Book 5, Chapter 97: Fate's Hands (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 97: Fate's Hands (2)

The name Chaotic Wind was a good description of these brothers' personalities.

They loved to create chaos!

They controlled a unique ability that allowed them to create chaos, obviously shown by the chaotic mixture of light that the brothers had just unleashed.

Ghost's Weeping was already an incredibly demonic Arcana Technique. When it was activated, it could cause a similar sentiment to resonate in the opponent's being. Their will would begin to decay, and they would lose the desire to keep fighting. Its outward manifestation was typically just as dark and evil. However, this version of Ghost Weeping unleashed by the black-skinned white-winged Harpy had actually taken on the appearance of saintly light.

Yes, saintly light, as if the technique was pure and holy.

However, Su Chen could clearly sense the evilness and killing intent lurking behind this thin veil of apparent purity.

It was still Ghost's Weeping, with all of its corrosive powers intact. However, its external appearance seemed to suggest otherwise.

The same went for Starlight Luster.

This Arcana Technique's outward manifestation should have been full of light, each streak of starlight dazzling beautifully so as to take the target's life while they were still awestruck. However, the white-skinned dark-winged’s version of the skill was much dimmer in comparison and hard to spot. The light was suffused with killing intent. If you treated it as a permeable Arcana Technique, you would be gravely mistaken, because its nature was still that of a powerful offensive skill.

The two Arcana Techniques still served the same purposes as before, but their outward appearances didn’t match up at all. Most opponents would probably make an error in judgment as a result.

Thankfully, Su Chen wouldn’t.

His powerful consciousness allowed him to immediately discern the fundamental attributes of these two Arcana Techniques and respond appropriately.

Lightning began to flicker across Su Chen’s body.

Lightning Wave was a Fourth-Ring Arcana Technique, but the powerful lightning bolts happened to be a perfect counter to an evil demonic technique like Ghost’s Weeping. Even though a Fourth-Ring technique was limited in comparison to a Sixth-Ring technique, Su Chen was still the one unleashing it!

The Arcana Techniques he was able to unleash all had unique attributes. Even though this attack was only at the Fourth-Ring level, he was able to draw out its maximum potential due to the fact that it directly countered the other Sixth-Ring Arcana Technique.

The result was that the powerful tendrils of lightning blasted Ghost’s Weeping into smithereens.

As for Starlight Luster, Su Chen used his powerful physical body to endure the attack.

This was a bit risky, not because his body wasn’t strong enough to handle it but because he was currently assuming the disguise of a Harpy. Harpies were rarely able to reach this level of physical strength. However, this was only slightly risky because there were still Arcana Techniques that could temporarily increase a person’s resilience. No one would know whether Su Chen had used one of these skills or not.

More importantly, Su Chen needed to defeat these two powerful opponents.

A second after he unleashed Lightning Wave, Su Chen activated another Arcana Technique.

Dazzling Glare.

This was a Fifth-Ring Arcana Technique that he was able to unleash by building off of the efforts of Flaming Femme. The radiant, piercing glare shone everywhere after forming.

But at the same time that he attacked, so too did the Chaotic Wind Brothers. A mix of black-and-white light appeared yet again, intertwining in the air as it raced towards Su Chen.

Su Chen didn’t hesitate to try and defend himself. He recognized this light as the Arcana Technique Silent Slaughter. This Arcana Technique possessed incredibly powerful killing ability. Normally, it was invisible, but it took on a black-and-white appearance via the hands of the Chaotic Wind Brothers.

Unexpectedly, just as Su Chen was about to react, the black and white light suddenly shot off at an angle. The strange flight path was incredibly hard to predict, making it very difficult for Su Chen to determine the direction it would head in.

The Chaotic Wind Brothers not only created chaos by swapping external appearances but also by causing their techniques to move in unpredictable ways.

The black and white streak of light was imbued with the essence of the Chaotic Wind Brothers, making it impossible for Su Chen to get a read on the attack and respond accordingly.

Even Su Chen was forced to admit that these two brothers were incredibly difficult to handle.

Of course, Su Chen would have been able to handle them if it was just the two of them.

The problem was that Flaming Femme was still present.

Su Chen was originally able to lock down Flaming Femme’s use of fire-type Origin Energy, but the interference of the Chaotic Brothers forced him to divert his attention. Flaming Femme was thus able to regain control of her fire-type Origin Energy.

The first thing that Flaming Femme did upon regaining control of her Origin Energy was to apply an Arcana Technique strengthener to herself.

This item was used to increase the power of her fire-type Arcana Techniques and would help her avoid what had happened earlier.

This was quite an effective tactic.

Next, Flaming Femme unleashed an Arcana Technique.


This Seventh-Ring Arcana Technique made it seem that a miniature sun had appeared in the sky, spitting out torrents of flames onto Su Chen.

These flame torrents were incredibly hot. Even steel would melt rapidly if it came into contact with those flames.

Most shockingly, these spurts of flames were all targeted at Su Chen, and no matter where he dodged, they would follow, leaving behind long scorch marks in the ground. As Su Chen leapt back and forth, the streaks of fire were like blades cutting up the Wind-Gathering Clan.

This was one of the unique strengths of Flaming Femme. Her mastery of flames was so precise that even the most violent flames would follow her command.

Sunstrike, Silent Slaughter - powerful Arcana Technique after powerful Arcana Technique came chasing after Su Chen, giving him quite a headache. He was forced to use Whitetower Teleportation repeatedly in order to escape, and the advantage he had possessed earlier began to disappear.

The two sides were deadlocked yet again.

Su Chen was also forced to get serious.

He pulled out the Lightless Ring.

Anyone who was familiar with Su Chen would have immediately realized that the form of the Lightless Ring had undergone a massive change.

The original Lightless Ring was merely a dull-looking ring-shaped weapon.

Its simple, unadorned appearance was its unique selling point.

Now, however, the Lightless Ring seemed to have been overlaid with glittering gold.

Its shape had also been drastically altered.

Whereas it was ring-shaped before, with razor-sharp edges, it was now much shorter than before and a sharp blade now protruded out of its center. Now, it was no longer a curved blade, but a large sword with a strange circular protective hilt.

Yes, a large sword.

Even though the sword protruding from the middle had yet to be fully formed, the foundations for a large sword had been laid. A large crystal had been embedded at the center of the hilt, glittering brilliantly.

“A weapon that hasn’t even been completed? Is that what you are relying on?” Flaming Femme chuckled coldly when she saw this.

After she had regained control of her fire-type Origin Skills, Flaming Femme knew that her opponent was definitely not a legendary Arcana Master. Otherwise, he would have killed her with a single slap. She just didn’t know how to break out of his stranglehold. But with the help of the Chaotic Brothers’, he couldn’t maintain his advantage, and Flaming Femme had regained her bravery.

Not only so, but she was even more determined to kill her opponent - since he could stifle her control of Origin Energy, he was basically a natural enemy to her. No matter what, she could not allow him to leave this place alive!

As her killing intent surged, so did her once waning self-confidence. She even felt bold enough to scorn him.

Su Chen smiled slightly in response. “No, this is a fully-formed Origin Tool.”

As he spoke, he slashed through the air with his sword.

Flaming Femme and the Chaotic Wind Brothers all sneered. Even the members of the Wind-Gathering Clan didn’t understand.

An Arcana Master had suddenly decided to fight with a sword, and with a half-finished one at that? What was he thinking?

However, they very quickly discovered that something was off.

As Su Chen swung the blade, the half-finished sword was gradually elongating.

At this point, the metal edge of the sword was expanding continuously, eventually forming a completed greatsword.

However, this was not the end.

The sword was still expanding, and flames suddenly flickered to life on its surface, intense waves of heat radiating out in all directions.

In that moment, Flaming Femme felt like she had run into a volcano!

“What is this?”

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Su Chen’s blade strike seemed like an Arcana Technique but not at the same time. Regardless of what it was, the attack exuded a boundless aura as it slammed down on their heads.

“Get out of the way!” Flaming Femme yelled.

The three Harpies simultaneously decided to dodge instead of facing this attack head-on. They unfurled their wings, using their incredible speed to avoid his attack.

Su Chen’s sword strike was continuing to advance.

The power of the flames spread along the length of the blade as it expanded, chasing after the three Harpies. It was so fast that it was almost was beginning to cover the entire territory belonging to the Wind-Gathering Clan.

Eventually, it began to swallow up all of the territory belonging to Dragon Mountain City as well.

How shocking!

All of the Harpies were forced into the air by this blade to avoid getting caught by the blade’s searing momentum. Thankfully, Su Chen was only chasing after Flaming Femme and the Chaotic Wind brothers. Otherwise, the Harpies probably would have suffered great losses.

The three Harpies were forced apart by Su Chen’s sword, its massive momentum scattering them mercilessly.

The Chaotic Wind Brothers were under immense pressure. Eventually, they glanced at each other, seemingly coming to a mutual decision.

In their view, even though Su Chen’s sword was very powerful, there was a possibility that it was just a show. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been suppressed by them like that earlier.

They would only know if it was real or fake by testing their suspicions.

The two of them teamed up, and a vicious ice storm began to brew.

Massive ice crystals began to swirl in the air, a violent gust of bone-piercing wind charging forwards to greet the flaming sword.

They were planning on facing off against Su Chen’s sword head-on.

When she saw this, Flaming Femme was startled. “No!”

The Chaotic Brothers thought that Su Chen’s sword was merely a bluff, but the experienced Flaming Femme knew that it was not.

She was very clear how much strength this sword strike contained.

Regardless, the icy wind still surged forwards, slamming into the massive flaming sword descending from the sky.

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