were not allowed to do as they pleased!

Indeed, upon hearing the name “Long Sang Country”, Shi Zhonglin froze for a moment before yelling, “I’m pissed off! The one surnamed Shen, we aren’t nearly done yet!”

As he spoke, he flew away.

“Even if you want to be done, I won’t let you go!” Shen Yuanhong howled with anger.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard Shi Zhonglin mention he was getting revenge for his grandson; Shen Yuanhong knew that something had gone wrong when he had let Shi Duanzhang go. But they were in a public place with numerous people; trying to dispute that he hadn’t killed Shi Duanzhang would be a show of weakness. In addition, Shi Zhonglin was extremely tyrannical and killed a number of his own clan’s disciples almost immediately. Would these disciples have died in vain?

As soon as Shi Zhonglin wounded his people, it wasn’t important to explain anything anymore. The most important thing was that this debt of blood needed to be paid.

As he watched Shi Zhonglin fly away, Shen Yuanhong yelled and chased after him. The two people chased each other across the sky as they disappeared off into the distance. It looked like they were about to move their battle to somewhere else.

As he watched the two of them disappear, Su Chen slowly walked down the mountain, something seemingly on his mind.

“Master?” Iron Cliff walked over and asked with concern.

When Su Chen saw his timid expression, he knew what Iron Cliff was thinking and laughed, “Did you think I was afraid of them?”

Iron Cliff froze.

The clash between the two Light Shaking Realm cultivators had shaken the heavens and the earth, completely overturning what Iron Cliff thought he knew. Whether Su Chen was afraid or not, he didn’t know, but he himself had been badly startled.

Su Chen, however, said calmly, “My Instructor is also in the Light Shaking Realm. How could I not be clear about the power they possess? Want to scare me with just that much power? It’s far too lacking. I was just thinking that Shen Yuanhong has already chased after him, so the Shen Clan should be largely unoccupied right now. Couldn’t we take advantage of the opportunity and finish off the Shen Clan?”


Iron Cliff was badly startled by what Su Chen had said.

Thankfully, Su Chen shook his head and said, “Forget about it. Shen Yuanhong might not die, and now is not the time to fight the Bloodline Nobility Clans yet. Leaving them here for now will be more useful.”

Iron Cliff’s forehead beaded with sweat.

Su Chen returned to his research lab to continue his experiments.

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