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Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 114: Mother Goddess Disciple


Su Chen glanced at his hand, speechless.

Despite his mastery from the consciousness crystal, his muscle memory was untrained, so as a novice, it was actually somewhat expected that his application of this technique was lacking.

However, this lack would sometimes result in serious consequences.

A perfectly good hostage had been lost just like that.

“It seems like my luck is not so good today,” Su Chen sighed.

Night God Sun was incensed. He howled, “Azure Mark! You must die!”

As he howled, all of the Mother Goddess Sect’s disciples and Li Daohong’s subordinates surged towards Su Chen.

This was such a large wave of experts that even Youthful Abundance covered her eyes in fear. Despite her belief that Azure Mark had become a Seventh-Ring Arcana Master recently, she still didn’t think that he could withstand the combined assault of all these experts.

In a sense she was right.

If he were a mere Seventh-Ring Arcana Master, Su Chen truly would not have been strong enough to withstand this tidal wave of experts.

But Su Chen wasn’t just a Seventh-Ring Arcana Master.

He was also a human Light Shaking Realm cultivator.

Most importantly, he didn’t need to directly withstand them.

As he gazed at all the Harpies charging in his direction, Su Chen chuckled and said, “Fine, it seems like there’s no point in me saying anything else. But thankfully, I never placed all of my hopes on the woman who betrayed me…… After all, doing so would have been a bit too laughable.”

“What other tricks could you possibly have up your sleeve?” Night God Sun yelled in rage as he shot an arrow at Su Chen.

Night God Sun was an extremely talented Supersonic Marksman amongst the ranks of the Harpy archers.

Supersonic Marksmen were known as such because their arrows were faster than the speed of sound. These arrows were naturally incredibly powerful and hard to defend against.

His arrow flew through the air. Only when it was right in front of Su Chen could he hear a thunderous boom.

This thunderous sound accompanied every twang of his bowstring.

You would always be hit by the arrow before you heard it.


The arrow slammed into Su Chen, generating a flurry of intense sparks.

Even Su Chen wasn’t able to dodge this arrow.

Thankfully, even if he was unable to dodge the arrow, he was able to neutralize it.

A projectile barrier had shimmered into being around Su Chen long before Night God Sun had even fired his arrow. Even though it was only a Fourth-Ring Arcana Technique, this barrier’s defensive power was enough to halt this incredibly powerful arrow. However, the arrow’s momentum continued and slammed into Su Chen, the impact forcing Su Chen back quite a bit.

Su Chen tumbled through the air for a brief moment before he was able to right himself. “What immense power.”

He chuckled.

He glanced at his projectile barrier and found that it had already been destroyed.

A normal projectile barrier could withstand around a hundred arrows before breaking, but a single arrow from Night God Sun had broken through the barrier.

Night God Sun attacked again, this time unleashing three arrows at once.

The other Harpy and human experts also attacked at this moment, inundating the sky with powerful Origin Energy that cascaded down towards Su Chen.

Su Chen’s response to this onslaught was very simple.

He immediately activated Whitetower Teleportation, disappearing and reappearing nearly a kilometer away.

“Now the stage is big enough!” Su Chen chuckled. “But I already told you all that I wasn’t planning on just relying on that woman to deal with you all. She was only a research subject for me, serving as food for my parasites. It seems now that the experiment was a success.”

As he spoke, a strange bug broke out from Flaming Femme’s corpse.

It was precisely the aforementioned Gluttonous Parasite.

Flaming Femme’s powerful flames hadn’t wounded it in the slightest. It actually emerged from her body still glowing red-hot, and only continued to grow larger from there.

The moment the parasite appeared was also the same moment that all of the Harpies’ attacks landed. Su Chen had managed to escape the onslaught, but it wasn’t able to. It was bombarded basically as soon as it appeared.

Even so, the Gluttonous Parasite wasn’t wounded by the turbulent energy in the slightest. In fact, it began to cry out with excitement.

“What kind of creature is this?” Everyone’s expressions shifted dramatically.

“I already told you guys. It’s a parasite!” Su Chen pointed at one of the Harpies in front of him, and the parasite immediately charged in his direction.

This Harpy was a Sixth-Ring Arcana Master. He was by no means weak, and his combat tactics were very steady. When he saw the Gluttonous Parasite charging towards him, he immediately applied a protective barrier to himself.

Unexpectedly, the parasite pounced on top of him and immediately bit down at the barrier, devouring it piece by piece as if it were food. With just a few bites, a large chunk had disappeared from the barrier. An instant later, and the parasite had already slipped its way inside the Arcana Master and was starting to devour him as well.

“Stop! Stop!” the Arcana Master howled madly, but the Gluttonous Parasite continued to chomp at the Arcana Master ceaselessly. Its attacks weren’t very powerful, but its elemental immunity made it impossible for the Arcana Master to harm it no matter how hard he tried. The ineffective attacks only resulted in even more pain and damage — the Arcana Master was literally being eaten alive, and he could only howl in despair and fear.

“What kind of creature is this?” Li Daohong was stunned.

Night God Sun stared angrily at Su Chen. “Is this the trump card that you prepared?”

“Not at all.” Su Chen shook his head before lightheartedly saying, “This is only an appetizer. The main course……”

He turned around. “Is already here.”

Another group of Harpies could be seen flying in their direction when he turned around.

When Li Daohong saw who their leader was, his pupils contracted in shock. “Holly Keen!”

Holly Keen was the guy he had fought during the battle at the Origin Light Castle.

He had actually appeared here.

Not only that, but it appeared that he had come here for the express purpose of dealing with Li Daohong.

This was because before he even arrived, Holly Keen began to yell, “Li Daohong, you bastard, I’ve finally found you! Hahaha!”

How was this possible?

How could Holly Keen possibly have known that he would appear here at this moment?

Li Daohong realized something as he recovered from his shock. He turned to face Su Chen. “You notified him?”

“Consider it a small gift that I prepared for you,” Su Chen said with a faint smile.

Li Daohong was stunned.

Who was this Harpy?

Why did this Harpy know about his past grievances with Holly Keen? And how had this Harpy managed to prepare all this beforehand?

Using Holly Keen to deal with him was truly a genius idea.

Holly Keen hadn’t managed to gain any advantage during their earlier battle, so his grudge with Li Daohong was quite deep.

As soon as he heard a rumor that Li Daohong might appear in this location, he had immediately decided to come here and make trouble for him.

“Holly Keen? Why are you here?” Night God Sun was stunned.

Holly Keen laughed loudly. “I’m naturally here to make trouble for Li Daohong. Night God Sun, this has nothing to do with you. I don’t care what you’re doing here, but I will not spare Li Daohong no matter what.”

As he spoke, he waved his arm, and his subordinates rushed towards Li Daohong, as did a large wave of puppets.

Because they had exchanged blows before, Holly Keen understood Li Daohong’s capabilities to a certain extent, and he had come prepared this time. He had brought many strong experts along with him, who immediately surrounded Li Daohong and his thousand subordinates completely.

Night God Sun stared angrily at Su Chen. “You……”

“Don’t worry. I have a present prepared for you too,” Su Chen chuckled.


This Harpy had managed to not only prepare something for Li Daohong but also for himself?

Night God Sun was stunned.

Su Chen then turned around and said, “Hey, is it really appropriate for you guys to just continue hiding there like that?”

As he spoke, a large group of Harpies slowly appeared. At the very front was an old man with a tall, pointed cap. He was holding a book in his hands.

The old man didn’t seem to mind being exposed by Su Chen. He said with a slight smile, “Sir Azure Mark, you are truly incredible. You were able to easily take command of the situation and use us to deal with your own problems. I, Inigo, respect your ability!”

“Fate’s Light Inigo?” When he heard this name, Night God Sun’s expression turned dark. “Azure Mark, you’re actually colluding with Fate’s Hands?”

Fate’s Light Inigo was an incredibly powerful individual amongst Fate’s Hands, and was actually the ninth most wanted criminal in all of Sky Country.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he was the ninth most powerful person in all of Sky Country.

Fate’s Light’s true strength was not in his personal strength, but rather in his ability to influence others.

Fate’s Hands had an institute that they used to train the younger generations, which they called the Spiritual Light Institute. They specifically recruited poor Harpies with no future to the institute. And the institute’s head was naturally Inigo himself.

The Spiritual Light Institute was basically where Fate’s Hands trained their future soldiers, and Inigo was the one responsible for brainwashing them and directing their entire life.

As such, many of the people in Fate’s Hands had studied under Inigo. It was obvious what kind of status he would have amongst the organization.

As a result, he was recognized as a sage by the members of Fate’s Hands.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t involved in the direct oversight of Fate’s Hands, even the head of the organization himself would have to show Inigo respect and defer to him as teacher.

Of course, Inigo was also incredibly strong. He was a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master, meaning that he was about as powerful as a high-tier Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator.

The Thought-Manifestation Realm was already a kingly realm, so Inigo could be considered a king of Arcana Techniques.

The most powerful individuals here should have been the two experts that Li Daohong and Night God Sun had brought with them. Li Daohong was being protected by a Thought Manifestation Realm cultivator, while Night God Sun was similarly guarded by an Eighth-Ring Arcana Master. They had been explicitly brought along to ensure their safety while traveling through the secret realm.

However, Inigo’s appearance was enough to completely turn the tables around. No one was stronger than him in terms of cultivation base here.

This wouldn’t have normally been such a big problem, since Li Daohong and Night God Sun were quite strong themselves and had also brought along large numbers of powerful subordinates. Li Daohong’s sacrificial warriors and Night God Sun’s Night God Guards were all fierce fighters that didn’t fear death. If they didn’t care about the cost, Li Daohong and Night God Sun definitely would have been able to kill this sage of Fate’s Hands by relying on sheer numbers.

But Holly Keen’s appearance had greatly restricted Li Daohong’s group’s strength. And this meant that Night God Sun would have a very hard time dealing with Inigo by himself. After all, Inigo hadn’t come on his own either; to his side stood a group of ferocious warriors.

This was why Night God Sun’s expression shifted drastically when he saw Inigo appear. He began to yell, “Holly Keen, why are you still holding onto your personal grudges at this kind of time? Help me deal with this Fate’s Hands guy first, and then you and Li Daohong can finish your battle.”

“Like hell I will,” Holly Keen shouted back impolitely. “Don’t think that I don’t know that you and Li Daohong are in cahoots. The only reason I’m able to beat Li Daohong up now without your interference is because you are preoccupied with Fate’s Hands. If I help you deal with them, you’ll be the first to attack me!”

“If we lose here, you won’t be in a good situation either,” Night God Sun said angrily.

Unexpectedly, Holly Keen chuckled loudly. “Forget about it, Night God Sun. Don’t think that I don’t know what your trump card is. Even Fate’s Light will have a hard time doing anything to you as long as you have that in your possession. You are not nearly as weak as you are making yourself seem.”

Night God Sun nervously barked, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Unexpectedly, Su Chen calmly inserted himself into the conversation here. “He’s naturally talking about the Divine Feather. Oh right, I think you actually need to use that feather to unlock the true secrets of this realm.”

“What did you say?” Everyone present turned to stare at Su Chen, stunned.

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