Chapter 52: Flying Snake (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 52: Flying Snake (2)

Within the sky, a blade with wings swam through the air, soaring back and forth through the air. Everywhere it went, blood sprayed everywhere.

One of the Sand Race’s heroes slashed their scimitar at the blade. But the flying blade suddenly jerked in the opposite direction, not only dodging the scimitar strike but also expanding at the same to,e. It penetrated right through the Sand Race hero as well as the flying snake’s body. The flying snake screeched as it tumbled to the ground.

The blade then arced through the air as it suddenly changed directions. After dodging a few attacks, blade momentum began to surge from its body.


The radiating wave of momentum swept past three Sand Race soldiers at the same time, instantaneously cutting them into six pieces.

The Mountain-Beheading Blade seemed to screech with delight. It made a u-turn in midair again and continued unleashing streaks of blade light.

The streaks of blade light seemed to have physical substance. They penetrated a few of the Sand Race individuals’ bodies and began to glow a bloody red. The Mountain-Beheading Blade then leapt forwards as fast as lightning to collect them.

The people watched as a streak of lightning jumped from person to person. As it leapt back and forth, arms, legs, heads, and bodies began to rain down from the sky.

Corpses flew everywhere, and chunks of meat rained down incessantly. The Zhu Clan and the Immortal Temple were just as badly shocked as everyone else.

“What...... what kind of demonic weapon is that?” Zhu Xianyao said in shock.

“Soul Armament,” Su Chen replied with a slight smile.

Soul Armament?

Everyone stared at each other in astonishment.

Night Demon asked, “Is this what you finished developing yesterday?”

Su Chen nodded slightly. “Yes, this Origin Tool has a soul attached to it and doesn’t need a person to control it, allowing it to fly around and kill things on its own. I originally didn’t think that it would be too useful, but now it seems like I was wrong. Its performance has far surpassed what I originally expected.”

The Mountain-Beheading Soul Soldier was still continuing its onslaught. Those Sand Race soldiers were in big trouble.

These guys weren’t actually that weak. However, they were unable to display their full strength because they were suspended in midair, and they had also never faced an opponent like the Mountain-Beheading Blade before. They had no idea what to do against a weapon that could control itself, which was why they were being beaten so badly.

Actually, the best way of dealing with the Mountain Beheading Blade would be to use heavier weapons and overwhelm it with power.

However, none of the airborne scouts would possibly have thought of bringing along a heavier weapon as it would just be a needless burden. You couldn’t just take any old hammer and call it a heavy weapon; it needed to be formed from large quantities of refined metal, at least five hundred kilograms heavy, before it could be considered a “heavy weapon.”

Any person who brought out such a weapon on a flying mount would squash the flying snake before they even started to fight.

The flying soldiers had no idea what to do against the Mountain-Beheading Blade. They could only be slaughtered left and right.

One of the Light Shaking Realm cultivators couldn’t stand watching their troops be slaughtered any longer. He purposefully allowed an opening to show so that he could throw a punch at the Mountain-Beheading Blade.

However, the Mountain-Beheading Blade was made of an incredibly sturdy material and had a soul attached to it that could use Origin Energy to protect it. As such, it was impossible for the Light Shaking Realm cultivator to destroy it with just a single blow.

As he watched the blade whizz in their direction from faraway, that Light Shaking Realm cultivator could only bark, “Retreat!”

“Want to leave? At the very least, one of you must stay behind!” Su Chen said. “Breaking one finger is better than injuring all ten. The rest of you may leave, but this one must die!”

As he spoke, he pointed at the Light Shaking Realm cultivator who had attacked his Mountain-Beheading Blade.

“Understood!” Zhu Baiyu and Shi Mingfeng simultaneously laughed.

Even though Su Chen wasn’t their boss, they understood the logic behind Su Chen’s words and naturally listened to him.

The two of them simultaneously slashed out at the Light Shaking Realm Sand Race cultivator.

When the other Sand Race soldiers saw this, they hurried over to support him.

Su Chen coldly harrumphed and pulled out the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle crashed into the Light Shaking Realm cultivator in a blur.

The Light Shaking Realm cultivator hadn’t even regained his bearings when he saw a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle charging in his direction. His reactions were rather quick; an armor of sand quickly formed on the surface of his skin, preventing the Cloud-Piercing Shuttle from breaking through.

The Sand Race Light Shaking Realm cultivator was pressed against the body of the shuttle. He glared intently at Su Chen. “You!”

“Yes, it’s me,” Su Chen said with a slight smile and activated the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle again.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle suddenly shot into motion again, bringing that Light Shaking Realm cultivator far, far away.

The Light Shaking Realm cultivator had never even dreamed that he would receive this kind of treatment. The sheer momentum from Su Chen’s Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle was forcing his internal organs up against each other.

Even though his cultivation base was vast and he had an incredible amount of strength, he was unable to escape from the massive amount of pressure for a few moments. Thankfully, the opponent didn’t do anything to him; he had just briefly become a piece of paper blown away by the wind.

It wasn’t until they had reached the cloud layer, an incredibly dangerous area of space where massive flying Demonic Beasts could ambush them at any moment, that Su Chen suddenly stopped in place.

He said, “Goodbye!”

That Sand Race soldier could see Su Chen’s malicious expression through the crystalline viewport. He seemed to realize something and yelled loudly, “NO!”

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle unleashed a dazzlingly bright column of light.

Sky Lightning Cannon!

As the cannon boomed out, the Sand Race Light Shaking Realm cultivator was sent flying like a soccer ball into the sky, disappearing off into the horizon with a twinkle. It was a pity that he didn’t have the time to yell out, “I will return!”[1. Most likely a reference to a cartoon series about goats and wolves that is called “Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf”. This is the wolf’s catchphrase whenever he gets sent flying and is outsmarted by the goats.]

Su Chen knew that he definitely wouldn’t die. The Sand Race had a powerful innate constitution. This Sky Lightning Cannon wouldn’t kill him, but it would remove him from the action. The rest depended on his luck. The skies were filled with danger, with fierce birds of prey everywhere. Even Su Chen, who had the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle, didn’t dare fly around carelessly here. If this guy’s luck was bad, he might not ever reach the ground again.

Of course, Su Chen knew that he couldn’t pin his hopes on this, so after sending his opponent flying, he immediately turned the shuttle around and flew back down to the ground.

The battle going on below had come to its logical conclusion.

Everyone was stunned by how Su Chen had sent that Light Shaking Realm cultivator flying. The other Light Shaking Realm cultivator knew that he himself probably wouldn’t be able to escape, so he fought as hard as he could to try and create an opportunity for the others to escape.

Even though Patelocke was controlling the Mountain-Beheading Blade and chasing after them nimbly, a few Sand Race soldiers were able to escape on top of their large-crowned flying snakes.

When faced with this kind of situation, Patelocke could only sigh helplessly and turn around to put more pressure on the Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

That Light Shaking Realm cultivator was already in a bad position when he was being ganged up on in a three-on-one. Su Chen’s return was like a massive boulder that shattered the camel’s back — he parked the Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle not too far away and locked onto the opponent, then began to bombard him.

The Flood Dragon Emperor Shuttle Sky Lightning Cannon was very powerful, but it could only shoot in a straight direction and would glow brightly before firing, telegraphing where it was aiming. As such, its accuracy tended to be somewhat low. But if people were keeping the target tied down, the Sky Lightning Cannon was incredibly useful.

Su Chen unleashed cannon strike after cannon strike at what seemed to be a scarecrow, enjoying himself immensely.

No matter how strong the Sand Race Light Shaking Realm cultivator was, Su Chen’s constant barrage was injuring him seriously.

He howled furiously and attacked with all his might, but in the end he was unable to escape his fate of death. After expending everything and going all-out, he was finally captured.

The only reason he hadn’t been killed was because Su Chen didn’t want him dead yet.

“I need experimental subjects,” Su Chen said. “Light Shaking Realm experimental subjects.”

“Don’t you already have Sark?”

“The only thing better than one Light Shaking Realm test subject is two...... I can never have too many of these kinds of specimen,” Su Chen replied with a laugh.

As they gazed at his smile, Shi Mingfeng and Zhu Baiyu felt a shiver run down their spines.

Strange. Why had they felt a bit scared of him even though his cultivation base was far lower than theirs?

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