Book 6, Chapter 16: Bloodline Transfer

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 16: Bloodline Transfer


Following this shrill screech, Ye Fenghan and Chang He charged in, only to find Night Demon clinging to a rabbit and pleading with the old man from before.

“Night Demon! You......” Chang He and Ye Fenghan said at the same time.

“You guys are finally here!” Night Demon said with excitement. “Help me stop him! This old man is evil! He wants to cut this rabbit open. How could you ever do that to such a cute rabbit?”


They glanced at each other.

When they saw that Night Demon didn’t appear to have been tied up in the slightest, they started to realize what had happened.

Ye Fenghan lowered the sword he had unsheathed, and Chang He stopped attempting to cast Sumeru Void. The two of them said, “So you were crying and hollering like this over a mere rabbit?”

Night Demon glanced quizzically at them, “Is there something wrong with that?”

A typical Night Demon response.

Ye Fenghan glanced at the old man. “Who are you, exactly? Why would you capture us?”

The old man didn’t even glance at Ye Fenghan. Instead, he reached out to grab the rabbit. Thought Night Demon did her best to keep the rabbit from him, she found that she was completely incapable of dodging even this simple motion of his. As she watched the rabbit return to its owner, she was so agitated that tears began to well in her eyes.

The old man held the rabbit by its ears and walked off to the side. “Kid, if you aren’t planning on using your sword to hurt me, you’d best keep it sheathed. It wouldn’t be good for you to frighten an old man like me.”

Ye Fenghan didn’t put away the sword. He was not a person who would be so easily scared.

He pointed Frostedge at the old man and said, “I’ll only ask you one more time. Why did you ambush us? If you won’t answer me, then I won’t hesitate!”

“Ambush?” The old man chuckled. “Are you unsatisfied? Do you think you were captured just because I ambushed you, not because you underestimated my abilities?”

Ye Fenghan’s expression grew ugly. “If you have the ability to back up all that talking, then we should fight it out to see.”

Unexpectedly, the old man shook his head and said, “I haven’t fought with someone else in a long time. No fighting, no fighting.”

Ye Fenghan was infuriated. Can you not be so shameless? You haven’t fought with someone in a long time? What was that ambush all about then?

“Also......” the old man murmured. “I don’t even need to personally do anything to a person like you. Any one of my subordinates would be able to easily finish you off.”

Any of his subordinates?

Ye Fenghan and Chang He glanced around.

Apart from the four of them, however, there was no one else in the room. There were only a few caged chickens, ducks, and other small animals.

Night Demon asked directly, “Old man, where are your subordinates anyways?”

The old man lifted the rabbit in his hands. “Does this not count?”

Ye Fenghan laughed angrily. “Good, good! I, Ye Fenghan, have cultivated for so many years, but I am supposedly inferior to a rabbit? Why not show me what it can do?”

“You asked.” The old man actually agreed immediately.

He pulled out a vial of medicine and fed it to the rabbit as he said, “Why don’t you guys go and fight it out.”

As he spoke, he reached out to grab Ye Fenghan.

Ye Fenhan attempted to dodge but found that this seemingly plain, common grab was unavoidable.

He used three or four movement techniques in rapid succession and seven or eight sword techniques, as well as two secret techniques, one of which even Chang He had never seen before. However, the old man’s hand seemed unstoppable. Some of the techniques that Ye Fenghan tried to use were nullified before they even left his hand.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Fenghan had unleashed nearly a dozen techniques to no effect.

An instant later, the old man’s hand grabbed his shoulder. The old man said, “In you go.”

Whoosh! Suddenly, Ye Fenghan found himself in another room.

Spatial teleportation!

And the old man had actually teleported another person.

Ye Fenghan was stunned.

He finally realized how powerful the old man really was.

There was no need for him to ambush them in order to capture them.

He had done so simply because he wanted to.

He was toying with them.

Before he was able to fully comprehend what had just happened, the rabbit also suddenly appeared in the room.

He had actually tossed the rabbit inside as well.

Not only that, but the old man continued, “Only one of you will be able to walk out of there alive.”

Was this a joke?

Ye Fenghan was just about to speak when he suddenly felt like something was off.

He turned around to find the rabbit staring coldly at him. It exuded a ferocious, violent aura, and its gaze was filled with bloodthirst.

What a familiar sensation.

Ye Fenghan had experienced this before. During his exploits, he had run into similar opponents three times in the past.

Each time, he was only able to defeat his opponent after being grievously wounded.

One of those times, he had been completely defeated. If it weren’t for the fact that another member of the sect just happened to be passing by then, he would have died.

And now, this rabbit was exuding a similarly frightening aura.

The formerly harmless, gentle rabbit that Night Demon had been shedding tears over just moments ago.

The rabbit stared at Ye Fenghan with bloodshot eyes before baring its teeth menacingly. Sharp claws began to protrude from its feet, and its fur began to straighten out like porcupine quills, giving it quite a fearsome opponent.

However, the most shocking thing about this rabbit was the bloody clouds that began to gather behind its back, as if it was accumulating some kind of power.

“This is......” Ye Fenghan muttered in shock.

The rabbit was already charging forwards. It raked its claw down at Ye Fenghan, not waiting to fully accumulate its strength before it attacked.

Ye Fenghan quickly raised his sword to defend himself.


With a crisp, metallic sound, the rabbit’s claw collided with Frostedge. Even so, this Grade Four Origin Tool wasn’t able to do much to the rabbit. All that happened was a thin layer of frost appeared on the rabbit’s skin.

However, the rabbit shot past Ye Fenghan before turning around in midair and biting down athim from behind.

Ye Fenghan slashed his sword through the air, causing a wave of frost to spring to life before him.

He didn’t have many sword techniques, and they were all quite simple in nature, but for this reason they were extremely efficient and incisive.

This single sword strike filled the entire room with chilly energy.

The rabbit’s flying body froze in midair.

It tilted its head back and howled.


This screech sounded less like the cry of a rabbit and more like the screech of a bird.

It unleashed another claw strike. Ye Fenghan felt like it was enveloping his entire world, as if it could tear through any barrier he mounted. He knew that he was in a dangerous spot, so he rapidly unleashed three sword strikes which formed three walls of ice.


The rabbit claw slammed into the ice walls and tore right through them. Ye Fenghan took advantage of the opportunity to leap backwards, thrusting out with his sword as he did so. The agile sword light pierced rapidly towards the rabbit.

Unexpectedly, the rabbit unfurled a pair of wings that flapped once hard.

It began to fly!

Ye Fenghan unleashed a torrent of sword Qi.

As the rabbit flew through the air, the bloody clouds gathering behind it had completely taken form. It was an image of a bloody eagle. As the eagle spread its wings, a majestic aura began to fill the room.


Ye Fenghan, who was within the room, and Chang He and Night Demon, who were outside, were all stunned/




The three of them simultaneously cried out in shock.

The Desolate Beast Bloodline belonging to the Du Clan, Cloudpeck, had actually manifested itself on a rabbit.

How could they not be stunned?

“Hahahaha! You didn’t expect this, did you? I have managed to complete my Bloodline Transfer skill. With this skill, I will be able to control every bloodline under the heavens. I can give anyone I want a powerful bloodline. And I am not talking about mixed bloodlines - this bloodline is completely pure! It can be transmitted through generations! Not only so, but I can even mix multiple bloodlines together to form newer, more powerful bloodlines. When that day comes, I will combine the single Origin Beast and seven Desolate Beast Bloodlines into one to reach even greater heights. I will be invincible, and no one will be able to withstand me!”

As the old man spoke, he threw his head back and began to laugh madly. His gaze was filled with fervor and intensity.

When they heard this, Night Demon and Chang He immediately realized something and stared at him in shock. “You’re the King of Chaos, Lin Zuiliu!”

“Oh? So you’ve finally realized, have you?” the old man chuckled, making no attempts to deny their accusations.

Yes, he was the King of Chaos, Lin Zuiliu.

Back in the day, he had successfully orchestrated a rebellion and became the emperor of Long Sang Country. However, he was removed from power soon after, and his scheming afterwards failed. This was because the other six countries had also banded together to deal with him.

And this was because Lin Zuiliu had wanted to merge bloodlines to create a new, peerless bloodline.

His idea was both shocking and offended the noble powers, making them incredibly unhappy.

No one liked it when the status quo was broken. If Su Chen’s actions would do this, how much more so would Lin Zuiliu’s?

Both removing the need for bloodlines and combining bloodlines offended them.

However, Su Chen at least knew how to keep his pursuits somewhat under wraps, at least until he managed to completely succeed. He knew how to make compromises with the nobles. Lin Zuiliu, however, didn’t. If he were to become the emperor, who would be able to stop him?

Perhaps not long after, a new Illustrious Divine Dynasty would emerge under his hand.

Even though this would be a great accomplishment, none of the other six countries would want to see this happen.

As such, Lin Zuiliu must die!

Unfortunately, he was simply too strong. He had already reached the Thought Manifestation Realm at that point in time, and his study of bloodlines and secret techniques, as well as his group of powerful subordinates, managed to keep him alive despite the fact that he had been defeated.

Not long after the old man reached the Thousand Illusions Island, he ascended to the Ultimate Emperor Realm, the peak of what was achievable by humans. No one was able to control him after that.

Until he rebelled and was driven out of the Thousand Illusions Island.

No one would have expected him to suddenly appear here and capture three juniors.

After discovering his identity, Chang He fell into despair.

Any kind of skill was useless against this kind of powerful character.

Escape? Forget about it.

No wonder the old man hadn’t given them any medicine. There was simply no need for him to do so in the first place.

At that moment, a shrill scream could be heard coming from the nearby room.

It was the bunny.

He turned around in shock to find that Ye Fenghan’s Frostedge had pierced the rabbit’s body, and the rabbit’s “talons” had gouged deeply into Ye Fenghan’s chest.

The two of them forcefully pressed on. Ice began to slowly encase the rabbit, while the talons penetrated Ye Fenghan completely, causing blood to spray everywhere.

The rabbit wanted to cry out again, but the ice had completely covered its face. Eventually, the rabbit was entirely encased in ice and completely motionless.

Ye Fenghan released his grip. The rabbit fell to the ground and shattered into countless pieces.

“I don’t care what bloodline you have. If you are going to try and kill me, then I have no choice but to kill you first!” Ye Fenghan spat coldly before falling to one knee, exhausted.

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