Book 6, Chapter 20: First Contact (2)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Chapter 20: First Contact (2)

Except under special circumstances, such as with the aid of specific Origin Skills, only cultivators at the Light Shaking Realm and above could fly.

At this moment, cultivators were flooding out of the palace and the dragon boats into the sky. There were so many of them that they almost blotted out the sun. The Subdued Sea branch, the Oceanids, and the Blackwater Corps were all dazed when they saw this.

The thousands of cultivators floating in the air exuded a majestic aura and a vigorous desire to do battle. Their Lotus Platforms revolved before their foreheads, demonstrating that they were genuine Light Shaking Realm cultivators and weren’t relying on flight Origin Skills to stay in the air. The rows of Lotus Platforms glowed intensely, forming a steady stream of soft light connecting all the cultivators.

Even so, more Light Shaking Realm cultivators were flooding into the sky. It was like a portal to another dimension had been opened, and an unending stream of experts was pouring into this new world. Zhong Zhenjun was totally stunned.

“Eight thousand already,” one of the Blackwater Corps’ high-ranking generals murmured in awe.

Eight thousand Light Shaking Realm cultivators!

What did that mean?

The Subdued Sea Army had a total of 210,000 soldiers, but they had only around four hundred Light Shaking Realm cultivators.

The Oceanids had come with a force of 300,000, but even they had no more than seven hundred Light Shaking Realm cultivators.

Because the Black Flame primarily recruited stronger experts, they had a better ratio. Even though they had only brought along 70,000 troops, they had a thousand Light Shaking Realm cultivators. This was also why Zhong Zhenjun had thought that he held the right to call the shots.

Even so, the Boundless Sect had more Light Shaking Realm cultivators than the other three forces combined.

Eight thousand?

No, this was not the Boundless Sect’s limit.

The old Heavenly Might Battalion only had eight thousand soldiers. Now, they had all reached the Light Shaking Realm, but there were also several other talented cultivators who had managed to advance quickly and caught up with those who had begun cultivating before them.

During the past few years, the Boundless Sect had managed to obtain roughly four thousand such talented experts.

As such, the Boundless Sect contained at least 12,000 Light Shaking Realm cultivators!

And Su Chen had brought them all with him.

There was no need to keep this a secret.

Because the Boundless Sect was churning out Light Shaking Realm disciples every day.

To the relatively newly-birthed Boundless Sect, the only restriction they were currently experiencing was time - with enough time, Su Chen was able to guarantee that the entire sect could reach the Light Shaking Realm, or even the Spirit Burning Realm since the Flying Immortal Cultivation Techniques had now reached the Spirit Burning Realm as well.

12,000 Light Shaking Realm cultivators out of 50,000 total disciples.

These 12,000 Light Shaking Realm cultivators could deal with roughly twelve Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivators at the same time, and this wasn’t even the Boundless Sect’s full strength yet. How could the other not be shocked?

This was Su Chen’s way of making a big splash.

This was his biggest trump card. After all, this force was more than enough to go toe-to-toe with the army of a small country.

He was indeed lacking in cultivators with extremely high cultivation bases, but the need for middle-realm cultivators had been completely satisfied.

Want to try and bully us because we’re weak?

Go right ahead!

The more you try it, the happier I am.

Zhong Zhenjun was completely flabbergasted when he saw this, and even Frostpoint, Westminster, Jiang Xishui, and Ji Hanyan were dumbfounded.

How was it possible? How could any single organization possess this much power?

Frostpoint and the others weren’t too worried, though. After all, they were all on the same side, and even though they might be apprehensive and a little bit jealous about just how strong the Boundless Sect was, they would also rejoice and celebrate.

Zhong Zhenjun’s expression, on the other hand, was quite ugly.

He obviously was remembering his provocation of Su Chen from earlier.

Su Chen said with a slight smile when he saw Zhong Zhenjun’s ugly expression, “It seems that Commander Zhong isn’t very happy to see this scene?”

Zhong Zhenjun felt his heart jolt. “Not at all, not at all. How could I? The stronger my allies are, the greater the chances of success.”

“Naturally,” Su Chen said with a nod, then motioned in the sky for them to get to work.

In the blink of an eye, the 12,000 Boundless Sect disciples attacked simultaneously. A magnificent sight filled the sky.

The members of the Boundless Sect were all united under the same banner, and eight thousand of them in particular had once served in the army together. As such, their use of cooperative tactics was stellar. Under the support of a combat formation, the bodies of each one of the disciples began to shine radiantly, causing Origin Energy-imbued light to spill everywhere.

If you looked closely, you would even be able to see a faint glow at their feet.

This was the Thousand Flows Formation.

The most useful attribute of this formation was that it could link the strength of all of these Origin Qi Scholars, connecting their Origin Energy together.

And after Su Chen had worked to improve the formation, he was able to reduce the impact of chaotic Origin Energy flow, further improving the ability of the disciples to fight together.

The 12,000 cultivators moved as one, attacking simultaneously and converting the pressure in the sky into actual physical attacks. A massive spear began to gather in their hands as they hurled it at the Iron-Shelled Dragon.

The Iron-Shelled Dragon howled and charged at the spear.

The Iron-Shelled Dragon’s defensive capabilities were particularly strong, especially if they were small. Even an attack from another Demonic Emperor would only be able to leave a small superficial wound on its skin.

The strongest Iron-Shelled Dragon known to man had apparently managed to escape completely unscathed from the combined attacks of four Demonic Emperors.

As such, there weren’t many attacks that the Iron-Shelled Dragon feared.

A spear of light made of gathered Origin Energy?

There was nothing to fear.

This was why it charged so recklessly at the spear, intent on smashing it to smithereens.

As the spear descended, the Iron-Shelled Dragon didn’t even try to dodge. Perhaps it had forgotten the meaning of the word because of how recklessly it had been able to live these past few years.

Just as the spear collided with the dragon’s shell, Su Chen averted his gaze.

He was shielding his eyes.

Shielding his eyes from the light!

At the moment of collision, a blinding light exploded forth.

Unlimited, turbulent light!

Under the shining of this light, everything turned a brilliant white, even the formerly dark clouds casting shadows on the surface of the sea.

This light even penetrated the clouds, shooting a thick column of light into the sky. The Demonic Beasts flying in the sky all squawked, clearly startled.

This light even penetrated deep into the ocean waters, illuminating the dark depths and filling it with light. All of the Sea Beasts began to grumble with anger.

The light disappeared very quickly.

The world returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

The Iron-Shelled Dragon, however, fell from the sky, completely drained of energy.

It was still alive, but it had lost the ability to fight.

Defeat in a single blow!

Li Chongshan motioned with his hand, securing the Iron-Shelled Dragon. He immediately began to pull it towards him and yelled, “Retreat!”

The army began to retreat as soon as the command was given.

Even though the battle had been concluded almost instantly, it had caused too much of a commotion, and the Sea Beasts in the Abyss had definitely taken notice.

They immediately began to retreat out of the Abyss region’s border. The 12,000 Boundless Sect disciples in the sky, however, remained in formation and waited.


With a fierce howl, a massive beast surfaced from near the center of the whirlpool. The terrifying aura it was emitting could be sensed even before its face fully came into view.

Beast Sovereign!

This head was roughly the size of a small mountain. It opened its mouth wide, revealing row after row of razor-sharp teeth. A Demonic Lord Sea Beast happened to be swimming by and was inhaled by its breathing. It didn’t even have a chance to struggle before it disappeared completely into the dark depths of the Sovereign’s belly.

The massive head continued to rise, and the pressure in the air began to mount. It was almost as if they were facing off against a Desolate Beast instead.

Only Su Chen, who had actually crossed paths with a Desolate Beast before, knew that Desolate Beasts were actually even scarier. They were so powerful that it was impossible to sense exactly how strong they were.

A person standing in the middle of a forested mountain would never be able to tell how large it was. Only by summiting the mountain and surveying their surroundings would they be able to truly understand the size of the mountain they were standing on.

The might of a Desolate Beast was so great that anyone at or below the Light Shaking Realm would be completely incapable of sensing it, but the might of a Sea Beast Sovereign was at least still perceivable.

This made it so that the pressure exuded by Desolate Beasts and by Sea Beast Sovereigns felt roughly the same. However, there was actually a huge difference.

As the twelve thousand Light Shaking Realm cultivators attacked simultaneously, a massive pressure descended on the head of the Sovereign.

Despite the Sovereign’s strength, it was unable to endure this pressure, and its head was forcibly pressed back into the water.

It twisted and writhed under the surface of the water, howling with indignation. However, the combined strength of these Light Shaking Realm cultivators was impossible to deal with.

At that moment, two more massive beasts emerged from the depths. They were actually Sovereigns as well.

As they appeared, the sea water began to fly into the sky.

It was as if the world had suddenly been flipped on its head. The rain suddenly appeared to be falling upside down.

The three Sovereigns howled with wounded pride and thrashed violently. Even so, the Boundless Sect’s disciples continued to apply pressure, constantly increasing their Origin Energy output.

They were truly going head-to-head with Sea Beast Sovereigns at the moment!

This was a real battle of quantity versus quality!

The three powerful Beast Sovereigns were actually unable to do anything to the 12,000 Light Shaking Realm cultivators. They could only continue to breach the surface, and the surface of the sea churned with activity as two more Beast Sovereigns surfaced.

The Boundless Sect could finally sense some pressure on them.

They began to sweat, and their faces began to turn pale as the light from their Lotus Platforms shone even more radiantly. A few of the weaker disciples even began to visibly sway, clearly close to their limits.

At this moment, the Oceanids had completely retreated from the area. They were the fastest in the ocean, after all.

When Frostpoint saw this scene, he said, “Sir Su, call them back. Everyone is almost out of the region. There’s no need to fight to the death with these Sea Beast Sovereigns.”

Frostpoint was truly concerned for the Boundless Sect’s disciples.

Su Chen indifferently replied, “Don’t worry. They haven’t been pushed to their limits yet. This is a rare opportunity.”

It was possible to theorize how many powerful enemies twelve thousand Light Shaking Realm cultivators could handle at once, but an actual answer could only be derived in combat.

Westminster said with some apprehension, “I’m just worried they’ll suffer excessive casualties.”

Su Chen replied, “I already said that they haven’t reached their limit yet.”

As Su Chen spoke, another massive Beast Sovereign poked its head out of the water.

It was clear that the Boundless Sect’s disciples were unable to withstand the immense pressure, and many of them began to spit out blood.

Blood rained down from the sky!

The Lotus Platforms of a few of the weaker disciples noticeably dimmed, and it was clear they wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Six Beast Sovereigns appeared to be the limit of what the Boundless Sect’s disciples could handle.

Everyone present was anxious except for the Boundless Sect’s leaders, who sat there watching, completely unperturbed.

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