Chapter 13: Interrogation (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 13: Interrogation (2)

Under He Xu’s feet was a glowing violet bead.

When Su Chen saw that he had dropped it, he hurriedly ran over to pick it up, then turned around and bowed to Zhu Xianyao as he said, “My apologies, I dropped something.”

Zhu Xianyao rolled her eyes. “What are you doing carrying around women’s jewelry? Sit back down!”

Zhu Baiyu laughed, “He probably bought it for you, but with your fierce attitude he didn’t dare give it to you.”

Zhu Xianyao harrumphed. “I hate that useless attitude of his the most.”

Zhu Baiyu sighed. “He wasn’t like this originally, but every time he sees you he’s like a mouse in front of a cat. It means that he really does like you, which is why he’s always nervous around you and can’t act like himself.”

Zhu Xianyao turned her head away in scorn. “I wish he would defeat and subdue me like a real man rather than follow me around all the time like a puppy because of his parents’ orders.”

“If you put it that way, then the person you really like should be Su Chen,” Zhu Baiyu said.

Upon hearing his own name in the conversation, Su Chen felt his heart skip a beat, but he continued to act nonchalant as he sat down.

Zhu Xianyao’s expression sank. “Sixth Uncle, even if I respect you and call you my Uncle, you cannot humiliate me like this! The humiliation Su Chen inflicted on me is something I will never forget! And even if I do forget it...... I will re-remember it!”

When Su Chen heard this, he was shocked.

Hadn’t he taken care of those things? Why did Zhu Xianyao still hate him so much?

Where had he made a mistake?

While he was still contemplating this, Zhu Xianyao said to He Xu, “Tell me. Who sent you here?”

He Xu glanced at Zhu Xianyao and the others, then lowered his head and said, “It..... it was Second Young Miss Zhu.”

“I knew it was her! That damned woman never has any good intentions!” Zhu Xianyao said as she slammed the table.

“Why did she send you over here?” Zhu Baiyu said.

“This......” He Xu opened and closed his mouth a few times as he turned to look at Su Chen.

Brother, just how am I supposed to respond to that question?

Yes, after seeing the Purple Stained Glass Bead, He Xu knew that the fatty in front of him was most likely Su Chen.

He was shocked at Su Chen’s courage, that Su Chen had the guts not to run even under these circumstances. A trace of hope had also surfaced in He Xu’s heart.

Because of what Su Chen said earlier, He Xu had followed up to say that he had been sent here by some Second Young Miss, but he didn’t know what to say after that.

A sudden bang sounded out in the room. Everyone turned their heads to look at the source of the sound and saw that the Violet Stained Glass Bead in his hand had shattered.

As if he was nervous under everyone’s gazes, Su Chen rubbed his neck and stammered, “Ruined...... ruined...... I ruined it.......”

Zhu Xianyao rolled her eyes unhappily.

He Xu was immediately enlightened. “Ruin...... ruin...... your......”

“Ruin your plans?” Zhu Baiyu frowned, unable to endure the slow pace at which he was speaking.

“Yes, yes!” He Xu said repeatedly.

At this point in time, he was already clear that Su Chen’s plan was to get them to believe that He Xu had been sent here by some Second Young Miss. All he could do now was try and cooperate with Su Chen to the best of his ability.

When he realized this, He Xu knew how to respond once Zhu Xianyao asked him more about the detailed plan.

“Second Young Miss told me to infiltrate the castle and search for an opportunity to create chaos, all in order to ruin your negotiations. The best outcome would be assassinating Pall and then pinning the blame on you.”

Su Chen began to thumb at his chin.

He Xu knew that Su Chen was telling him that he had done a great job.

His mental state became much calmer, and his lies also flowed much more fluently. “I was just acting under her orders.”

“Apart from you, did they send other people in?” Zhu Xianyao asked.

Su Chen nodded his head slightly.

He Xu understood his intentions and said hurriedly, “Yes, a few others came with me. We originally said that we would move together, but I was greedy and came in on my own. Don’t kill me! If they come again, I can help you find them!”

Su Chen began rubbing his thumb against his face.

That lie was too beautiful, and it was told flawlessly.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Xianyao frowned and said, “No, that’s not right. He’s lying!”

Su Chen and He Xu were both taken aback.

Zhu Xianyao stared intently at He Xu. “My Slyheart Bloodline is the best at manipulating minds and is extremely sensitive to changes in a person’s state of mind. You dared to lie to me and thought you thought you could get away with it? Tell me, who are you exactly? What is your goal in coming here?”

Su Chen cursed silently. How had he overlooked this point?

Anyone who was proficient in manipulating consciousnesses had a certain ability to determine if someone was lying. However, this investigative ability only worked on people whose consciousness power was low. Zhu Xianyao wouldn’t be able to tell if someone like Su Chen, who possessed a powerful consciousness, was telling the truth or lying. However, He Xu obviously didn’t have this ability, and he was instantly exposed by Zhu Xianyao.

Su Chen withdrew his thumb and clenched his fist. Whether or not He Xu could understand his intentions depended on his perceptive abilities.

A moment later, He Xu said, “That’s the truth, whether you like it or not!”

Yes, that was Su Chen’s goal.

Don’t admit it even if you are beaten to death.

Since they couldn’t get away with lying, he could only grit his teeth and hold on. He could not divulge their goal in coming here no matter what.

A trace of anger flashed across Zhu Xianyao’s eyes. “You’re only making things harder for yourself! Jingwen!”

“I understand.” Zhao Jingwen stepped forwards and placed his finger on He Xu’s body.

This finger jab caused He Xu’s entire body to start spasming. He arched his body, obviously in tremendous pain, and it seemed as if his eyes were about to bulge out of their sockets.

An instant later, Zhao Jingwen withdrew his finger.

Zhu Xianyao said, “Tell me! Who are you, and what is your goal?”

He Xu looked up at the sky and began to laugh.

“Jingwen!” Zhu Xianyao said harshly.

The finger descended again.

This continued a few more times. He Xu was tormented to within an inch of his life, but he continued to grit his teeth and remain silent.

When Zhu Xianyao had been studying with Su Chen, he had obtained a rough understanding of the Zhu Clan’s Origin Skills, and he was very clear about the power of the Zhu Clan’s Consciousness-Scouring Finger.

The kind of torment brought about by this skill was enough to make people wish they were dead.

The only reason that He Xu was still holding on even now, in addition to his innately strong will, was because he still had hope.

It was this hope that allowed him to hold on.

But if things continued like this, perhaps he would begin to feel like living was much worse than dying. That would be the moment that he would give up.

When he realized this, Su Chen suddenly stood up and began to yell, “Yaoyao! I love you!”

Everyone suddenly felt as if they were about to faint.

Zhu Xianyao stared at Su Chen in shock. “You Tianyang, what are you doing?”

“No matter what you think of me, I will always love you, and only you! I won’t be polite to anyone who harms you no matter who they are. I want you to see that I am also a man. I have enough courage to do anything for you!”

As he spoke, he strode over to He Xu, grabbed him, and began to yell, “Regardless of who you are, if you dare harm my Yaoyao, I won’t let you get away with it!”

As he spoke, he clenched his fists and began to beat He Xu violently.

Everyone else was dumbfounded by what Su Chen was doing, and no one stepped forwards to stop him.

Su Chen was really putting a lot of force behind his blows. And since He Xu had been completely tied up and had no way of defending himself, the barrage of blows landing on his face caused blood to fly everywhere.

To He Xu, however, the pain of this physical beating was much less than the pain brought about by the Consciousness-Scouring Finger.

At the same time, Su Chen was still furiously attacking his head, knocking him dizzy.

He Xu felt his vision go blurry.

Even as his gaze grew dim, Su Chen’s eyes remained in focus. A strange light flickered across Su Chen’s eyes, and He Xu’s consciousness was drawn in by that strange light until he fell into it......

Then, he said, “The person Second Young Miss sent me to assassinate wasn’t Pall. It was you.”


Su Chen’s fist landed on his head, knocking him out completely.

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