Book 5, Chapter 142: Ransack

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 142: Ransack

The guards simultaneously fell under Su Chen’s control, revealing bewildered expressions as they did so. Some of them appeared to be fighting Su Chen’s influence quite hard.

It wasn’t that their consciousnesses were stronger than Flowing Jade Fragrances. Rather, it was more so that Su Chen’s consciousness was taking on a huge strain by trying to control thirty guards at once. It was such a strain that it was actually making it hard for him to completely maintain control over them.

The thirty guards, especially the Eighth-Ring Arcana Master and the templar captain, fought back fiercely.

When Su Chen saw that a few people seemed to be on the verge of escaping from his control, he frowned and said, “Kill them!”

As he spoke, he pointed at a few of the guards.

Flowing Jade Fragrance charged forwards and began attacking repeatedly. Only after she killed the tenth guard did Su Chen command, “Enough!”

Flowing Jade Fragrance immediately stopped.

With ten less targets, the pressure on Su Chen’s consciousness had greatly decreased. After exerting his full strength, he was finally able to bring the rest of the Harpy guards under his control.

“Stand guard here and don’t let anyone else inside,” Su Chen commanded as he headed for the Mother Goddess statue within the main hall.

The Mother Goddess statue was not as grandiose or majestic as the large one outside, but it was much more delicately sculpted, and it exuded a saintly aura.

Anyone immersed in this aura would experience an increased Origin Energy sensitivity, and their consciousness power would also improve.

This was most likely the effect of some kind of unique domain, which had incredibly useful benefits towards one’s cultivation. And because this place was not a designated cultivation grounds, a person would have to provide offerings if they wanted to cultivate here. This served as a kind of motivation for pious individuals, and it also further strengthened their faith in the Mother Goddess.

Well, it did have to be said that believing in a god did have its benefits.

But these benefits were not enough to sway Su Chen. Not only did he not believe in gods, but he even wanted to profane them.

He stood in front of the Mother Goddess statue and quickly located the Divine Feather. It was inserted between the plumage of the female image, glowing with a unique golden color. There was no doubt that this was the Divine Feather.

Under the care of the Mother Goddess statue, it didn’t need to be sealed. Instead, it could absorb as much divine power as it pleased while releasing it radiantly in all directions.

Su Chen was just about to step forward and simply take it when Flowing Jade Fragrance said, “You cannot take it by force. You must first demonstrate your sincerity by worshipping her and offering the appropriate litany.”

“Bow and worship her?” Su Chen was taken aback. Was this really the only way for him to request the Divine Feather from the Mother Goddess?

He didn’t reject that notion outright. Since this protocol had previous precedent, there was naturally some truth to it. But was he willing to satisfy the requirements?

He wasn’t a sincere disciple anyways. If this statue had even a semblance of intelligence, nothing would happen even if he did bow and worship it.

As for these Harpies…...

They were under his control, so the issue of whether the statue would consider them as true Mother Goddess Sect disciples was up for debate.

However, Su Chen still ended up saying, “You go and give it a try.”

Flowing Jade Fragrance stepped forward, knelt down in front of the statue, and chanted the litany as was necessary.

However, Su Chen could tell that Flowing Jade Fragrance lacked all sincerity since she was under Su Chen’s absolute control. She was merely performing her duties diligently as Su Chen had commanded.

Under normal circumstances, this prayer should have immediately dislodged the feather.

But no matter how hard and long Flowing Jade Fragrance prayed for, the feather didn’t move at all.

Su Chen shook his head. “No need to pray any further. It seems that it won’t be of any use.”

As he spoke, he stepped forwards and reached out to brusquely grab the Divine Feather.

In that instant, however, the feather began to glow intensely. The female statue actually turned around to face Su Chen as she cried out in a strange voice, “You audacious disciple, you actually dare to steal a divine object? You must be punished for your blasphemous actions!”

As this cry resounded through the room, Su Chen suddenly felt like something had slammed into his mind, sending him reeling. His mind was filled with a saintly light that expunged all thoughts from his mind he had been thinking about until that very moment.

“AHH!” Su Chen cried out as he cradled his head.

At the same time, the templars and Arcana Masters that had fallen under Su Chen’s control regained their sobriety.

These people hadn’t been befuddled in the first place, merely controlled. As such, they realized what was happening as soon as they awoke. When they realized that they had been controlled and forced to betray the sect, they were stunned and infuriated. In their rage, they immediately began to attack Su Chen.

At the same time, Su Chen howled as he furiously gathered all the strength in his body.

However, he aimed that power not at the guards behind him, but rather at the statue.

A strike infused with all of his consciousness power was hurled in the statue’s direction.

Consciousness attacks should have only been effective against living objects, and not against inanimate ones. But Su Chen’s consciousness attack somehow caused the Mother Goddess statue to tremble before a crack appeared on its smooth surface.

Su Chen managed to extract himself from that halo of light as he defiantly and loudly cried out, “You are not a god!”

A furious fist strike slammed into the statue’s body, which began to crack even faster before it finally exploded.

At the same time, a good number of treasures came tumbling out of the statue’s center.

“This is……” Su Chen was stunned.

The Mother Goddess Sect’s core treasury?

So it was actually hidden in the Mother Goddess statue.

Su Chen chuckled loudly and sent his Air Tentacles slithering through the air.

“The statue!” All of the guards were stunned.

The Mother Goddess statue they had worshipped all these years had been destroyed just like that? It was gone?

Finally, the templars reacted. “Protect the sacred objects!”

The statue might have been gone, but the treasures were still there. They needed to be protected at all costs.

“Kill the thief!” the Eighth-Ring Arcana Master yelled.

“No, we must capture him alive!” Flowing Jade Fragrance had also regained her composure during this chaos.

“Just based on you guys alone? You should worry about getting out of here alive first,” Su Chen harrumphed coldly.

Light from Arcana Techniques began to fly through the air.

Even though the Halcyon Wing Clan’s Arcana Techniques weren’t very strong, they were extremely easy to use. Su Chen managed to unleash them with exceptional might. The guards all felt their bodies grow heavy, suddenly finding it incredibly difficult to move.

This wasn’t just due to the effects of Flowing Light Forcefield; Su Chen had also activated Sumeru Void. The combination of these two techniques stacked multiplicatively, making their weight absurdly high and instantly making it extremely difficult for them to move.

The Eighth-Ring Arcana Master was badly startled and unleashed a wave of holy light in order to nullify the control-type Arcana Techniques that Su Chen had used.

Under normal circumstances, the Flowing Light Forcefield should have been dispersed relatively easily.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Su Chen. As the holy light washed over the surroundings, Su Chen’s Flowing Light Forcefield was only weakened slightly, and did not completely dissipate.

Thankfully, Flowing Jade Fragrance was also present. The head bishop gritted her teeth and unleashed a vicious attack, Death’s Charge, right at Su Chen.

This Eighth-Ring Arcana Technique had a certain percent chance of instantly killing its target. The success rate depended on the target’s will.

The fact that Flowing Jade Fragrance had unleashed a lethal technique so soon after insisting that they needed to catch him alive was because she had realized that their opponent was far stronger than anticipated. She had changed her mind before she even had an opportunity to rectify her previous statement.

Unfortunately, Su Chen’s will was far stronger than anything she could have ever expected, and Death’s Charge had virtually no chance of activating its special effect.

Even so, Su Chen didn’t even allow Death’s Charge to touch him.

He immediately dodged the attack, and then unleashed another Arcana Technique. This time, he had cast Electromagnetic Storm. A large wave of lightning immediately rolled out in all directions. Even the Harpy elites were immediately burnt black and given serious wounds. A few of the weaker ones died on the spot.

“Bastard…… Die!”

The templar captain resisted the effects of Flowing Light Forcefield and then slashed down at Su Chen with his blade.

When Su Chen saw this blade strike, he was delighted.

It was the Flowing Gold Blade.

The templar’s powerful strike was a tier higher than it should have been. Obviously, this templar captain had poured quite a few resources into his cultivation of the technique.

“Not bad. That’s a perfect skill to use to compare against my Lightless Blade,” Su Chen said as he unsheathed the Lightless Ring.

Flowing Gold Blade versus Flowing Gold Blade.

The templar captain’s Flowing Gold Blade collapsed like brittle clay and was easily absorbed by Su Chen’s blade.

The templar captain was badly startled. He never expected that the gap between their skills would be so great. Absorbing someone else’s energy on the battlefield was not as simple as having a powerful Flowing Gold Blade; obviously, Su Chen’s comprehension was incredibly deep.

Even so, that was just how Su Chen was.

He might not know the skill, but it was impossible for anyone to defeat him when it came to the things he knew best.

Even though he was a human, he was a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master that had mastered four different elements. In a sense, his Arcana Techniques were far stronger than his human cultivation base.

But of course, the opposite was true when it came to Su Chen’s foundation. The many years he had spent mired in research hadn’t been in vain.

After shattering his opponent’s battle blade and absorbing it, a hurricane surged forth from Su Chen’s wings, enveloping everyone assembled in its gale.

Countless razor-sharp wind blades shot in all directions.

Even though these wind blades weren’t particularly powerful, their sheer volume was enough to be fatal.

Most frighteningly, the blades were shot from large vortexes of wind, which would wrap up the guards and then sent them flying before shooting a large number of wind blades at them.

One of the guards wasn’t able to get out of the way in time and was shredded into miniscule pieces by the razor-sharp wind blades.

“Bastard!” Flowing Jade Fragrance howled.

She strode forward imposingly, her entire body beginning to glow with holy light. “This is a place that belongs to the Mother Goddess. How dare you profane this sacred ground!?”

“She’s just the god of you Harpies,” Su Chen replied coolly. A four-faced creature had already appeared behind him.

At this point, there was no need for Su Chen to hide his identity anymore. He activated the Flowing Gold Blade, combed the strength of his Light Shaking Realm cultivation base with this Ninth Ring Arcana Technique, and unleashed a wave of killing energy.

“What? You’re…… a human?” Flowing Jade Fragrance was stunned by this revelation.

Her hatred of Halcyon Wing Streak had originally reached its peak, but when she heard Su Chen’s words, only then did she realize what had happened.

“That’s right. So we don’t need to waste our breath any longer, right?” Su Chen chuckled.

The Flowing Gold Blade swung through the air again and again, reaping guard after guard.

Flowing Jade Fragrance realized that the battle was more than likely lost given her opponent’s true identity of a human.

She loudly pleaded, “Majestic god, please give me your blessing!”

A streak of divine light shot forth from the shattered statue towards Flowing Jade Fragrance.

However, the moment right before the divine light was about to strike Flowing Jade Fragrance, Su Chen reached out and intercepted the light, grasping it in his hand.

“How is this possible?” Flowing Jade Fragrance was stunned yet again.

“Divine light?” Su Chen chuckled. “I don’t know if there truly is a god out there. But at the very least, this power…… does not belong to a god!”

As he spoke, he tightened his grip. The divine light shattered in his hand.

The Flowing Gold Blade reappeared once again, carving out a river of blood.

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