Chapter 58: Stroll

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 58: Stroll

Su Chen ended up staying with the Zhu Clan in Mountain Overlook City for three months.

During these three months, Zhu Xianyao helped Su Chen with his research as much as she could, so they were together almost every night. Because Su Chen was also modifying the medicine almost every day, they needed to indulge in their passion basically every night, sometimes even multiple times a day.

The first and perhaps the second time could have been considered an accident, but after that it became a habit.

Su Chen felt guilty about Gu Qingluo the first and maybe the second time, but that feeling soon began to fade.

Things were always like this. Once you fell through your bottom line, it would be adjusted and broken over and over again.

The situation even reached the point that, even without the medicine, the two of them might have had a go at it for no reason in particular.

It had to be said that both Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao enjoyed doing it far more when they were sober, because only when they were sober would they remember and experience those sensations deeply.

The others also quickly realized the sudden changes that had occurred between her and Su Chen.

The members of the Zhu Clan actually took it quite well. Su Chen’s promise had taken care of all the problems between them — the bigger a clan was, the more they valued profits. As long as Su Chen was willing to provide benefits, paying him with Zhu Xianyao wasn’t a problem. Back then, they had already promised to exchange Zhu Xianyao and a few other things with Su Chen; they were just carrying out their end of the deal many years later...... and they didn’t have to pay any of the “other” things either.

You Tianyang could only cry himself to sleep.

After finding out that Zhu Xianyao had lost her virginity, the little fatty was still holding onto his love for her. As long as Yaoyao was willing, he could overlook this matter. It wasn’t until later that he discovered that even if all he wanted was the leftovers, the other party wasn’t going to give him any.

Three months passed just like that. Zhu Xianyao began to mature under Su Chen’s guidance. Her figure became more womanly, and a flirtatious aura surrounded her without her needing to expend much effort. Even if she didn’t use her charming abilities, anyone who saw her would feel themselves being drawn in. It was hard to say if her natural charm was increasing or if it was the work of the Bewitching Passion Origin Substance.

Even so, Su Chen was unable to finish his research with the Bewitching Passion Origin Substance. It wasn’t that the substance was useless; actually, within the first month, Su Chen had completed a way to merge the Heavenly Fox Bloodline with the Bewitching Passion Origin Substance, allowing Zhu Xianyao’s bewitching techniques to be used on those who were an entire cultivation base tier higher than her.

In other words, Zhu Xianyao was now able to dazzle Light Shaking Realm cultivators while she was only at the Yang Opening Realm level.

This was quite an impressive increase.

The problem was, Su Chen was still having a lot of trouble getting rid of the Bewitching Passion Origin Substance’s side effect of also affecting the user. As soon as Zhu Xianyao used her bewitching abilities, she would be able to bewitch those a tier higher than herself, but she would also be drawn into the throes of passion.

Up to this point, Zhu Xianyao had already lost control over a hundred times, and every time she had used Su Chen to get rid of the problem.

This gave Su Chen a bit of happiness even as he fretted over this problem.

Unbeknownst to him, Su Chen’s bottom line was also constantly going lower and lower.

As per usual, today Su Chen was continuing his experiments.

“Strange. This kind of Origin Substance’s ability to cause chaos is mostly due to what happens after it enters the mind. As long as you can restrict its activity so that it isn’t able to enter your mind, then theoretically the user should be able to completely avoid its effects. So how come it’s not working?” Su Chen muttered to himself.

“If you can’t figure it out right now, don’t fret too much,” Zhu Xianyao comforted him. “This kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. Take it slow. If you’re too tired, you could go out for a walk to relax; perhaps you might be hit by some sudden inspiration.”

Upon hearing her say this, Su Chen thought for a moment and then nodded, agreeing. “You’re right. I’ve been cooped up in this room for more than enough time these past few days. I should go out for a walk; who knows, I really might think of something useful!”

The two of them smiled at each other, then walked out of the room.

Mountain Overlook City’s streets were filled with people, but there were far less Sand Race members this time. Pall’s disappearance had thrown the entire Sand Race into disarray, and all the Sand Race individuals who had been in a position to contest for the spot of the leader were duking it out right now.

The streets that were once occupied by the Sand Race hawkers had obviously become much more orderly. No one was forcing anyone else to buy wares, and there weren’t nearly as many unspoken taboos when doing business. Even the women could wander around the street, chatting and laughing with one another.

Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao walked down the street, buying whatever caught their eyes and trying whatever looked good to eat. They were exactly like a couple in love as they laughed and talked, enjoying each other’s company.

Su Chen was a young, handsome man full of vitality, and Zhu Xianyao was a graceful, peerless beauty. They made quite the couple and attracted the attention of those around them.

“Hey, does this one look good?” Zhu Xianyao asked Su Chen as she picked up an ornamental flower and placed it on her head.

Su Chen shook his head. “It’s too crude.”

Zhu Xianyao put down the ornamental flower and continued onwards. Immediately after, a pearl necklace caught her eye, and she asked Su Chen whether or not it was good.

Su Chen said, “Young Miss, this is the Lonely Swan Rampart. There’s no sea nearby, so where would the pearls come from? And even if there were, the price would be unbelievably high. How could it possibly be that cheap? This kind of thing is definitely fake.”

If this were one of the Sand Race hawkers, the seller might have already pulled a blade and attacked regardless of the fact that Su Chen’s logic was completely on point. The person selling the fake pearls, however, was a human, so he only cursed a few times under his breath.

Zhu Xianyao pouted. “But I like the way that it looks! So what if it’s fake?”

Her appearance was incredibly charming.

Su Chen knew that Zhu Xianyao was doing this on purpose. With her perception, how could she not tell that the pearls were fake? She was just relishing in the experience.

Relishing the feeling of throwing a small tantrum in front of the man she loved, relishing the experience of being gently cajoled by Su Chen.

It was a common saying that women in love would become stupid. It probably wasn’t that they had become stupid; they were probably just pretending to be a little silly.

However, the person she loved was Su Chen.

Su Chen wasn’t that affectionate, and he had no intentions of flirting around. He wouldn’t follow along with Zhu Xianyao’s prompts. All he said was, “If you like it, then you can buy it yourself. In any case, whether it’s real or not doesn’t seem to matter to Young Miss Zhu. If you have the money, then buy it.”

He left after speaking his piece.

He left Zhu Xianyao behind, her expression pouting as she stomped her feet in anger.

Someone who was trying to meddle laughed, “Hey, beauty, that dull piece of wood is no fun. He’s mean and miserly, so why follow him around? If you come with me, I’ll keep you happy every night.”

Zhu Xianyao slapped him without hesitating, causing that person’s vision to blur as he was knocked back onto his butt.

The Zhu Clan’s Young Miss had never had a good temper, and she was only gentle with Su Chen. An emboldened bystander wanted to try his luck, but he was still beaten. This was still in Long Sang Country as well, so Zhu Xianyao had gone easy on him; if this were in Liao Ye Country, he might have even been killed on the spot.

However, the person who had been hit was obviously unaware of this. He hadn’t expected that a single line of his would have earned him a hit, and anger immediately rushed to his head. “You slut, go die!”

A bunch of people charged forwards.

The conclusion was obvious. Everyone watched as people began to fall from the sky like dumplings as they collapsed into a pile on the ground.

The people watching the commotion all clucked their tongues in amazement. They had just been envying Su Chen, but suddenly they felt sympathy for him.

Zhu Xianyao walked forward, but attacking someone seemed to have alleviated a lot of her anger. She wrapped herself around Su Chen’s arm and said, “If you don’t think it’s good then I won’t want it anymore. If you won’t listen to me, then I’ll just accommodate you. Is that good enough for you?”

Where was any trace of her previously domineering, valiant attitude? The onlookers were so surprised that their jaws almost hit the floor.

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