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Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 134: Entrance

The moment Su Chen took that hundredth step, the entire situation suddenly changed.

This change happened so suddenly, but it wasn’t earth-shaking. It was just that a strange space suddenly appeared, with Su Chen as the center.

The air around Su Chen seemed to have been solidified.

This skill was similar to Sumeru Void, but it was also similar to Flowing Light Forcefield or some other kind of spatial technique. In terms of fundamental essence, however, the technique was totally different.

Other spatial restrictive skills only congealed the air, making it hard to move.

In simple terms, this kind of spatial skill was not actually related to the void. Rather, it relied on controlling microscopic substances. Sumeru Void and Flowing Light Forcefield were no exception. By using Origin Energy to control these microscopic substances within a certain area of “space”, a person’s movements could be hindered. For this reason, these kinds of techniques were not actually based on space but on wind.

Wind was just the movement of air.

And these techniques merely caused air to stand still and stop flowing.

When the air particles were tightly compressed, they would create a section of dense airspace.

These techniques operated by the application of Origin Energy in the proper manner. This was not actually that strange or rare.

However, Su Chen’s situation was different.

Because there was no wind around him.

He couldn’t hear the sound of any wind around him, and he didn’t feel like he was treading water. It just felt like he had suddenly been encased in a block of metal.

Sumeru Void was like turning gas into water, making a person caught in its area of effect feel like they were submerged in water. This would make it hard for them to move and would slow them down. However, Su Chen felt as if the air around him had suddenly become solid. It became hard for him to even move a single finger, let alone move at all.

If you were sealed inside a block of metal, how would you move?

The density of the air around him was incredibly high.

It was so high that it was almost unscientific.

Yes, even the Primordial Continent valued science. Otherwise, what would Su Chen possibly have to research?

But what was happening to Su Chen was truly unscientific. It was hard to understand or describe.

This wasn’t due to the compression of the air around Su Chen; it was as if those microscopic particles of air had suddenly changed phase. This was a tremendous change.

It truly was unscientific and profound.

A profound world involved profound thoughts. Any other Intelligent Race probably would have claimed that the situation before their eyes was totally illogical and unscientific.

EVen so, this was the true profound nature of cultivation!

This was method power!

Method power belonging to Kelesda.

Under the application of this method power, Su Chen found it impossible to move. He was completely stuck.

Kelesda chuckled. “You didn’t expect that, did you? Apart from my thunder method power, I also have the ability to imprison an individual!”

“Spatial……? No, that’s not it. This kind of restriction is a result of totally changing the phase of an element. I’m basically stuck in a block of metal,” Su Chen muttered to himself. He discovered then that the words he spoke were taking physical form. This was quite similar to what had happened at first with Kelesda, but this time the words were not so stable. They disappeared shortly after appearing, returning to their surroundings.

“You can still speak?” Kelesda was stunned.

Under most circumstances, this kind of metallic seal was not actually that powerful against most Origin Qi Scholars.

The problem was that, after this solidified space had appeared, Origin Energy was no longer present. In other words, any Origin Qi Scholar wouldn’t be able to use Origin Energy to do anything. They would suddenly have become a commoner and would only be able to rely on their physical strength.

To Arcana Masters, this was fatal.

Ravagers would be slightly better off. After all, they relied on their physical bodies most of the time.

This was why Su Chen wasn’t in as terrible a condition as he thought. He had the physique of a peak-tier Totemic Warrior, after all.

Not only could he speak, but he could also move.

He slowly lifted his hand and discovered that the space around him began to slowly crack. The metal surrounding him was morphing due to his movements, and the invisible air suddenly appeared incredibly tangible, even beginning to swirl around Su Chen again.

However, the incredibly thick metal walls would only bulge but not break under Su Chen’s strength. These walls were much more powerful than mountains. Kelesda had expended all of his energy to use a tactic like this - he had truly gone all-out in order to try and catch Su Chen.

Kelesda was stunned when he saw that Su Chen could still move. “How are you able to do that? You’re too strong. Thankfully, however, you still have no way of escaping from my restrictive technique!”

“What restrictive technique? This is just the method power of metals. Is this the trump card you have been hiding this entire time? But it appears to be incredibly limited, as you can only use it on targets that are close to you. That’s why you weren’t able to use it last time. In addition…… This is the upper limit of the power of your technique, is it not?” Su Chen asked.

“You are indeed very smart,” Kelesda chuckled. “But you are too arrogant. Even though you appear very confident, I cannot imagine how you are planning on escaping from this.

Su Chen said, “I don’t have a way of getting out of here, because before this I didn’t know what your trump card was. Since I didn’t know what your trump card was, I wasn’t able to prepare accordingly. It would have been impossible for me to escape from your control.”

Kelesda was delighted. “As long as you are aware of that.”

Su Chen continued, “But the same also applies for you. You do not know what my trump card is. I have some tricks up my sleeve as well that make sure I can handle anything you throw at me.”

As he spoke, his body actually began to twist and morph, turning into a unique kind of Origin Energy.

Within this block of metal, Origin Energy actually appeared.

That Origin Energy had come from within his body, and was the only energy that Kelesda couldn’t have possibly converted. However, the amount of Origin Energy that was present was far greater than Kelesda had anticipated. A powerful wave of heat began to radiate from Su Chen’s body, and the metal around Su Chen’s body began to melt as a result, eventually turning into molten lava that bubbled around Su Chen.

Su Chen had turned himself into a man of flames. The Origin Energy in his body had combusted, burning as the simple element of fire.

Next, a strange, unexpected wind began to blow, churning up the magma and turning it into a massive flaming dragon. This was the result of combining the elements of wind and fire.

Even so, this was still not enough. Rays of lightning danced across the surface of the flaming dragon’s body.

The three elements of fire, wind, and thunder combined to form this howling, raging dragon.

This was one of the new Arcana Techniques Su Chen had developed. The Flaming Phoenix had been boosted to the Windfire Lightning Dragon. Due to the combination of three elements, its power was incredible.

Even so, this wasn’t what shocked Kelesda the most.

He wasn’t afraid of a powerful Arcana Technique, even if it was a legendary one.

After all, he was a legendary Arcana Master himself.

However, he discovered that the individual that had unleashed such a powerful attack wasn’t Su Chen’s main body.

Specifically, this wasn’t Halcyon Wing Streak - it was just a clone that Halcyon Wing Streak had formed from his Origin Energy.

As such, this Windfire Lightning Dragon was merely unleashed from a clone. In other words, this Windfire Lightning Dragon was originally that clone itself.

That was frightening.

How could his opponent’s clones be that powerful?

And why hadn’t he been able to see through them?

This didn’t make any sense!

Kelesda couldn’t wrap his head around what had just happened.

“How did you do that? This should be impossible!” he yelled loudly.

“How did I do it? You’ve already seen me use this skill over a year ago.” Another Su Chen spoke, still hidden deep within the restricted area.

Indeed, the individual who had walked out was merely a clone. This clone had managed to deceive even Kelesda.

The reason this clone was able to deceive Kelesda was because he didn’t understand the intrinsic essence of the clones.

These clones had been made from his own blood, so in some sense they were extensions of himself. He hadn’t been able to trick others in the past because he had used too little blood - the consumption of a large quantity of blood essence would have resulted in a drastic decrease in strength, and his cultivation would have stagnated. As such, it was only natural that he would avoid consuming too much of his own blood essence.

However, Su Chen hadn’t been particularly reserved with his use of blood essence in this past year or so.

He had stored up far more than Kelesda had anticipated. Actually, the power in that clone was greater than what Su Chen possessed in himself.

In other words, Su Chen had infused more blood essence into this clone than he even possessed in the first place. As a price, Su Chen’s cultivation base had actually begun to regress during this period of time.

However, Su Chen found it quite easy afterwards to construct a replica of himself. Actually, his clone exploded with more power than Su Chen himself probably would have been able to achieve..

As such, the clone’s shocking power allowed it to completely destroy Kelesda’s restrictive field - method power was very powerful, but it wasn’t invincible and wouldn’t be active at any given moment.

Even if method powers were like huge treasure stores, the money inside could still only be spent in conventional ways.

It was only natural that Kelesda’s restrictive field collapsed under the onslaught of Su Chen’s techniques.

However, this was not the most important point. The most important point was that he had missed an opportunity to catch his opponent and had also given Su Chen an opportunity to counterattack.

Su Chen said, “I gave you an opportunity, Kelesda, but you refused to take it. Since that’s the case, then I’ll have you take a look at my techniques instead.”

As he spoke, the Windfire Lightning Dragon charged downwards yet again.

However, it was not attacking Kelesda, but the mountain itself.

The Thousand Poisons Mountain.


The molten magma bored through the ground, melting away any rocks in its path before piercing deep into the ground.

Shockingly, a massive tunnel system suddenly appeared beneath the ground.

Even with the power of the Windfire Lightning Dragon, it would have taken quite a bit of time for it to create such a big hole. It would probably have expended all of its energy after digging a hundred feet down.

However, now that it had found a naturally-existing tunnel, the amount of energy being consumed had drastically decreased.

The dragon followed the path of the tunnel as it descended.

Kelesda suddenly realized what was happening, and his expression drastically shifted. “NO!”

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