Chapter 44: Fighting Against Light Shaking (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 44: Fighting Against Light Shaking (2)

This blade strike surged forward, carrying with it nearly all of Su Chen’s power as he attempted to reap Sark’s life.

Just as that blade was about to land, Sark’s body suddenly began to glow with an intense golden light.

Upon seeing this golden light, Su Chen knew he was in trouble.

Indeed, that golden light immediately froze Su Chen’s frighteningly powerful blade strike in place, stopping it in its tracks and preventing it from even touching Sark’s body. No matter how much strength Su Chen applied, he was unable to break through.

An extremely powerful Origin Energy barrier.

It was probably an extremely precious consumable Origin Tool because Su Chen could almost hear the sound of something shattering in the background.

Even so, he wasn’t satisfied. His goal with this blade strike wasn’t to destroy an Origin Tool but instead to claim Sark’s life.

Under the all-out force from Su Chen, the golden barrier of light groaned with a harsh metallic screech. It didn’t completely shatter, but it deformed significantly under the pressure. Even Sark’s neck was forced to bend to the side.


With a crisp sound, Sark’s head tilted sharply. The immense pressure had snapped his neck.

Su Chen immediately slammed his palm into Sark’s body, sending him flying through the air.

Sark regained consciousness in the air. The massive pain from his neck area had stimulated him quite a bit.

Sark, who had just awakened from a dream, discovered that one of his life-saving Origin Tools had been destroyed and his neck had been broken in just the blink of an eye.

In other words, he had died once already in this short period of time.

“NO!” he howled, his head skewed at a strange angle.

The earth Origin Energy furiously rushed towards his neck as he tried to quickly recover from his injury.

Su Chen sucked in a large mouthful of air, trying to recover from the large amount of energy he had expended in that blade strike. Under normal circumstances, he would have unleashed an Erupting Firehawk to continue applying pressure. But with Zhu Xianyao watching, he could only “let Sark off the hook”.

“Bastard!” Sark yelled as he gritted his teeth. The Lotus Platform on his head began to glow, encircling his body in white light.

At this point, Sark had completely discarded his initial underestimation of his opponent and was going all out. Even that cracked neck of his began to recover quickly.

Unfortunately, his regenerative abilities were much slower than the rate of destruction.

Before Sark could lift his neck up, Su Chen’s Mountain-Beheading Blade once again swung in his direction.

The two of them exchanged powerful blows repeatedly.

If Su Chen was like a tall mountain, moving forward with unbridled momentum, then Sark was like the ocean, shifting away at every opportunity.

Light Shaking Realm cultivators had a tremendous reserves of strength that couldn’t be easily overcome just by a genius and a few Origin Tools.

The massive rock giant swung its arm through the air, causing sand to fly everywhere in a violent fashion, surging around turbulently.

But when both sides went all-out, Su Chen was the one who had come out disadvantaged.

Su Chen was shocked to discover that Eagle Eye Sark was not poor at all; he also had quite a few powerful Origin Tools.

Apart from that life-saving golden barrier Origin Tool and his Fifth Earth Pearl, Sark had pulled out another item — a golden grain of sand.

This golden grain of sand floated through the air, turning into a golden river of sand that began to swirl around the room.

Su Chen suddenly had the sense that everything in this area had suddenly come under the control of his opponent; the river was placing an immense amount of pressure onto Su Chen under Sark’s control, making it extremely difficult for him to move.

Not satisfied with just that, Sark also pulled out a pouch and tossed it into the air. A low-tier Demonic Beast lizard scurried out and opened its mouth at Su Chen. Thankfully, there was no actual earth here, making it impossible for the lizard to use its earth-type skills that it was the most proficient at. Most of its strength was limited, but the additional pressure it put onto Su Chen had suddenly sent him into a mad scramble.

Immediately afterwards, Sark pulled out a painting. The painting actually reached out a hand and grabbed at Su Chen. Su Chen finally identified the painting: it was one of the paintings in the hallway that they had just walked past. For some reason, however, it had been tamed by Sark and was currently being used by him.

A string of treasures came out one after another, forcing Su Chen to scramble to find an answer.

Sark laughed darkly, “Brat, did you think you could fight me with just a few outstanding Origin Tools?”

The torrent of energy, the river of sand, and the Demonic Beast all continued to pressure him.

When she saw this, even Zhu Xianyao couldn’t help but say anxiously, “Do you have any other skills you can use?”

When he heard this, Su Chen shot her a disdainful glance. “You need me to fix the trouble that you started?”

“That’s because you schemed against me!”

“That’s because you came to try and steal our profits.”

“I do as I please. Is that any of your business?” Zhu Xianyao stated with a glare.

“Hmph! All women are like this. If they can’t win through logic, they completely toss it out the window.”

The two of them continued to bicker, but the situation around them was growing more and more dire by the second.

The golden sand continued to swirl through the air, surrounding the two of them completely. A burning-hot killing intent flashed across Sark’s eyes.

Zhu Xianyao said anxiously, “Hey, let’s not argue right now, okay? Can you use the bewitching technique you used earlier again? Try it on him again!”

“It won’t work. He’s prepared himself and his Lotus Platform is protecting his consciousness. He’ll be able to wake himself back up, and I won’t be able to confuse him anymore,” Su Chen replied.

This Sark was quite strong. He had identified the weak spot of Fata Morgana after only being hit once and was now defending himself with his Lotus Platform, as well as constantly using small amounts of Origin Energy to stimulate himself. He would awaken as soon as he fell under Su Chen’s spell. As such, Su Chen’s Fata Morgana would be totally useless against him.

“So is there nothing we can do?” Zhu Xianyao said with disappointment.

“That might not be the case!” Su Chen suddenly ignored Sark’s attack. The Mountain-Beheading Blade descended on the painting, and the dark, shadowy flames descended onto the woman’s outstretched arm, cutting it open like a black knife. The flames spread into the interior of the painting, causing a piercing shriek to ensue.

However, the price of turning his attention to the painting was that Sark’s Sand Blade had finally breached Su Chen’s defenses. The golden light shone intensely on Su Chen’s body. Even with the assistance of the Algae Thread Coral Robe, Su Chen flew through the air with a groan. The Arcane Heavy Armor cracked as stress fractures appeared all over its surface.

“DIE!” Sark howled as he unleashed another attack. He wanted use this opportunity to claim Su Chen’s life.

At that moment, Su Chen suddenly yelled, “Go, now!”

Sark felt a moment of shock before moving aside.

Trying to trick me?

A sudden gust of wind surged from behind his back.

Not good!

Sark recognized the seriousness of the situation. He felt an explosive pain as a massive hole was blown out of his back. He unleashed an attack behind himself in response and heard a dull groan as the assailant soared backwards.

“It’s you!” Sark finally discovered that the person who had ambushed him was Zhou He.

No one had expected for him to appear at this moment in this place.

“It’s him!?” Zhu Xianyao was stunned.

“It’s always necessary to have a few backup plans in play,” Su Chen replied.

“RAAGH!!!” Sark howled as he commanded his lizard to keep Su Chen in place and leapt at Zhou He.

He wanted to kill Zhou He first.

But just as he turned around, Su Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared right behind Sark, the Mountain-Beheading Blade stabbing into the hole that had just been opened by Zhou He.

Dark flames burst forth.

“ARRGHH!” Sark slashed backwards with his right hand, and the Fifth Earth Blade slammed into Su Chen’s right arm, cutting off his arm at the elbow.

Zhou He countered with a sword strike, piercing Sark’s throat. Sark punched forth, and his left hand penetrated into Zhou He’s midsection.

Zhu Xianyao flew through the air and finally jabbed out with a Heavenly Fox Finger right on Sark’s eyeball.


Sark’s eyeball exploded.

At the same time, however, the golden sand suddenly doubled back, blasting Zhu Xianyao into the air.

An instant later, Su Chen’s left hand entered Sark’s body.

Armor Piercing Awl.

Raging Inferno Fists.

Another massive explosion of energy coursed through Sark’s rocky body.

The lizard crawling across the ground howled. Su Chen turned around and shot it a stare, activating Fata Morgana, and freezing the lizard in place.

Sark, however, shot a kick backwards right at Su Chen’s knee, forcing him to the ground.

Zhu Xianyao flew over again, stomping her feet heavily on Sark’s neck.

His neck was already broken in the first place; he had only just managed to readjust it a bit when it suddenly broke again, causing his head to droop to his chest.

However, even though he was gasping for air, he had yet to suffer a fatal injury.

The violent air waves slammed into Zhu Xianyao, sending her flying backwards again. At the same time, he swung his left hand down, causing Zhou He to slam heavily into the ground.

Sark retrieved his bloody hands. “I must see who you are!”

He launched a punch at Su Chen.


The mask on Su Chen’s face shattered, and his nose was immediately smashed to pieces as he toppled backwards.

But at the exact same moment, the Mountain-Beheading Blade’s momentum crashed into Sark, penetrating his entire body and slicing the upper half of his body in two.

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