Chapter 87: Luo You

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 87: Luo You

The human race’s most powerful bloodline was from the Origin Beast, the Shining Dragon. There was no dispute over this point.

Beneath Origin Beasts, however, Demonic Emperor’s weren’t the most powerful; rather, Desolate Beast Bloodlines were.

The Prehistoric Beasts were the overlords of the Primordial Continent once the Origin Beasts disappeared. For a long period of time, they were the nightmare of the various Intelligent Races. As Origin Energy continued to decay and the world could no longer support Desolate Beasts, the Primordial Continent finally reached a state where the Intelligent Races could begin to rise.

In that period of time, where the rulers were changing, the remaining Desolate Beasts began to fight with the newly rising races.

Unlike with the Origin Beast, which had singlehandedly wiped out the Arcana Kingdom, the Intelligent Races weren’t overwhelmingly defeated in this battle even though the Beast Race were still the eventual winners.

The Illustrious Divine Dynasty, which already possessed the bloodline of an Origin Beast, sent out their most powerful individuals, relying on the Origin Beast Bloodline and countless heroes attacking wave after wave to kill many of the Desolate Beasts.

In the ten-thousand-year anniversary of the Illustrious Divine Dynasty, they were able to obtain nine Desolate Beast Bloodlines, using them to create nine Desolate Beast Bloodline Clans.

These were the Illustrious Nine Cauldrons.

As time went on, the Illustrious Divine Dynasty was declining, and the Nine Cauldrons began to rise or fall.

Two kinds of Desolate Beast Bloodlines were lost in the sands of time. Only Seven Cauldrons remained, and they became known as the Seven Cauldrons Clans.

Unlike the Intelligent Races, the power from passing on their bloodline allowed these Bloodline Nobility Clans to maintain their glory and uncommon status for long periods of time.

When the Illustrious Divine Dynasty reached its dying stages and was on the verge of collapse in the rain and wind, these Seven Cauldrons, which had once been the staunch supports of this magnificent dynasty, launched a brazen coup, becoming the main catalysts for the overturning of the dynasty.

After completely wiping out the Illustrious Divine Dynasty, the Seven Cauldrons divided up the land, becoming the Seven Kingdoms and ushering in the current Seven Kingdoms Era.

Because of this, the Seven Kingdom’s ruling classes were truly fit to be kings because the blood that flowed in their bodies was from a Desolate Beast. They were only inferior to the bloodline of an Origin Beast.

If not for this, commoners wouldn’t even have had a chance to overturn someone with the power of an Origin Beast Bloodline.

Cloud Leopard never would have expected that Jiang Xishui actually had a Desolate Beast Bloodline.

Knowing that his surname was Jiang, he naturally couldn’t be a descendant of the Lin Clan, so Cloud Leopard realized after a brief moment and yelled, “So you’re from Water Sheen!”

Of the Seven Cauldrons Clans, the Lin Clan’s Lin Xianyu established Long Sang Country, and the Jiang Clan’s Jiang Jingchao established Water Sheen Country and set the capital at Mengxiang. Their bloodline was the Prehistoric Beast Luo You.

Luo You was an ancient Prehistoric Beast nearly a thousand kilometers long and extremely powerful. It could control all the water spirits under the sky and take on a variety of forms.

In the year 8400 of the New Star Era, Luo You emerged from the depths of the sea and arrived in the center of the Primordial Continent. Because of how large its body was, it caused a spectacular mess. A single one of its breaths was like a violent storm, causing the weather to change.

Apparently, Luo You was quite mild, but because it was too powerful, it turned the center of the Primordial Continent into a marshy swampland even though it had no intentions of doing so.

To deal with Luo You, the Illustrious Divine Dynasty allied with the Sea Race and the Feathered Race to attack Luo You. The Illustrious Divine Dynasty’s third emperor, Gu Tingxuan, led the attack personally and slew Luo You. Luo You’s Bloodline was given to those who had made the greatest contributions. One of the seven brothers, Jiang Dingtao, who had almost died on the battlefield, received the bloodline.

Because Luo You was too large, Jiang Xishui’s illusory bloodline image had no way to manifest its entire body. All that appeared was a single eye and a single breath.

Even so, this single eye and breath carried a shocking amount of power. Cloud Leopard couldn’t possibly fathom how frightening this would have been if it were the real Luo You.

He also further realized just how long and arduous of a path that Su Chen was embarking on.

Even though this path was arduous and difficult, he had never given up.

After falling through the air, Su Chen felt a sickly-sweet taste in his mouth. He spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Su!” Jiang Xishui was about to rush over.

Su Chen raised his hand. “I don’t need you to help me up!”

He stared at Jiang Xishui, excitement in his eyes. “Is this the power of a Desolate Beast? Good, it truly is powerful! Who knows how many more times powerful than a Demonic Emperor Bloodline it is!”

Su Chen had exchanged blows with Tang Ming before. The two of them were basically on par in terms of strength.

Even though Su Chen had used the Shadow Flame Giant, he hadn’t been able to defeat Tang Ming. The power of a Demonic Emperor Bloodline was obvious.

Of course, as someone without a bloodline, fighting evenly with someone with a Demonic Emperor Bloodline was something that would stun countless people. It was even more astounding than Su Chen’s being able to defeat a Yang Opening Realm cultivator.

When facing Jiang Xishui, however, and the appearance of Luo You, Su Chen discovered that he had absolutely no way of defending himself.

The difference between the two of them was like that of a Light Shaking Realm existence and him.

“This isn’t strange. The difference between a Desolate Beast and a Demonic Beast is substantial,” Ji Hanyan said as she stood up.

Her wounds were a bit lighter than Su Chen’s not because she was more powerful than him but because Jiang Xishui had instinctively tried to protect her, unwilling to harm her more than necessary.

Origin Beasts, Desolate Beasts, Demonic Beasts, and Vicious Beasts were the four tiers of the Beast Race. Even though Demonic Emperors were powerful, they were only mid-tier existences amongst all of the beasts and were a whole tier lower than a Prehistoric Beast.

What Jiang Xishui was displaying wasn’t even one thousandth of a Prehistoric Beast’s true strength, but it was already enough to allow him to act as he pleased in Clear River City.

This was the power of a high-tier bloodline.

When faced with such power, however, Su Chen didn’t back up. He said with increasing excitement, “Brother Jiang, there’s something that I’ll need your help with.”

“What is it?” Jiang Xishui hadn’t reacted yet.

“Borrow your blood!” Ji Hanyan and Cloud Leopard both said simultaneously before bursting out in laughter.

Jiang Xishui was stunned. He suddenly remembered Su Chen’s notorious reputation - in the Hidden Dragon Institute, he had basically taken everyone’s blood at one point or another.

He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, “What use will it be to you even if you do take it? You won’t be able to obtain any results.”

This blow hit Su Chen right where it hurt.

Even though Su Chen had made many advancements with the Hemolytic Totem, his research of bloodlines hadn’t advanced very much. Even though he had created powerful Origin Skills like the Shadow Flame Giant, he hadn’t developed these through his research of bloodlines but rather by combining the Origin Substances in the black stones with his Origin Energy.

Even though he had been provoked by Jiang Xishui, Su Chen didn’t become upset. He laughed, “Research is just like sowing seeds all over the place. You don’t know when a seed that you sowed will suddenly sprout, grow, and bear fruit. But one thing is for sure - if you don’t sow anything and don’t experience those failures, you won’t achieve anything great.”

“Alright then, it’s just a vial of blood anyways. If you want it, you can have it. But what I requested......” Jiang Xishui drew out his words.

Su Chen lifted two fingers. “Two kinds. You’ll be happy with them for sure.”

Jiang Xishui had requested that he create a new powerful Origin Skill for Ji Hanyan and had even thrown in a vial of his blood as part of the bargain, so Su Chen very generously agreed to help design two special Origin Skills for Ji Hanyan.

Since he had already roped Jiang Xishui into his own camp, it would be difficult to justify not giving him any additional benefits.

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