Chapter 5: Exploding Houses

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 5: Exploding Houses

Because Su Chen hadn’t fallen asleep yet, he was the first one to charge out of his room.

But when he arrived in front of Night Demon’s room, someone was already standing there.

Shi Mingfeng.

He reached out and smashed the front door into smithereens.

Kong Cheng was there, facing off against Night Demon. At that moment, Night Demon was only wearing a small nightgown that revealed her pale white shoulders while brandishing a Water-Splitting Needle pointed right at Kong Cheng, her expression filled with killing intent.

When Shi Mingfeng saw this, his expression sank. “Kong Cheng, what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing really, it’s just a bit cold outside so I wanted to come in to warm up,” Kong Cheng said nonchalantly.

“Bastard!” How could Shi Mingfeng not understand what Kong Cheng was trying to do? He was just lusting for beautiful flowers!

The air was filled with a strange fragrance that smelled exactly like Bewitching Incense. That bastard wanted to drug Night Demon, but for some reason the medicine was ineffective against her, which was why she was able to scream for help.

“It’s just a misunderstanding. Brother Shi, there’s no need to take offense over this,” Shi Mingfeng had yet to truly grow angry when he heard someone else speak up.

Shi Mingfeng didn’t even need to turn around to know that it was Qi Shenyuan.

Qi Shenyuan didn’t usually talk; even when they were discussing their plan of attack, he didn’t ask too deeply. Shi Mingfeng could decide everything, except if it involved Kong Cheng; otherwise, he was definitely going to appear.

Protecting Kong Cheng was his sole mission.

Shi Mingfeng angrily said, “Mistake? Do you take me to be an idiot? You…...”

“Master of Rain, since Senior Qi says it’s a misunderstanding, then let it be just a misunderstanding,” Su Chen suddenly said.

Shi Mingfeng was stunned.

He knew of the relationship between Su Chen and Night Demon. For these past few years, Night Demon had born the responsibility of keeping in contact with Su Chen. Her profession was no longer that of an assassin but rather Su Chen’s special courier.

Under these kinds of circumstances, how could he not be shocked that Su Chen was speaking up for Kong Cheng?

Su Chen walked over and pulled out a robe, draping it around Night Demon. He asked, “Are you alright?”

Night Demon shook her head. She stared at Kong Cheng angrily and replied, “This guy wanted to take advantage of me.”

No matter how naive she was, she absolutely knew why Kong Cheng had come for her.

Su Chen said gently, “I know. Leave it to me, okay?”

Night Demon was so used to listening to Su Chen that she instinctively agreed.

Su Chen then said, “Since Brother Kong likes this stone room, then Brother Kong can have it. Night Demon will sleep at my place.”

“Your place?” Everyone was stunned.

“Yes,” Su Chen replied seriously. “Even though there isn’t much space, squeezing two people into one Stone House won’t be an issue. Night Demon, you don’t have an issue with that, right?”

As he spoke, he shot Night Demon a glance.

Night Demon gasped before saying, “Oh, I...... I can.”

“Then it’s settled.” As Su Chen spoke, he escorted Night Demon back into his own stone room.

Everyone stared at the two of them as they disappeared, as if they couldn’t understand what had just happened.

Even Shi Mingfeng was shocked. Could Su Chen have not fought with Kong Cheng just for an opportunity to try and take advantage of Night Demon?

No, he wasn’t that kind of person. Shi Mingfeng quickly denied that possibility. He knew exactly how many times Su Chen and Night Demon had interacted before. If Su Chen had wanted to do so, he absolutely didn’t need to wait until now.

Su Chen probably had his own plan.

Shi Mingfeng thought for a moment, then glanced at Kong Cheng and angrily said, “Since you like that room so much, then get the hell in there and go to sleep. Don’t make any more trouble tonight.”

After he finished speaking, he returned to his room.

Kong Cheng’s plan had failed and he had only embarrassed himself. He glanced around and found that everyone else was staring at him, causing him to yell, “What are you all looking at? Have you never seen this before?”

He walked into the room.

Su Chen and Night Demon had entered Su Chen’s room. Night Demon was just about to say something when Su Chen put his finger on her lips and shushed her, before tossing a cup of water on the ground.

The surface of the water glimmered before the situation outside of the stone room came into view.

Su Chen watched the puddle of water and muttered, “Four...... three...... two...... one.”

After he said “one”, Night Demon listened for a bit but didn’t hear any commotion. She said in surprise, “How come nothing’s happening?”

Su Chen replied, “Say ‘boom’!”

Night Demon said in a daze, “Boom!”


An explosion suddenly burst forth outside of the stone room.

Su Chen pushed the door open. The room that Night Demon was staying in earlier was now in flames.

A person charged out of the burning room. Naturally, it was Kong Cheng.

However, he was in quite the sorry state — the clothes on his back and the items he was carrying had all been totally burnt to a crisp. All that remained was a bead he carried in his hands. Even though that bead didn’t help him avoid the flames, Kong Cheng still held onto it for dear life as he charged out of the flames.

“What’s going on now?” The others also ran out of their lodgings.

However, when they saw this scene, they were stunned yet again.

A perfectly good Stone House had been burned to the ground, and Kong Cheng was in terrible shape. Even though he was an Origin Qi Scholar and had put up his Origin Energy barriers, the explosion was sudden and had totally caught him off guard, so he had sustained quite a few wounds. Even though they were only flesh wounds, he was still quite a sorry sight, especially his face that had been totally stripped off.

When he saw Su Chen, anger appeared in Kong Cheng’s eyes. “Su Chen.”

He wanted to charge over and give Su Chen some hell, but Shi Mingfeng grabbed him and held him back.

Qi Shenyuan reappeared as well. He was a bit surprised when he saw Kong Cheng’s appearance and stared at Su Chen angrily. “Is this your doing?”

“No, it’s what he did!” Su Chen laughed coldly. “I’m already being very polite in not killing this piece of trash.”

“Arrogant!” Qi Shenyuan’s expression was filled with killing intent, as if he were about to attack Su Chen.

Shi Mingfeng didn’t try and stop him. He just laughed coldly, “Qi Shenyuan, if you want to move against Su Chen, I won’t stop you. I don’t need to remind you what kind of person Su Chen is and how much help he’s been to us. Do you dare kill him? That will be the day of your demise. I don’t think you’re as idiotic as this master of yours.

Qi Shenyuan froze. He didn’t make another move.

What Shi Mingfeng had said was completely accurate. Qi Shenyuan really didn’t dare kill Su Chen.

He was just trying to scare Su Chen.

However, scaring Su Chen was pointless. Both Su Chen and Shi Mingfeng could see clearly that their opponent only put up a strong front while actually being weak.

Qi Shenyuan sucked in a deep breath of air. “I’ll let you go for now, the one surnamed Su. But if you dare make a move against Kong Cheng next time, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Su Chen shook his head. “This kind of threat is useless against me. You’re better off warning the person you’re protecting. If he tries to make another move against Night Demon, it won’t be something as simple as leaving a few Thunderfire Balls in his room. I promise that I will chop off his dick so that he can never use it again.”

As he spoke, he returned to his room with Night Demon. The other people, seeing that no more excitement was to be had, also all returned to their lodgings. Only Kong Cheng and Qi Shenyuan stood there in place.

“That’s it?” Kong Cheng asked Qi Shenyuan harshly.

Qi Shenyuan sighed, “My apologies. What Shi Mingfeng said was absolutely right. I cannot make a move against Su Chen. If I kill him, the organization won’t let me get away with it.”

“Then I’ll find someone else to take care of it!” Kong Cheng lifted up the bead in his hand and poured a trace of Origin Energy into it. Countless headshots of individuals appeared on it.

He pointed at one of the headshots and said, “Feng Xihuo, immediately come to Island Abyss. I have a secret task for you......”

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