Book 5, Chapter 139: Mother Goddess Temple(1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 139: Mother Goddess Temple(1)

Su Chen shot through the air like a streak of light.

He had finally managed to escape. After his huge risk had paid off, Su Chen was finally able to redirect Kelesda’s attention.

He had created his clone from his large reserve of blood essence, so controlling it for a little while wouldn’t be a problem. By the time it ran out of energy, Su Chen would be long gone.

As for the Thousand Poisons Toad, Su Chen wasn’t worried about it in the first place - it had never viewed him as a threat.

However, this didn’t mean that the situation had necessarily been resolved.

Su Chen hadn’t forgotten about Kelesda’s pursuit technique. As soon as Kelesda discovered that this clone was fake, he would immediately turn around and chase after him. Actually, Su Chen had sensed that clone’s death half an hour ago.

He could only hope now that the clone had bought him enough time and that Kelesda’s pursuit technique wouldn’t be able to track him. Otherwise, he would be in big trouble.

As Su Chen continued to fly through the air, he suddenly felt a prickling sensation in his heart.

He turned around to find a person chasing after him in hot pursuit.

It was Kelesda.

“Damn!” Su Chen couldn’t help but curse.

This pursuit technique was really too reality-defying. How was Kelesda able to track him over such a long distance?

“Halcyon Wing Streak, you won’t be able to run!” Kelesda howled from off in the distance.

Su Chen shook his head. “I have quite a bit of respect for you, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to catch me.”

As he spoke, his figure flickered and disappeared.

Light Shaking Phantom.

After leaving the Thousand Poisons Mountain, Su Chen had taken this into account and had created a few more clones.

These clones could fly as they pleased because they weren’t being affected by Kelesda. As such, they had flown roughly the same distance in a different direction as Su Chen had.

Kelesda had caught up to the main body, but Su Chen had plenty of clones nearby and was able to teleport wherever he wanted.

Kelesda was momentarily taken aback when he saw Su Chen disappear. He pulled out a crystal from his Origin Ring, in which he could see Su Chen’s fleeing figure.

“Over there!” Kelesda shot off in a different direction.

Meanwhile, one of Su Chen’s clones was flying through the air when it suddenly took on physical form. The true body had taken the place of the fake.

Su Chen sighed with relief when he saw that his surroundings were clear. He scattered a few more clones around before continuing to advance.

He was very clear that Kelesda would probably arrive on the scene sooner rather than later.

Indeed, two to three hours later, Kelesda had once again caught up to him. Su Chen ignored Kelesda and immediately teleported away as soon as he saw him.

Light Shaking Phantom expended a lot of energy when teleporting long distances, but since it took Kelesda a few hours to catch up to Su Chen, Su Chen had more than enough time to rest.

However, this would also make it very difficult for Su Chen to permanently shake Kelesda.

Kelesda was like a nightmare, constantly hounding him every so often.

The two of them continued this game of cat-and-mouse, even reaching a sort of tacit understanding. Su Chen would activate Light Shaking Phantom at a given moment before even seeing Kelesda, and Kelesda would automatically slow down if he ever saw Su Chen, because he knew what was going to happen next.

Even so, Kelesda had no intentions of letting Su Chen get away.

The destruction of Fate’s Hands tormented Kelesda without end. Even if he had to chase Su Chen to the ends of the continent, he would never forgive him.

Su Chen was also beginning to grow aggravated. After all, Kelesda was the one who had tried to capture him in the first place, and now he was insisting on making life hard for Su Chen.

Fine, will you go with me wherever I go? I want to see whether you truly have the right to be so overbearing.

When Su Chen thought of this, he suddenly directed all of his clones to head towards Sky City.

If you have the balls, let’s continue our fight at Sky City.

This was a wordless challenge Su Chen had issued to Kelesda.

Kelesda understood.

He accepted.

Near Sky City.

This city had been deemed invincible throughout the history of the Primordial Continent.

This fort, which had taken an astronomical amount of manpower to create, had even managed to go head-to-head with a Desolate Beast before.

However, since it had been considered invincible for so long, it had gradually begun to change.

It had become larger.

Other kinds of terrain appeared on its surface, including mountains, rivers, fields, and even villages.

Sky City had become more like a small country in and of itself, but this territory, which was only really large enough to contain a city, now encompassed an entire country.

In some sense, Sky Country was basically Sky City. Those living on the outskirts of the main city were like pioneers. There was even some discrimination and prejudice against those who lived outside of the city.

Regardless, the formerly invincible, impenetrable Sky City had become a bustling kingdom centered around a battle fort.

There were constantly Harpies coming and going, making it an important hub for transportation.

To the Harpies, Sky City was like a holy land. As long as an individual was a Harpy, they would come from time to time to pay their respects.

The center of this worship was at the top of Sky City - the Mother Goddess Sect’s temple.

The Mother Goddess Temple was the Vatican of the Mother Goddess Sect. The Heavenly Mother was embodied by a statue of a female Harpy, standing at the very top of Vast Cloud Peak. Countless Harpies would make vows of religious piety there.

The Mother Goddess Sect served as a unifying force for the entire Sky Country.

The current head of the Mother Goddess Sect, Serene Dream Lotus Crown, was a person of immense importance. He, along with Eternal Night, governed Sky City quite effectively. In addition, his pioneering spirit was quite impressive.

At this point, the Mother Goddess Sect received thousands of visitors a day. They would come from all over Harpy territory to pay their respects. As they ascended the mountain, they would kowtow every three steps and bow every five steps to demonstrate their piety.

Because they were unified in their faith, and the place was strictly monitored, there was no chaos in this place despite the sheer numbers of people present. Many Harpies had made the journey to the top of Vast Cloud Peak, but it was still very calm and peaceful. Only a religious sect could create this kind of environment.

However, this peaceful situation was going to be disrupted.

When Su Chen arrived, a large group of Harpies were in the process of walking up the mountain.

Su Chen closed his wings and descended. He quickly created some clothes and put them on so that he would look like a common Harpy before mixing amongst the crowd and heading for the top of the mountain.

However, he had no patience to kowtow every three steps, so he began to climb extremely rapidly. Thankfully, this kowtowing every three steps was not a strict rule, so there were some disciples who chose not to do so. Su Chen’s actions, therefore, were not extremely out of the ordinary.

But even the most insincere disciples would at least slow their footsteps as they climbed the mountain, maintaining a certain modicum of solemnity.

It was very rare to see a person hurry up the mountain like Su Chen.

When one of the Mother Goddess Sect’s disciples saw Su Chen, he stopped him and said, “Your actions are all being observed by the Mother Goddess. Please, be certain to demonstrate the respect that you should show.”

Su Chen replied, “I have always humbled myself before the Mother Goddess, but today I do not have the time to do things slowly. I must meet with Bishop Moonless Face as soon as possible.”

As he spoke, he took off his mask, revealing Halcyon Wing Streak’s face. “I am Halcyon Wing Streak, his disciple.”

When he heard this, the disciple was obviously taken aback before he replied, “Bishop Moonless Face is not here right now. He has gone to Night Spirit City.”

Night Spirit City was where most of the Nightfrost Nest’s strength was. Moonless Face was originally the head of Nightfrost Nest, but he was unable to keep that position after he had been captured by the humans. Now, it appeared that this former leader wanted to reclaim his original position and was working hard on earning it back.

Actually, Su Chen didn’t want to meet with Moonless Face at all. The only reason he had brought it up was to confirm whether or not he was actually present. Him not being here was actually beneficial.

After all, Moonless Face understood Halcyon Wing Streak the best. With him present, Su Chen’s risk of being found out was much greater.

When he heard this, he internally sighed with relief, but outwardly his expression sank. “I have important news to relay. Who should I look for?”

“The current person in charge is Miss Flowing Jade Fragrance.”

“Good!” Su Chen then continued to advance. The guard saw this but made no further move to stop him.

Flowing Jade Fragrance was currently sitting in the temple located in the Mother Goddess Temple, overseeing a ritual.

As a very young Head Bishop, Flowing Jade Fragrance’s status within the sect wasn’t sturdy yet. This made it so that she was extremely careful about everything she said and did. She had a very low tolerance for any mistakes or flaws.

However, there was going to be someone who upset her today.

A young Harpy charged into the main temple. After a quick glance, he headed in her direction.

Flowing Jade Fragrance’s eyes widened slightly. Without her even saying anything, two guards strode forwards to meet him.

Very quickly, however, she discovered that the guards stopped trying to seize him after merely a few sentences. One of the guards hurried back to report to her.

Flowing Jade Fragrance realized that this was probably something important.

The guard hurried over to Flowing Jade Fragrance and reported in a low voice, “This is Bishop Moonless Face’s disciple Halcyon Wing Streak. He has something to report to the sect head.”

“It’s him? The guy who was humiliated by those humans?” Flowing Jade Fragrance’s eyebrow jumped.

She had never met Halcyon Wing Streak before, but news of his capture had spread far and wide across Sky City.

Apparently, he had left Sky City not long after returning for some unspecified location. So why would he suddenly appear here?

“How ignorant!” Flowing Jade Fragrance frowned.

She just didn’t look favorably upon Halcyon Wing Streak. In her opinion, he should have committed suicide after being humiliated in that kind of manner. The fact that he was still alive meant that he accepted the shame heaped on him.

How could such a filthy person even think about meeting with the sect master? Did he want to smear the human stench on his body all over the sect master as well?

However, Flowing Jade Fragrance still asked, “What is so important that you can only say it in front of the sect master?”

“This matter is related to the changes that occurred just a few days ago to the southwest.”

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