Book 5, Chapter 162: Blueprints

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 162: Blueprints

Surprisingly, Deep Blue Flame wasn’t angry when he discovered Su Chen’s true motive. After a moment’s pause, he suddenly began to guffaw with laughter.

“Yes! That’s more like it! This is how true enemies should act. Even though I don’t know who you are, I respect your gumption. You were able to trick both me and Eternal Night. Well done!” Deep Blue Flame laughed loudly.

Deep Blue Flame appeared to be quite happy despite the dire circumstances he was in. He didn’t seem to care much about Su Chen tricking him, perhaps because he had never really had much faith in Su Chen in the first place.

However, this didn’t mean that he would just quietly accept this outcome.

As a Demonic Emperor, Deep Blue Flame had a certain measure of intelligence.

After but a moment’s thought, he was able to come up with a plan.

He said, “Human, it appears you are quite greedy. If you save Golden Blaze from here, he will be able to lead you to treasure.”

“Continue,” Su Chen said with a smile. “I need a better reason than that, preferably something substantial I can work with. These hidden treasures are too far away to account for right now. Who knows if they are real or not, and how much treasure you are talking about? I would much rather be able to find some kind of benefit from that bird itself.”

From the bird itself?

“He is the son of a Demonic Emperor. If you save him, you will be able to reap countless benefits.”

“You’re better off just telling me that he’s the son of the Beast Sovereign, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to get any benefits from Sovereign Inferno.”

Deep Blue Flame appeared shocked. “You know that?”

“Psh,” Su Chen smirked. “I would have to be a hermit to not be able to figure out the identity of this three-legged golden bird.”

The Beast Sovereign was an incredibly powerful Demonic Emperor, perhaps worthy of being classified in an entirely different tier altogether. Delineations between Demonic Emperors didn’t really exist. A Demonic Emperor was a Demonic Emperor, the most powerful of the Beasts. Any higher than that were Desolate Beasts, but Desolate Beasts weren’t able to survive in this kind of environment.

Dividing the Beasts purely in terms of strength would violate the natural order of the beast hierarchy, so Beast Sovereign was merely a name. They were still Demonic Emperor’s by nature, but they were typically much more powerful than the average Demonic Emperor.

Sovereign Inferno was one of the Beasts’ ten Beast Sovereigns.

Deep Blue Flame had been one of Sovereign Inferno’s subordinates in the past. After becoming a Demonic Emperor, he had established his own territory. Sovereign Inferno had placed him in charge of terrorizing the Harpies. Despite the fact that he was now a Demonic Emperor, he still treated Sovereign Inferno with the utmost respect.

Sovereign Inferno’s son had come along with him on this expedition and was now also caught up in this dire situation. Deep Blue Flame’s first thought was to try and save this son.

Deep Blue Flame smiled bitterly when he heard Su Chen’s words. “Apart from myself, what can I possibly offer you? Well, I suppose there’s not much else I can do. Golden Blaze, come over here!”

The three-legged golden bird flew over to Deep Blew Flame.

Deep Blue Flame spat out a violent torrent of wind that caused the two Titan-class puppets to stagger backwards as he said to Golden Blaze, “I’m sorry. I can only accompany you to here. The rest of the path is yours to walk alone.”

As he spoke, he suddenly plunged his hand into his body, a contorted expression of pain appearing on his face. With a howl, he dragged his now bloody hand out of his body, holding something in his hand.

A Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal.

He shoved the Origin Crystal into Golden Blaze’s mouth and said loudly, “Save him, otherwise you won’t be able to get anything for yourself!”

“A completely intact Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal!” Su Chen muttered to himself.

This Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal had been extricated by Deep Blue Flame himself. Not only did it contain his full strength, but it was even imbued with much of his combat knowledge and experience. If he had some understanding of Method Power, it would even be possible for Su Chen to receive some enlightenment.

This Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal was undoubtedly precious.

After forcibly removing this Demonic Emperor Origin Crystal from his body, Deep Blue Flame was obviously unable to hold on. He keeled over and died on the spot.

“UNCLE!” Golden Blaze was stunned.

Su Chen sighed as he reached out and grabbed Deep Blue Flame’s corpse before saying, “Follow me.”

Golden Blaze seemed to have gone into shock. He stood there completely motionless for a long while.

The two Titan-class puppets had escaped from the grasp of the torrent of wind at this point and began to charge forwards, howling yet again.

Su Chen swung his arm through the air. A few dozen Demonic Beasts actually leapt through the air, intent on stopping these two puppets in their tracks.

Su Chen said, “Wake up, you idiot!”

This yell exploded next to his ear like a thunderbolt, jolting Golden Blaze back to reality. He finally realized the situation he was in and gritted his teeth before running off with Su Chen.

At the same time, all of the nearby Demonic Beasts charged over, not sparing any expense to prevent the nearby puppets from attacking Su Chen and Golden Blaze.

“How did you do that?” Golden Blaze asked in shock.

“I am a Ninth-Ring Arcana Master with soul mastery. It’s not that strange that I’m able to do this, is it? But since I am only a clone, I don’t have much strength. If you don’t hurry up a little, we really won’t be able to get out of here. If I die, it’s not a big issue, but if you die it would be a shame……” Su Chen said as he chuckled at Golden Blaze.

Golden Blaze was stunned into silence. He followed after Su Chen closely and watched as Su Chen brought him right into one of the homes occupied by a Harpy family. The Harpy was just about to scream when Su Chen waved his hand and said, “You saw us go in that direction.”

The Harpy’s expression seemed to glaze over before he said a moment later, “I watched you go in that direction.”

“That’s more like it,” Su Chen chuckled as he took Golden Blaze and left in the other direction.

After Su Chen’s soul mastery had reached the Ninth Ring, his Fata Morgana had reached new heights. Tricking a few civilian Harpies was a piece of cake for him. The only restriction was that he was trying to trick them with one of his clones.

As they ran through the city’s streets, they purposefully chose to hide where the Harpy civilians were living. After passing through a few dozen households, Su Chen and Golden Blaze finally arrived at a certain alleyway.

“Can you disguise yourself?” Su Chen suddenly asked.

“Yes,” Golden Blaze replied with a nod.

“So why haven’t you transformed yet?” Su Chenstared at him.

Golden Blaze was badly startled and realized what Su Chen was saying. He finally transformed himself into a handsome young Harpy.

Su Chen said, “Wait here for me.”

“What?” Golden Blaze was stunned. He watched as Su Chen’s figure turned into a white cloud of fog, leaving behind a few drops of blood on the ground.

“Hey, hey, how come you disappeared? What am I supposed to do now?” Golden Blaze yelled.

But since Su Chen had disappeared, Golden Blaze’s cries fell on deaf ears.

The street was totally empty - since a giant battle had broken out, none of the Harpy civilians dared to step outside. He was all alone on the street.

Golden Blaze began to panic and had no idea what to do. After a long while, all he could think of was to hide himself in a corner in fright and terror. He had grown up never knowing true terror, so a moment like this when he was surrounded on all sides by enemies was quite foreign to him. All he could think about was how much he wanted to go back home to his father. No matter how strict his father was, it was much better than being here, where the possibility of death loomed at any moment.

When he thought of this, tears began to fall from his eyes.

“Oh, you’re crying? This is the first time I’ve seen a Demonic Beast cry,” a voice chuckled.

Golden Blaze turned around in surprise to find the human with a mask standing beside him. The wings on his back were still bloody.

Golden Blaze knew that this person was the real person in charge. He stood there quietly and motionlessly, not daring to utter a single word.

Su Chen chuckled. “You seem to be pretty obedient. Since that’s the case, why don’t you follow me?”

As he spoke, he turned around and walked off, a happy smile on his face.

It was impossible for him to not be happy.

He had managed to plunder the Divine Arms Workshop. Everything that was even remotely valuable, he had taken.

His most important find, however, was not wealth or even any physical treasure.

Su Chen had managed to find a blueprint while ransacking the Divine Armaments Workshop.

Blueprints for constructing secondary-class Sark’s Nuclei!

Secondary-class Sark’s Nuclei were basically counterfeit versions of the real thing.

The only city-class Sark’s Nucleus was installed in Sky City, and it served as a crucial component for the mobility of the city. However, the Harpies had refused to give up on constructing duplicates of Sark’s Nuclei for the past tens of thousands of years.

Without the support of the Arcana Kingdom, even the Harpy kingdom’s strength was unable to replicate such a glorious accomplishment. However, they were still able to eventually develop secondary-class Sark’s Nuclei.

The best secondary-class Sark’s Nucleus had been installed on the Origin Light Castle. It had been created by an Arcanist and was the Arcana Kingdom’s attempt at producing a second Sark’s Nucleus. The kingdom collapsed before it could be finished, but some remnant Arcanists were able to construct this Sark’s Nucleus.

The Harpies couldn’t replicate that one either.

They had managed to recreate a Sark’s Nucleus imitation of an even lower tier which could not be used to power any of the Floating Points. However, they were useful for powering these combat puppets.

Titan-class combat puppets!

Yes, these Sark’s Nuclei were at the core of the operation of these puppets, and were core materials for the construction of these puppets.

As for the Darkness Prison Metal and the other ingredients used to construct these puppets, they were not as important. The materials merely determined the quality and nature of the puppets. For instance, Darkness Prison Metal possessed an innate resistance to Origin Energy, giving them innately powerful defenses against Arcana Techniques. However, the materials used also made it impossible for them to unleash Arcana Techniques themselves.

By not using Darkness Prison Metal, instead opting for an Origin Energy conductor, the puppets would take on an entirely different character. They might be a bit weaker against Arcana Techniques, but they would also be capable of unleashing powerful Origin Skills and Arcana Techniques.

In any case, these secondary-class Sark’s Nuclei were the most important component in constructing these puppets. The other construction materials were just to give the puppets different properties. Their intrinsic essence would remain the same.

This blueprint was the real treasure. With its aid, the Boundless Sect would possess these massive puppets in the future as well.

Even though constructing these Titan-class puppets was incredibly resource-consuming, that was exactly what that Su Chen lacked the least.

Su Chen’s net worth after his exploits in Harpy territory was basically incalculable, so much so that Su Chen was too lazy to even try and give a ballpark number.

Given how rich he was, Su Chen could truly say that the one thing he cared about the least was money.

He wasn’t being pretentious. This was a genuine shift in attitude that had taken place due to how rich he was.

However, some people might wonder why he continued to plunder places if he didn’t care about money.

That was a logical fallacy.

Caring about money and caring about saving up money were two different things entirely. The former implied a base obsession with wealth, while the latter implied motivation and pursuit.

Su Chen could afford to not care about money, but he still needed to consider motivation and pursuit.

And his current pursuits were very simple - weaken his opponents as much as possible while strengthening himself and his allies as much as possible. To him, plundering everything in sight wasn’t a matter of loving money.

As he and Golden Blaze walked away, Su Chen asked, “Is there any truth to Deep Blue Flame’s claim of the existence of a treasure store?”

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