Book 5, Chapter 137: Extraordinarily Suicidal

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 137: Extraordinarily Suicidal

When a Desolate Beast howled, everything withered!

Nothing could withstand the might of a Desolate Beast.

Su Chen couldn’t either.

Or at the very least, not right now.

But as he plummeted to the ground, he did manage to do one thing.

He pulled out an Origin Tool.

Floating Board.

Floating Board was a flying Origin Tool. A person would be able to fly by standing on it, but to Light Shaking Realm cultivators or most Harpy Arcana Masters, this kind of contraption was useless.

It was just a low-tier Origin Tool.

Additionally, Su Chen hadn’t bought this low-tier Origin Tool from anywhere — he had actually created it from the resources he had on hand. To make this low-tier Origin Tool, he had salvaged two high-tier Origin Tools.

The power of a Desolate Beast could affect any biological creature’s vitality and disrupt the flow of their Origin Energy.

However, a Desolate Beast’s might was ineffective against an inanimate tool.

This was because tools had no vitality. No matter how powerful the beast was, the tool’s abilities would always be unaffected.

And this kind of Origin Tool that only really affected itself in particular would be even less influenced by the environment.

Su Chen and Patelocke had been diligently making thorough preparations during these past three months. In their work, they found nine different records of human-Desolate Beast conflicts and thoroughly perused them, hoping to glean some insights. One of the most important quirks that they found in those records was that Origin Tools played a very important role if a person was unable to resist a Desolate Beast’s power on their own.

In the past, humans had not only relied on sheer numbers, but also on large numbers of Origin Tools to hunt down the Desolate Beasts.

When a Desolate Beast howled and disrupted the surrounding environment, anybody unable to resist their influence would at least be able to use their Origin Tools to continue and attack the Desolate Beast. As such, their deaths might not be completely in vain.

This was one of the most important discoveries that Su Chen had made while trying to figure out a way to deal with the Desolate Beast.

Of course, Su Chen had no delusions about actually defeating a Desolate Beast with an Origin Tool. But at the very least, he would be able to remain airborne.

With this Floating Board, he was able to rapidly halt his descent before turning around and flying off to the side.

Kelesda also howled at the same time.

This roar was not nearly as intense as the Desolate Beast’s, but it did cause the air around him to suddenly congeal.

Thunder Method Power.

This time, it was being used to stabilize his Origin Energy.

Method Power was even less affected by turbulent Origin Energy than Origin Energy tools. Even though its effects were weakened, the thunder Method Power was able to cut through the pressure emanating from the Desolate Beast. He had managed to find some secure footing even when in a dire situation.

Even so, that was all he could find.

The Desolate Beast was still emerging from the ground, and as it did so, an even greater pressure began to emanate from its body.

The Floating Board and thunder Method Power might have helped Su Chen and Kelesda stabilize their situations, but their bodies still had to endure the immense pressure coming off of the Desolate Beast. When faced against this gargantuan creature, they were just like two small mosquitoes.

But because they were still existences at the top of the food chain, Su Chen and Kelesda were able to endure.

At this point, most of the Desolate Beast had emerged from the ground. It was apparent now that it was actually a giant toad.

Its flat, triangular head, and its bumpy back, as well as its ugly croak all clearly spelled out, without a doubt, that this creature was a toad.

An incredibly poisonous toad!

And this toad’s poisonous nature was its most frightening aspect. Every pore on its back was a poisonous spring, and each poison spring contained different types of poisons that were all mixed together, forming a mixture impossible to treat with a single antidote. This was the source of all the poison in Thousand Poisons Mountain — the powerful poison coming from the body of a Desolate Beast was impossible for even a legendary Arcana Master to withstand on his own.

However, the poison of this Desolate Beast had ended up being neutralized by one man, and that lone fact had laid the foundation of Su Chen’s battle with Kelesda.

However, now that the Desolate Beast had fully appeared in all its strength, its toxicity wasn’t the biggest problem anymore. Its raw strength far outstripped any possible comparison with its poison.

The overwhelming might of a Desolate Beast was not something that Su Chen or Kelesda could contend with.

The poisonous toad began to croak towards the sky as soon as it appeared.

Even though it was merely croaking angrily about having been awakened from its pleasant dreams, it wasn’t targeting Kelesda and Su Chen. These two mosquitos weren’t even worth its attention. It might have been irritated, and so it was most likely howling just to vent some of its frustration.

It was only natural for the toad to do that.

This howl, however, carried with it the imposing manner of a Desolate Beast, and it rumbled in all directions, traveling an incredibly far distance.

All of Sky Country’s powerful individuals simultaneously felt a strange sensation surface in their heart. They realized that a scary creature had probably awakened.

Kelesda and Su Chen felt a bit faint when they were blasted in the face with the might of this howl. Thankfully, this howl did not contain Method Power, so Su Chen was able to defend himself with Heart Walls and Kelesda his thunder Method Power. Even so, they were quite badly shocked.

When faced with this kind of situation, Su Chen called out, “Kelesda, are you still trying to fight? It’d be better for us to join forces and just try to make it out alive!”

Kelesda angrily replied, “Even if I die, I will never team up with you!”

As he spoke, he unleashed another streak of lightning at Su Chen.

Not every person was as spineless as Inigo. Kelesda was a legendary Arcana Master, so it was only natural that he had his own pride to maintain.

Su Chen had dealt a serious blow to Fate’s Hands, so his hatred of Su Chen was bone-deep. Kelesda was willing to pay any price to kill Su Chen — at this point, he even believed that there was nothing more for him to lose.

“Fine, have it your way then.” Su Chen knew that there was no point in trying to talk sense into Kelesda.

All he could do now was fight.

And as they fought, the Thousand Poisons Toad also fought.

Clouds of poisonous fog spurted into the air.

The Thousand Poisons Toad had killed all of the nearby living creatures at this point.

Because it wasn’t used to the circumstances it found itself in, the Thousand Poisons Toad was obviously in a crabby mood.

It spat out multiple clouds of poisonous smoke as soon as it appeared, almost as if it wanted to completely envelope itself in poison.

That was its instinctive response to try and improve its surroundings slightly. Unfortunately, it was not actually strong enough to alter the environment of the entire Primordial Continent. And in fact, its actions actually resulted in a strong backlash from the continent itself.

Su Chen and Kelesda watched as, to their shock, a strange vortex appeared in the air. This vortex was like a black hole, and it constantly revolved and sucked in large quantities of the poisonous miasma, which then disappeared without a trace. The Thousand Poisons Toad’s attempts to alter its environment were rendered completely pointless.

It howled with anger, but to no avail. The vortex continued to churn even after absorbing the poisonous miasma. It looked just like a large green eye, coldly staring at the poisonous toad.

“This is……” Su Chen muttered to himself.

“Method Power?” Kelesda was also stunned.

The miraculous occurrence taking place before their eyes was a spectacular demonstration of Method Power.

And this Method Power was many, many times stronger than the Method Power that Kelesda controlled.

It was as if the will of the Heavens had restricted the might of the Thousand Poisons Toad, preventing it from growing even stronger.

Almost as if a net was restricting the extent of the Thousand Poisons Toad’s power.

However, the holes in this net were so large that the net basically didn’t exist for Su Chen and Kelesda.

As such, they had no choice but to continue trying to run when faced with the might of the Thousand Poisons Toad.

Actually, the appearance of this vortex had landed them in an even worse spot.

Because of the Method Power’s restrictions, the Thousand Poisons Toad grew even more agitated. It had no way of altering its environment with its appearance, so it could only howl in rage and thrash about, causing the terrain nearby to collapse into a giant cloud of dust. However, it appeared that the Method Power would ignore it as long as it didn’t make too big of a commotion.

As it wantonly expressed its frustrations, sending waves of energy roiling in every direction, Su Chen and Kelesda were instantly thrown into a miserable state.

Even so, Kelesda was still taking every opportunity he could to attack Su Chen.

Spears made of lightning shot through the air at Su Chen one after another, each spear incredibly powerful. When combined with the deluge of poison surrounding them, it was apparent that the spears would soon become the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Kelesda was a legendary Arcana Master. His might was truly shocking when he attacked at full strength. Most importantly, Kelesda had a legendary Arcana Technique called Sixth Sense that preemptively warned him of any potential threats. Additionally, the longer he used it for, the more effective it would be.

As the battle went on, Kelesda’s Sixth Sense only grew stronger and stronger. As such, he became more and more free to attack as he pleased. Even though he was also subjected to the same torrent of poison and appeared to be in incredibly dire straits, the poison just didn’t seem to harm him.

Su Chen was also aware that Kelesda had this skill. He knew that Kelesda was using it as soon as he saw this situation.

“I heard that you got stronger as you fought, but now I am witnessing it for myself,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

Sixth Sense was truly worthy of its title as a legendary Arcana Technique. Even with a Desolate Beast attacking him, Kelesda still found many opportunities to attack Su Chen.

Of course, that was only because the Thousand Poisons Toad wasn’t treating them as an enemy.

Two buzzing mosquitoes weren’t even worth its time.

But if those two mosquitoes dared to try and suck its blood, that was a different matter entirely.

Su Chen sighed. “So it seems that…… I still have to be a bit more suicidal.”

As he spoke, the Primordial Blood Incarnation appeared behind his back — at that moment, he didn’t care about concealing his true identity anymore. The four-faced giant brandished a blade covered in flickering black flames.

This was Su Chen’s strongest state. The Flowing Gold Blade glowed darkly as Su Chen slashed down with all his might.

But his target was not Kelesda.

Kelesda was stunned. “Don’t……”

But his words weren’t able to slow Su Chen in the slightest. A moment later, the Flowing Gold Blade fell heavily onto the Thousand Poisons Toad’s back.

This strike was the distillation of all of Su Chen’s power, and it included his physical strength, Ninth-Ring Arcana Master status, and even some of his thunder and wind Method Power.

This sword strike was enough to shatter mountains and slay Thought-Manifestation Realm cultivators. He was already very close to the limit of what was physically possible for a human.

Even though this attack wouldn’t deal much damage to a Desolate Beast, its strength was more than sufficient to cause it to bleed.


As the sword cut into flesh, a fountain of purplish-black blood began to spurt into the air.

Even though the blood appeared to be gushing out forcefully, it really was as insignificant as a mosquito bite to the Thousand Poisons Toad.

But being bitten by a mosquito was enough to infuriate it.

“ROARR!” With a fierce howl, the Thousand Poisons toad turned around.

This time, it was staring right at Su Chen and Kelesda.

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