Chapter 9: Arrest

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 9: Arrest

Even though he had been captured, Sun Mao’s vicious attitude didn’t change. He yelled loudly, “Bastard! Bastard! You dare interfere in my business and even ruin my arm? You’re going to die! Die, you hear me!?”

Yu Chengshui had stood up again. His entire body was covered in burn wounds, but he stared at Su Chen with rage. “You dare attack us? Do you know who we are?”

“Perhaps you should ask me first who I am,” Su Chen replied.

He pulled out a jade pendant and swung it in front of them. “I’m Su Chen, the new Knowledge Executor of Clear River City. You guys fought in a public market and harmed many innocent bystanders. I’m going to take you into custody now.”

Both of them paused upon hearing that Su Chen is a Knowledge Executor.

But that didn’t give them any fear. Rather, a fierce expression appeared on both of their faces.

Yu Chengshui said directly, “So you’re the new Knowledge Executor. No wonder you intervened. But Knowledge Executor Su, did you not take the time to investigate whose business you can meddle in and whose you can’t?”

“Oh? I didn’t know that an Origin Bureau Knowledge Executor’s duties include selecting targets.”

“Naturally, you need to select a target. Some people you shouldn’t interfere with!” Yu Chengshui said severely, “Have you heard of Clear River City’s ten great Bloodline Nobility Clans? I come from one of those clans, the Lian Clan. If you tactfully let us go, we can pretend this never happened.”

“Absolutely not!” Sun Mao yelled hysterically. “He ruined my arm, he must die! Die!”

Yu Chengshui glanced at him disdainfully. “You not holding back against him is your problem. I have no time to play around with you.”

As he spoke, he turned around to leave.

He completely ignored Su Chen - to him, the outcome had been settled as soon as he mentioned that he was from the Lian Clan.

This was why Yu Chengshui’s figure visibly froze when Su Chen said, “Did I say you could leave?”

He turned around and stared at Su Chen, a steely glint in his eyes. “What? You still want to continue offending the Lian Clan?”

“You talk too much.”

Su Chen waved his hand. An Air Tentacle flew forth, wrapping around Yu Chengshui and dragging him back. As for Sun Miao, he continued to howl, but Su Chen knocked him out with a blow, then left, dragging each of them with one hand.

The bystanders didn’t seem happy when they saw this; rather, worry was written all over their faces. Evidently, they were feeling anxious for Su Chen.

Someone even said, “Another unlucky one.”

Yu Chengshui howled, “You dare offend two Bloodline Nobility Clans at once? We’ll give you something to think about! Your position as a Knowledge Executor will be short-lived!”

Because Origin Qi Scholars had power far greater than that of commoners, they were often above the law.

Forget about harming the innocent while battling on the streets; even publicly killing other people was a relatively common occurrence.

Even though the government tried to suppress such occurrences by arresting the culprits, most of the time nothing would happen. The government was mainly there to keep things under control and make sure they didn’t escalate too much. As long as the offense wasn’t that big, they would usually look the other way.

But regardless, the government was still the government. If the government couldn’t catch you, then you could do as you pleased. But if you got caught, you had better obey.

Thus, when Yu Chengshui said that, Su Chen’s interest was piqued. “What? Does a Bloodline Nobility Clan dare storm the Origin Bureau?”

It was understandable that they had a sizable amount of influence here.

But no matter how much influence they had, they couldn’t ignore the government. If their influence had grown to the point that they could group up and storm the government to release someone, Su Chen could only concede that the Crow Region was completely ruined.

That wasn’t the case, though; Yu Chengshui harrumphed, “We won’t need to charge into the Origin Bureau for us to be released. And from now on, you’ll need to watch your back!”

“So it’s the same tactics as always.” Su Chen nodded.

It was fine as long as they didn’t dare charge into the Origin Bureau.

As for making a move secretly, that was totally normal. Even in Long Coiling City, the commander of the Secret Task Force had been assassinated, much less in a place like the Crow Region where people had no respect for authority.

No matter how big they talked, they could only use secretive methods to deal with him.

But that didn’t matter. As long as they weren’t willing to openly charge in, Su Chen wasn’t afraid.

The biggest issue with these secretive tactics was that they couldn’t be done openly. If they couldn’t be done openly, the scale of the operation and how much room they had to maneuver were both limited. As such, their strength would be greatly reduced.

Su Chen didn’t worry about any secret tactics they might try to use; he would only fear them if they used brute force to suppress him.

If the Zhu Clan or the Six Great Clans or even the Immortal Temple had ever relied on brute strength to suppress him, he would have died.

But they didn’t because of how cautious they were. They wanted to try their hand at some deception, but that only resulted in their ruin.

Su Chen didn’t care if they tried to set up traps for him; he only cared if they openly tried to crush him.

But his opponents didn’t know this. Everyone who had tried to finish him off had originally hoped to do the job while paying the smallest price, but they had all made terrible miscalculations, which resulted in them paying a huge price and eventually being forced to give up.

Su Chen didn’t know how strong the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans in Clear River City were, but if they had any intelligence at all, they wouldn’t charge into the Origin Bureau to kill Su Chen for these two people who were clearly invited guests, not even from their own clan.

When Yu Chengshui saw that he couldn’t frighten Su Chen, he hurriedly said, “Trust me, you don’t want to provoke these ten Bloodline Nobility Clans. Even the City Lord An Siyuan doesn’t dare offend us, so who are you?”

“First of all, I’m not offending the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans, just you and this guy called Sun Mao. Second of all, if you’re all so powerful, then you’ll come right back out as soon as you go in. What are you so afraid of? Finally, even if I do offend them, I don’t care.”

Yu Chengshui’s reply got stuck in his throat. At the same time, Sun Mao was beginning to regain consciousness.

Upon hearing these words, he said savagely, “Su Chen, is it? I’ll remember this name. I swear that I will definitely kill you. The Long Clan won’t let you get away with this. Absolutely not!”

“The Long Clan?” Su Chen paused. “You’re telling me that you’re from the Long Clan?”

“What of it? Now you know how to fear? It’s too late!” Sun Mao stared at Su Chen, his features contorted with rage. He really had quite the savage temperament.

“No, I’m just amazed by the coincidence. Hm, perhaps I should change my plan a bit,” Su Chen trailed off as he lowered his head in thought. He suddenly pulled out two vials of medicine from his Origin Ring and forced it down their throats.

After doing that, Su Chen dragged the two of them back with him to the Origin Bureau.

Cao Zhengjun saw him return and wanted to ask what happened when he saw the two people Su Chen was holding. He was so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Su Chen didn’t wait for him to ask anything. “They were fighting in public and implicated bystanders. One died, three were critically injured, and thirty were wounded at that street over there. The city guards should be on their way there. Send someone to record it

“Me!?” Cao Zhengjun pointed at himself incredulously.

“Yes. If I capture some criminals, shouldn’t I hand them over to you?” Su Chen asked.

“Yes, yes...... but......” Cao Zhengjun stammered, unable to speak clearly.

Su Chen could tell from Cao Zhengjun’s attitude that he had recognized that the two captives were from Bloodline Nobility Clans. That was why he was so surprised and even unwilling to mark them as captives.

His expression hardened. “What are you stammering about? Is the Origin Bureau no longer responsible for maintaining the peace of the city and handling disputes between Origin Qi Scholars?”

“Yes, but......”

“No buts. Take them down and handle them according to the rules.”

Su Chen tossed over the two captives and then left.

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